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  1. Invalid. That video doesn't really prove anything.
  2. Invalid. It's really hard to prove anything from the video you provided.
  3. Wrong section. Please create another report in the 'Mudoo Roleplay > Administration' section.
  4. We can't really help you unless you come up with reliable evidence showing that you had what you claim. Locked and archived.
  5. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL NATIONAL Covid-19 (Corona Virus) enters San Andreas By: Ralph Smith | 14th March, 2020. Prices of masks hike as Covid-19 strikes San Andreas. With flights coming from China and other countries having infected population, San Andreas joins the list of countries encountering Covid-19 (Corona Virus). Coronaviruses (CoV) which have finally entered San Andreas are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to other more severe diseases. Many patients suspected of having Corona Virus have been admitted to the hospitals recently with over 60 patients in All Saints General Hospital. Measures are being taken to stop the virus from spreading further. Social companies are distributing masks to the general public and spreading awareness alongside. Local shop owners are selling the masks at insanely high prices to maximize profits from this global outbreak, they are also deliberately cutting down supply to hike the prices. Over 190,000 masks were produced and sold in the last two days as the outbreak continued. Latest information suggests that citizens which have no international traveling background are also infected from corona virus which means the virus has been transmitted locally as well. San Andreas News wishes San Andreas' citizens best of luck to fight with the Covid-19 Corona Virus and suggests them to wash hands more often to avoid the spreading of disease. ((Use the format below to write a comment.)) [b]Username:[/b] [b]Comment:[/b]
  6. Rachel

    COD:GW Stats Refund

    iChiwi and Dr.Pewds refunded. Rootsz, you have insufficient proofs, sadly.
  7. Rachel

    COD:GW Stats Refund

    Score, kills, deaths & money refunded.
  8. Do you appear in anyone's video or do you have a video uploaded to your Youtube channel by any chance?
  9. Rachel

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    PICTURE: HINT: People pass by me but they don't say 'Hello.' REWARD: 20 score and $20,000.
  10. Rachel

    Staff Roster

    23/12/2019 @Konrad has been hired as a Moderator.
  11. Rachel

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    Rewards given. New one coming up soon.
  12. Rachel

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    PICTURE: HINT: I am where noobs spawn. REWARD: 15 score and $15,000.
  13. Rachel

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    Thread reopened and will be continued with a lower difficulty level and higher reward.
  14. Hello. I have got some good news for everyone. After a brief discussion, the management has unanimously decided to refund stats of old COD:GW here. This means that anyone with appropriate proof can get a refund of their stats. How to get a refund? Copy the format below, fill in all the relevant information and reply to this topic with it. Please do note that we will not refund a VIP. FORMAT Additional Notice: Mudoo Gaming leadership reserves the right to deny anyone's request for a refund & to revert any changes done to a player's statistics.
  15. Denied. -> Overall immature attitude -> Not staff material
  16. (( Ya'all need to come out of that 800x600 resolution. ))
  17. Rachel

    Staff Roster

    01/12/2019 @Senior has resigned as a Server Manager. Thank you for all the work you did here! 02/12/2019 @Assassin has been hired as a Junior Admin. 03/12/2019 @oussama has been discharged as a Junior Admin @Dr.Amir has been discharged as a Lead Admin @DaRk_HorSe has been discharged as a Moderator.
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