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  1. please read this, it will just take 2 mins of your time, thanks


  2. i wrote this drunk ,

  3. Name : mask_111111 comment : #RemoveCorruptOfficers. #CorruptSAPD.
  4. Koin

    Some new changes

    in my opinion, change number 5 is so important, we are facing this problem day to day more and more. i see most administrators angry or freaked out, (there are few guys which i can say they are always chilled and calmed down, just like, frank). i hope these changes get applied sooner or even if applied, i hope they stay forever to make a better samp server for whom love samp.
  5. Koin

    Some new changes

    @Michelle Calm your tits down girl, insulting and provoking won't get you anywhere.
  6. Koin

    Some statistics

    @Ali Shan Excuse me son of a bitch, you are hundred percent wrong, im not banned, and im inactive for i can say 1 month, and in game name Michael_Cesairo, Can you shutup next time and think twice before talking? thanks!
  7. Koin

    Some statistics

    Nice, Yeah A'ight, but, see, paki kids will cry, if you want, or you dont.
  8. Koin

    About old AG

    im not amir amani lol, im koin, amani is another guy
  9. Username: Username Comment: Lance bruh make weed legal, like what happened in canada years ago (( OOC Comment: The new canada president was a bad weed consumer, so he made weed legal in all canada, lol))
  10. Koin

    Mudoo - Slambook

    Name: Koin (ig Michael_Cesairo) Country: Iran Time Playing Mudoo Gaming: 2 years Favorite Player(s): Lance Ricci, Neon ( he is a chilled guy ) Player(s) you would like to see in Administration Team: Myself Favorite Administration Team Member(s): Probably Frank, he is a chilled guy and he doesn't get bored so fast Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: Myself, and also lane ricci (idk if he is still illegal) What makes me play Mudoo Gaming: Chilling down a little and take a little distance from IRL if im angry, passing time, Having friends and guys which are idle and can talk to you about your IRL problems without knowing your identity What blows my fuse about Mudoo Gaming: maybe the guys who take game so serious What do you aim for in Mudoo Gaming: headshot If you have a chance to force a change or an update in Mudoo Gaming what would you would do? maybe, i would ban those who can't handle their appeals themselves and cry "please unban me last chance i was on sentinel my car wasn't so speedy i have shit potato pc please unban me", and also paki kids.
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