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Andrea Gambino

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  1. Can I get a second chance to prove that I will never make the mistake of logging in with another account please?
  2. Then why 50k and not 10k? And even if I had somehow borrowed money from someone the account would have been reported. This is an invalid excuse to ban me for something I didn't even do as a basis to break any rules. And I don't even have any other complains on me as for scamming someone or anything in which case I would even need to multiaccount. And BTW why would I even lend my friend 55k for buying a house when he was new to the server which would explain why I took it back when he left. P.S He was on his laptop using my WiFi. I was told to make this situation clear to you.
  3. And I accidentally made another account when I forgot to change my name on SAMP. I logged in the ID once again to change its name from Andrea_Gambino so I could get my name back.
  4. 50k was my friends id who is not gonna play anymore so.. he gave me the money. It was Marc_Vinales if you wonder. P.S If I wanted to seriously multiaccount I would have used VPN which I did not at all.
  5. What is your in-game name? Andrea_Gambino Which staff member banned you? Dizzy_Walker When did you get banned? 10/10/19 What is the ban reason? Multiaccounting Personal comment Made a new account for another server and accidentally logged in mudoo with the wrong credientials but was banned 2 secs later without any warning.
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