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  1. PERSONAL INFORMATION Full Name: (Rachel Toretto) Phone Number: (Six-Six-Seven-Seven (6677)) Address: (Commerce, behind LSPD Headquaters) Level: (Seven(7)) CONTRACT INFORMATION Contract Type: (Third Party Services) Company Name: (San Andreas News) Company Website(Thread URL): (www.sanews.net) Number of Employees: (Six) Why do you think your company should be accepted? (There are few important reasons that would justify why our company should be accepted. First of all, San Andreas News is the only news broadcasting company currently operating in Los Santos. We are a great source of keeping the citizens of Los Santos updated to anything that is happening in and around the city. ((Other than this, we bring a new level of roleplay to Mudoo RPG.)) Our illustrious journalists produce best quality articles that can sometimes be a source of enjoyment for the public.) If accepted, what will your duties be? (If accepted, we will resume our current obligation and also employ more journalists in order to raise employment in Los Santos. We'll try our best to maintain and improve the quality of the articles too.) Have you read and agreed to the contract rules? (Yes, I have.) Name: (Rachel Toretto) Signature: (RachelT)
  2. Your IG name: Aman619 Your Timezone: gmt +5 When do you play(/ct): usually 3-4pm A picture of your stats: tba
  3. Hm, I recommend him due to the reasons listed below. -Being an old player of AG he is well aware of all the features of the server so he can guide the players on the right path. -He is mature due to the fact that he is being patient and unlike some applicants he is not asking administrators to check his application. -His English seems understandable but it needs a little polish. Worth a shot.
  4. Just need a little touch up and you are good to go.
  5. Luzziz asked you nearly a month ago, seems like you aren't interested.
  6. UPDATED - 05/04/2018 Added /music and /stopmusic.
  7. When will the server reopen? You should remap the Police Station tho.
  8. UPDATED - 27/03/2018 Added /service and /clanskin.
  9. Server Commands and Explanatory Introduction Here you will get to know the details and explanation of each and every command of the server. Main commands: /report [id] [reason]: This command is used to report a hacker/rulebreaker. Through this command admins get notified of the suspect so they can take action against him. Please give the proper reason to avoid misunderstanding. /help: It gives the answer for all "Frequently Asked Questions." /admins: Shows the list of all admins currently online. Class related commands: /sc: Shows a box with all the classes listed inside. It is used to change your class. /abilities: Gives all the info about what each and every class can do. /heal: Fills up your health. (requires class "Medic" or VIP level 1+) /armour: Fills up your armour. (requires class "Support" or VIP level 1+) /fix: Fixes your vehicle or your teammate's vehicle. (requires class "Engineer" or VIP level 3+) /fixant: Fixes your antenna if it is broken/destroyed. (requires class "Engineer" or VIP level 4+) /ammo: Fills up the ammo of yourself or any of your teammate's. (requires class "Support" or VIP level 4+) /dis (near dead body): Changes your skin to the enemy player whose dead body is nearby. (requires class "spy") /undis: Sets back the skin to default team while being disguised. /c4 [id]: Plants a C4 charge to the place where you are standing. C4s can be bought from armoury. /det [id]: Detonates the C4 you planted. /detall: Detonates all C4s you planted. /deactivate: Shuts off the bombs. (requires class "Engineer" or team "Taliban") Team related commands: /st: Shows a box that allows you to change your team. /mk: Marks you on the map with green color only visible to team mates. /bk: Marks you on the map with red color indicating that you requested backup. /teams: Shows a box that tells you about the members, zones and color of every team. Chat related commands: /r [text]: Used to talk in the RADIO with team members. /l: Used to talk in LOCAL chat so only players NEAR you can see what you are writing. /pm [id]: Used to private message a player. /rpm: Reply to the recent private message sent to you. /dnd: Disable your pms. /block [id]: Disallow a person to pm you. /blocked: List of all the members you have blocked. /ask: Used to contact and ask questions to admins. Rank related commands: /rank: Shows how much score is needed for you to rank up and your current rank and score. /ranks: Shows a list of all ranks and score required for each rank. /unlocks: Shows the score required for each class. Clan related commands: /clan: Shows the current clan you are in. /cinfo: Shows the detailed info of any clan. /cinv: Invites a member in the clan. /clanskin: Used to toggle the clan skin of yourself. More info regarding clans can be located here. Squad related commands: /squad [id]: Shows the squad of a specific player. /squads: Shows the list of all squads. /makesquad [name]: Creates a squad. /sinv [id]: Invites a player in your squad. /sleave: Used to leave the squad you are currently in. Frequency related commands: /fjoin [freq id]: Used to join a specific frequency. /finv [id]: Used to invite a player in your frequency. /fmembers: Shows the members in your frequency. Character related commands: /stats: Shows the statistics of a player. /changepass: Changes your password. /sync: Synchronizes you (used for checking if you are bugged or not). /kill: Used to kill yourself. /ss: Used to change your spawn location from one place to another. /med: Used to heal part of your health via medkit. These medkits can be bought from armoury. /pay [id] [money]: Used to pay some cash to other players. /carepack: Calls a kind of supply drop which refills your health, armour and your ammo. /lootpack: Used to loot the pack called by /carepack. /givegun [id] [ammo]: Used to give a gun to players nearby. /dropgun: Used to drop a gun which you don't want. /items: Shows the items you currently have. /pausers: Shows a list of all paused players. /ep: Grants you an emergency parachute. Miscellaneous commands: /nuke: While your team owns both of Area 51 and Submarine, you can launch a nuclear missile on a base or a zone of your choice for 300k and you'll kill everyone in that zone/base. The missile can be launched from Area 51 /aad: Stands for anti air destroyer. While owning that zone, you can use that command to launch high tech surface-to-air missiles to destroy every plane and helicopter in the air. Its usage costs 150k. /get(id) [NAME]: To get the id of a player. /duel (id) (bet) (stadiums: 1,2,3) (weapon 1) (weapon 2:optional): Used to duel a player. /acceptduel (id): Used to accept a duel. This command will only work if the duel was sent to you within past 15 seconds. /baserape: Shows the rules of using heavy vehicles and limitations. /license: To see your license's state (acquired/revoked) /supply: Supply is a bag dropped from the sky by a plane. It contains health, ammo and armor. By using /supply you get money, score, health for yourself and your team mates. /Track(id): While your team owns big ear and your antenna is working, you can track anyone you want. He appears on your map with white color. /trackzone: Having a hard time looking for a zone? Never mind this command is the solution. By this command you can track any zone you want. it will appear with a flag on the map. /bonus: There are two types of bonus: players and zones. if you get to kill the bonus player or you capture the bonus zone before anyone could do, congratulations! you got yourself some bonus score and money. /service: Upon reaching service point you can refill either your plane bombs or plane's health. /music: Shows a list of music genres. /stopmusic: To stop the playing music. Additional note: If you need any help or you have any queries don't hesitate to PM me. I will try to answer them as soon as possible. ADMINS may edit the thread if they think something is in-complete or wrong.
  10. Hm, the English seems fine. I would like to have a talk with you in-game, are you available on Friday or Saturday or Sunday? I will post my opinion here after that.
  11. We don't warn hackers, they directly get banned. With minor rule breaks we don't kick on first offense. Why will you kick him if he requests for forgiveness? Conclusion: -Low capabilities of speaking English +Active -Not helpful
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