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  1. AnyOther Proof do u need Sir if u need Just tell me i can give u
  2. if u want a proof ask kacper i just returned after death and im sorry for thats but i got ban 3days but also i will back and be good person Proof: i go to someone called Finn and then i want to rob him and i killed him for he shooted me and then i robbed him and there were none near us or with us also then someone followed me with a big car and then he come to kill me but he dead then someone from Andos come to me and killed me with 1shoot because i was have 10/100health or 5/100 1shoot and i die also if u would like to ask Joseph Profaci i helped him when 2cops were gonna pull him over and then su him then me and joseph and ali out and killed them and then Ali Told me he will make me in Profaci 60rank and then i got kick from Profaci and then i back to Profaci again and im now profaci do u need other proof?
  3. Okay Sir for Now im i Just want to speak with u in Discord but please can u speak with me? my name is Tigun_Profaci#6254
  4. Also i forget my password because i have format my pc because it was lag and it was have much program so because thats my password where puted in a file so because thats im just asking to get it back. pllsssszzzz
  5. Hello Sir No I Dont have other accounts my family is new and someone called Kacper i told him everything about me if u want expire let him to tell u or u would me to tell u?
  6. Hello my name was Tigun_Sobn And then i joined a group called Profaci Also after i joined it i format my pc and my password for i dont forget it i puted it in a file and in pc i forget thats i was have it i format my pc and i was happy to remove my lags and all things and put new ram and new screen so then when today i came to join i just forget my password then i remmbered i was put it in a file and the file were have my password for i dont forget its After thats all and i want to get my password back pllls help
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