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SA:MP GW Mapper
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Dr.Amir last won the day on March 25 2019

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  1. Your discord user: AmirAmani#0102 Your number (1-25): 20
  2. Your Ingame Name: Dr.AmiR Your Discord name and tag: AmirAmani#0102 Your number ( 1 - 30 ) : 20
  3. Discord User: AmirAmani#0102 Mudoo RPG In-game Name: Amir_Amani Number (1-50): 25
  4. - Registration date >> 1 Sep 2018 - Last login>> 1 Sep 2018
  5. - Last login in game >> 11 Dec 2018 - Forum >> 10 March 2019
  6. I recommend him + Seems friendly guy + Good amount of activity + Respectful toward others + Helpful but a bit immature
  7. Kacper Williams won 7 awards, i just can't wait to see how his profile will look like after all those badges added
  8. I hope they remember you!

  9. 󠂪󠂪"I hope they remember you"
  10. Game's price isn't same in different regions.. for example in last sale GTA V 's price (USA region) was 15$ while if you change to Russia region it would cost you waaaaay less than that (Argentina and Russia region cost less almost in all games) like for 5$, also since Steam wont support Toman/Rials instead of buying gift card that cost YOU way more than what it is (you pay for 4$, you get 2$?, Iran thing -,-) you can ask some trustworthy Steam seller to gift you the game! Also you can check SteamDB for game's price in different regions. Here's GTA V >>https://steamdb.info/app/271590/ Btw for that "address" you can try /Republic_Game & /Sgifts on Telegram! Better leave this thread, TiMoN readinggg rn, we all gonna get banned..
  11. Buy game when it's on sale ofc, 40,000 Tomans is nothing. Also this thread is not for talking about these things, FiveM only work with original version of GTA V end...
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