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  1. lukjano

    Mudoo Players

    Yea, of course cops are supposed to be over powered compared to criminals, that's not the issue. The issue is constant misuse of those powers, just do be able to win every possible situation, regardless of how unrealistic those acts required to win are. "Unrealistic behavior" seems to be the issue only when it's criminals behaving that way. When cops deploy heavy aircraft and fire at RANDOM people unrelated to what's happening, it's considered to be mistake of the person who's getting blown up for no reason. But if criminals shoot at a random person during combat, thinking it's their enemy, they get punished for dm. I've seen both things happen with my own eyes so yea. The problem is, cops are allowed to shoot at suspect WITH OUT role playing anything, and suspect is not allowed to shoot at cops unless they "engage first". Why would anyone, especially a criminal minded low life, take such risks? And why would those who are supposed to be roleplaying guardians of the civilians in any case (if they're actually here to role play) be opening fire at people who are in no way presenting a threat, but are just simply at the wrong place and wrong time? In real, criminals shoot first ask questions later, and here it's the other way around, despite the obvious power imbalance (which again is something that is supposed to exist). Here's an example of blatant death match, and situations like this one happen all the time, yet they aren't sanctioned. Guy who does not have a weapon, and is trying to help a person (even if it's a criminal) is being shot with out a single word or even a chance to do shit (and he obviously cant do shit since his character is using an animation and cant move). Worst part is, they even killed the guy who was reviving a police officer, and also the said police officer too. TLDR ---- if you have cops doing shit like this all the time, criminals won't go light on cops either.
  2. lukjano

    Mudoo Players

    Majority of cops join the server to shoot suspects on sight. Role playing with cops in 99% (coming from my personal experience) ends up with getting tased and then if you do anything other than complying with what cops type in their /me, they spam ooc chat how you are cuffed and have to comply. Heavy aircraft is constantly deployed and firing even at random by passers. To every action, there's a reaction. Everyone wants to win the situation they're caught in and thats normal. You can't expect people to bend over for cops and get fucked, and that's what would have happened had they waited longer rather than shooting the cops then and there. Pablo Escobar declared war on the police and so do we, FUCK THE POLICE!!!
  3. w/e that was a fake picture, some one sent it in discord and i thought it was real. i don't know much about cheats and scripts
  4. What is your in-game name? Jovanca_Gvardia Which player(s) do you want to report? Max_Reznov When did the rulebreak happen? 07/06/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? None What happened? (quote what rule was broken) "Attackers may only engage defenders who present a threat. That may be: displaying a weapon, attempting to ram, and other hostile acts." And possibly using wall hack which makes you see far in distance, because i was very far away in a Maverick. Evidence I was high in the air above the square (above the sand king seen in the screenshot) for a few minutes, when all of a sudden i started losing car hp and even part of my armour. I reported straight away and an admin informed me that it was Max Reznov who shot me. I was very high in the air and he couldn't have seen my name, and I didn't come close to the turf, but he decided to shoot me.
  5. how dumb are you really lol? 

  6. As the title says, this topic is meant for discussing punishments admins issue. We can all see how many kids who barely speak english end up getting banned, and apparently all of them have been punished over 20 times in a very short time span. Those young kids who can barely speak english are not at fault there, but staff is instead. I've seen how most of the moderators and administrators handle reports, and I have to admit I'm surprised some of them are not banned themselves. Management needs to force staff team to handle their reports in a better manner. Consider adding a ban for a month to staff members, who instead of trying to actually improve the server by helping those kids learn and understand the concept of role play and all of the server rules, just issue punishments. This unban request is a prime example of a kid who is obviously a noob and needs actual help learning how to play the game with out breaking the rules. I have seen the guy a couple of times, and I can tell he's pretty harmless, yet he's gonna have to wait a month before he can join the game again. That is counter productive as he can't learn how to properly play the game (role play), and will probably end up trying to ban evade, like most of these kids to because let's face it, reasoning and patience aren't exactly attributes of people at such young age. I do understand there has to be a punishment system, but god knows how many people get away unpunished because of their english knowledge which allows them to lie to administration much better and thus get away. Kid i used as example is probably an innocent who doesn't even try to get away with breaking the rules, he simply doesn't understand what he's doing wrong. P.S. feel free to check the messages between Ahmed and me, I'm not sure if i ever talked to the guy, in case you might think I have a personal agenda behind creation of this thread
  7. What is your in-game name? sveta_ferari Which staff member banned you? Anthony Hawk When did you get banned? 04/05/20 What is the ban reason? revenge killing/deathmatch Personal comment I'll be posting on behalf of sveta gvardia. he sent me a message of what to post i just translated it and posted it for him. Guy killed me, I respawned and wanted to take my car but he refused to give it so i shot him. I already told him he can't return after death but he did it because the guy stole his car. he promises he won't do it again.
