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  1. Promse dylan am not liening wanna check logs? https://discordapp.com/channels/332566392924798976/486272538985496616 Join here and get logs
  2. What is your in-game name? Keni_Ruzzardi Which staff member banned you? Kacper_Williams When did you get banned? 10/16/19 What is the ban reason? banevading and lieing me Personal comment kacper williams first time when i joined , ig was 5 admins,hight rank matthew ,weston, etc etc, and they was playing [not pause] and they looked me playing and they didnt ban me or anything. and when i make refund to accept my "Registration" admins accepted me and they let me to play and now when you join ig banned me ,and in pd discord lie me , i said you " Admin let me to play : you >> "You said Matthew allowed you to play here" i got chatlog you cant lie anyone okay [[First ss when i login ig]] [[Ss when all hight admins was ig and they looked me playing and they didnt ban me ]] because they let me play ]] https://discordapp.com/channels/332566392924798976/460741205421195268 get chatlogs
  3. What is your in-game name? Gent_Foxy Which staff member banned you? Admin When did you get banned? 09/29/19 What is the ban reason? Multiacount Personal comment Hello,am back after 1months,.. And i got 1 months waiting for one reapply because one admin [Dizzy*....] said me in discord wait 1 week and reapply [only dont Spam,Banevade,Adv , etc and you can reaply. and am reapply after 1 months, this montsh i didnt Spam,Adv,and , Banevade, I know everything from my own mistakes,i know i was wrong,and am sorry for everything, and am reapply because i wanna Lasst Chance to join in mudo, because i like #Mudo:Rp server, and i need one more chance, i learn how to Rp ,learn English too, and I learned how to behave for this am 100 percent promise, and i wont try to make any problem in server i wont adv more promise , spam , crying in chat or :/ , spamming [caps locking] etc, promise i wont make any problem.I love mudo and am trying to get unban to join again because is a good server, please give me a last chance to that for me, :* With a Great Respect : Gent_Foxy.
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