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  1. I already told you, I didn't even chargeback Alex did it, It's ok don't unban me from RP server but atleast let me play TDM, I'm bored. I can't give you 16 euros back i already told you I am just 16 years old boy who don't have credit card to give you 16 euros, now please don't be angry come on.
  2. What is your in-game name? [Nub]Bo[Y] Which staff member banned you? Dylan When did you get banned? 09/14/19 What is the ban reason? PayPal Chargeback/account sharing to get donation. Personal comment Hello there, So i was banned in RP server by Dylan and i start playing on TDM to not get bored, I just wake up and i when i try to login i got banned for the same reason which i got banned in RP, I don't know why Dylan banned me for the same reason, Atleast let me play TDM. @Dylan
  3. Actually, I don't have an access to use Paypal either credit card or something, I'm from Pakistan and in Pakistan we can't use Paypal, There's a problem for it. So tell me how can i pay you 16euros, I'm just 16 years old boy, I don't have access for those things.
  4. What is your in-game name? Robert_Lahey ((Faizan)) Which staff member banned you? Dylan_Parker When did you get banned? 08/06/19 What is the ban reason? PayPal chargeback / account sharing to get a donation from someone else Personal comment Hello there, Actually i am really sorry what i done with you Dylan and Matthew, Yes i was an idiot to share my account to someone else for donation. Yes i was greedy as fuck. I'm sorry for everything what i done, and i honestly don't know why Alex-Andolini chargeback his money i really don't have an idea about it, As Dylan said he's your friend and he chargeback his donation. But honestly he also hack my RCRP account, but no worries i got it back, Well sorry for mention another community. Ok so he's not my IRL friend or something, I met him on Mudoo discord and he said he have money to donate, I was greedy so i said can you donate for me, then he said yes but i need IG cash, I said how much for 5euros i said 2M will be ok, He said yes ok, Then he donate for me, I almost forget about that i was a helper and it's my responsibilty to keep safe my account. Well I lost everything trust and i fucked my life up, A big thing i lost Matthew's and Dylan Trust.. I'd like to play again, I really like this server. It won't happen in future i promised you Dylan and Matthew. It's Alex Andolini's mistake cause be chargeback his money and didn't even tell me about this, If he were tell me about this, I can talk with Dylan. But honsetly i don't know about it. As Dylan said he banned me cause of Alex Andolini. I'm sorry, I feel shamed already. Thanks.
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