  8. What is your in-game name? Jovanca_Gvardia Which staff member banned you? Jake_Peralta When did you get banned? 03/25/20 What is the ban reason? Ignoring admins + random dm Personal comment I don't know which drugs this admin has been smoking. I went afk without tabbing to take a piss and wash my hands, but i guess it was too hard to wait for a minute before i come back instead of giving me a bullshit 12 hour temp ban for ignoring administration and random deathmatching. I did not death match anyone, a bunch of Gambino and Soprano members randomly pulled up with their cars all around me blocking me from all ways. I tried to solve it nicely but since they wouldn't leave me alone i shot at them. The person who reported me should be punished for fake reporting, and you will see that from the chat logs I'll post. [23:17:06] Jovanca Gvardia says [Gangster accent]: What is this about? [23:17:13] * Bomb Gambino unbuckles their seatbelt. [23:17:15] Joaquin Gambino says [Mexican accent]: Whats shit about? [23:17:24] * Jovanca Gvardia coughs. [23:17:24] Jovanca Gvardia says [Gangster accent]: What? [23:17:26] Bomb Gambino shouts [Australian accent]: You need something?! [23:17:26] Tom Gambino (walkie-talkie): come, we boxed their asses [23:17:31] Jovanca Gvardia says [Gangster accent]: You came to us [23:17:36] Tom Gambino says [Hipster accent]: nahh u came to us [23:17:37] Kledi Gambino (walkie-talkie): Mario come sandy [23:17:40] Boza Gvardia says [Serbian accent]: Did we? [23:17:40] You are feeling the effects of Flu. Get medicine! [23:17:43] Joaquin Gambino says [Mexican accent]: So you never came to us. [23:17:44] Bomb Gambino shouts [Australian accent]: of course! [23:17:46] Joaquin Gambino (walkie-talkie): Watch for backup [23:17:47] Jovanca Gvardia says [Gangster accent]: No we were passing by and you came and blocked us. [23:17:47] Kledi Gambino (walkie-talkie): lv [23:17:58] Boza Gvardia says [Serbian accent]: Shit's hilarious [23:17:59] * Arthur Reznov turns off the engine of their Maverick. [23:18:03] Kledi Gambino (walkie-talkie): old soprano hq [23:18:08] Tom Gambino says [Hipster accent]: i think Shits bout to go down nah? [23:18:13] * Steven_Anderson (28) logged in to the server. [23:18:14] Joaquin Gambino says [Mexican accent]: Yeah. [23:18:20] Boza Gvardia says [Serbian accent]: This is pathetic [23:18:21] * Joaquin Gambino chuckles. [23:18:22] Jovanca Gvardia says [Gangster accent]: I think you should sit in your car and stop blocking us off. [23:18:29] * Jovanca Gvardia coughs. [23:18:30] Boza Gvardia says [Serbian accent]: Do you feel strong [23:18:33] Joaquin Gambino says [Mexican accent]: I think you should shut the fuck up. [23:18:41] Joaquin Gambino says [Mexican accent]: Not touch anymore? [23:18:42] Tom Gambino says [Hipster accent]: says the one with no armour because cant afford any [23:18:42] Bomb Gambino shouts [Australian accent]: we are! [23:18:48] (( Joaquin_Gambino: tough* )) [23:18:51] Jovanca Gvardia says [Gangster accent]: Not touch anymore? [23:18:54] Boza Gvardia says [Serbian accent]: Perhaps we weren't going to war? [23:18:56] Jovanca Gvardia says [Gangster accent]: What is this about really? [23:19:02] Joaquin Gambino says [Mexican accent]: War? [23:19:04] {FF2121}Chip: {FFFFFF}Hey guys! {FF2121}arlen_ryder (37){FFFFFF} joined for the first time! Wish them a great stay! [23:19:05] Boza Gvardia says [Serbian accent]: I'm not expecting ten idiots to come block our car [23:19:09] Joaquin Gambino says [Mexican accent]: You started war. [23:19:10] Boza Gvardia says [Serbian accent]: Why would I need armor? [23:19:12] * Jovanca Gvardia coughs. [23:19:17] Bomb Gambino (walkie-talkie): gimme one xd [23:19:26] Joaquin Gambino says [Mexican accent]: If you know you can't handle heat. [23:19:34] Tom Gambino says [Hipster accent]: soo [23:19:34] Mario Soprano says: Move. [23:19:36] Joaquin Gambino says [Mexican accent]: You should of left the war. [23:19:42] * Marciano_Pareja (6) logged in to the server. [23:19:42] *** [3 | 888] Marciano Pareja joined the channel. [23:19:43] Mario Soprano says: Passenger. [23:19:44] AdmCmd: orlan_rodriguez has been banned by Jake_Peralta. Reason: money hacks [23:19:44] Tom Gambino says [Hipster accent]: Aye [23:19:45] Mario Soprano says: Exit the vehicle. [23:19:47] * Eren_Stokes (41) logged in to the server. [23:19:48] You are feeling the effects of Flu. Get medicine! [23:19:48] * Jovanca Gvardia gets out of his car and shoots. [23:19:51] Tom Gambino says [Hipster accent]: dont u remember outnumburing our friends? [23:19:56] Mario Soprano (walkie-talkie): DONT FINISH JOVANCA [23:19:56] Mario Soprano (walkie-talkie): DONT FINISH JOVANCA [23:19:56] Mario Soprano (walkie-talkie): DONT FINISH JOVANCA [23:19:56] Mario Soprano (walkie-talkie): DONT FINISH JOVANCA [23:19:59] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [23:19:59] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [23:20:01] [Ask] Devis_Johnson (89){FFFFFF}: How do you guys know if someone had money hacks? [23:20:01] Public chat was disabled by an Admin. [23:20:05] * Jovanca Gvardia coughs. [23:20:06] [Ask] Arthur_Gambino (33){FFFFFF}: magic [23:20:06] Kledi Gambino says [British accent]: Motherfucker [23:20:06] * Tom Gambino pts down the male [23:20:07] * Bomb Gambino searchs the guy [23:20:09] * Joaquin Gambino pats them down [23:20:11] Mario Soprano (walkie-talkie): ALL /PISS ON HIM [23:20:12] Mario Soprano (walkie-talkie): ALL /PISS ON HIM [23:20:12] (( Jovanca_Gvardia: hahaht )) [23:20:12] Mario Soprano (walkie-talkie): ALL /PISS ON HIM [23:20:12] Mario Soprano (walkie-talkie): ALL /PISS ON HIM [23:20:12] * Sylvester Gambino tapps the body [23:20:14] * Tom Gambino robs Crowbar from Boza Gvardia. [23:20:14] (( Boza_Gvardia: this is pathetic honestly )) [23:20:16] * Jovanca Gvardia coughs. [23:20:16] (( Jovanca_Gvardia: weak boys, weak. )) [23:20:16] [Ask] Devis_Johnson (89){FFFFFF}: How do you guys know if someone had money hacks im serious [23:20:17] (( Boza_Gvardia: 10 vs 2 lmfao )) [23:20:17] Bomb Gambino robbed your M4 (30 ammo) from you. [23:20:17] * Bomb Gambino robs a(n) M4 from Jovanca Gvardia. [23:20:21] (( Boza_Gvardia: sooo strong )) [23:20:21] * Joaquin Gambino robs Calcium from Boza Gvardia. [23:20:22] You are feeling the effects of Flu. Get medicine! [23:20:23] Bomb Gambino robbed C4 (3 quantity) from you. [23:20:23] * Bomb Gambino robs C4 from Jovanca Gvardia. [23:20:24] * Joaquin Gambino robs Sodium from Boza Gvardia. [23:20:25] * Tom Gambino pats down the male [23:20:27] * Joaquin Gambino robs Acetone from Boza Gvardia. [23:20:29] [Ask] Felix_Vendetta (76){FFFFFF}: serverlogs or something? [23:20:34] [Ask] Arthur_Gambino (33){FFFFFF}: doesnt matter [23:20:34] [Ask] Devis_Johnson (89){FFFFFF}: [23:20:35] Tom Gambino robbed your Desert eagle (11 ammo) from you. [23:20:35] * Tom Gambino robs a(n) Desert eagle from Jovanca Gvardia. [23:20:36] [Ask] Helper Mazen_Hawk (29){FFFFFF}: i think anti cheater and checking his money and his lvl. [23:20:37] Kledi Gambino says [British accent]: Little motherfucker, how dare you huh? [23:20:37] * Devin_Lau (8) logged in to the server. [23:20:37] Arthur Reznov says [Afghan accent]: big river for mister jovanca [23:20:37] [Ask] Lincoln_Adams (105){FFFFFF}: They probably have a script [23:20:39] [Ask] Arthur_Gambino (33){FFFFFF}: such information cannot be disclosed [23:20:39] [Ask] Athena_Heinrich (92){FFFFFF}: i mean if some newbie has 9billion [23:20:39] * Tom Gambino pats down the male [23:20:44] * Tom Gambino robs a(n) M4 from Boza Gvardia. [23:20:45] [Ask] Devis_Johnson (89){FFFFFF}: hahah [23:20:45] Bomb Gambino robbed Fanta (39 quantity) from you. [23:20:45] * Bomb Gambino robs Fanta from Jovanca Gvardia. [23:20:46] [Ask] Arthur_Gambino (33){FFFFFF}: no mazen you got it wrong [23:20:49] * Hamza_Lamoulaga (12) logged in to the server. [23:20:51] Kledi Gambino says [British accent]: You will sleep with fishies tonight, [23:20:52] * Jayson_Makavoli (11) logged in to the server. [23:20:58] Kledi Gambino says [British accent]: You hear me motherfuckert [23:21:01] [Ask] Arthur_Gambino (33){FFFFFF}: but the staff team has enough resources to catch you as soon as you try [23:21:01] Bomb Gambino robbed Sprite (18 quantity) from you. [23:21:01] * Bomb Gambino robs Sprite from Jovanca Gvardia
  9. Guys, please, why is this taking so long?
  10. He does understand some things but his vocabulary is very limited, trust me. And anyway I'm not denying he fucked up am I? I'm just saying you shouldn't have been so harsh on a guy who is pretty new and doesn't behave like that when i'm around to teach him. He's been inactive for over a month and got banned for a few stupid fuck ups because he simply doesn't understand all parts of IC, OC and rules around both. Banning him won't get us anywhere as he won't learn shit while he's not in game. Just unban him and i will make sure he behaves like he did in past, doesn't that make sense?
  11. While you might fool someone who doesn't know him, he's my real life friend and I better than anyone know how many times he needed translating while roleplaying. He said he tried to rob you, and as I said, being new to the concept of roleplay and english so HE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND everything about roleplay. He tried to stop you but he didn't use /me command because hes a noob and he needs help to learn. Had you tried roleplaying instead of warning him maybe he would have actually learned something. When i am in game this sort of thing happens rarely or not at all. So just admit you were wrong to straight up ban him and lets move on.
  12. What is your in-game name? sveta_ferari Which staff member banned you? eduardo_santos When did you get banned? 02/27/20 What is the ban reason? "DM/Troll/Constant rule breaks" Personal comment Hello I am jovanca gvardia and i will be posting this unban request on behalf of sveta as his english is not very good. You need to understand that he's a rather new player who barely speaks english. I explained the rules to him a while ago and he tries to respect them but he doesn't fully understand where his bad english attempts to rp turns into dm. Yet I find this punishment to be too much, his temper exploded because he didn't understand what was going on and that could have simply been handled with a temp ban. It would be really nice of you to lift this ban, and i will make sure sveta behaves in future, just like he did in past.
  13. hahahah gambino and bcr weak and crying yeaaa
  14. nobody gonna take my right to kill a gambino and get away easyly
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