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  1. the black premier, right, haha.
  2. Good story, however, I've seen you at the airport while I was driving around with a friend, haha.
  3. LMAO, a fact. Viktoria Vladimir did a panic always in gs9 and starts a dm sit, cops come and shoot while I was asking over the radio why was the panic pressed since once I arrived there were no shots, but she su'es someone for "ignorance of the law" and starts aiming a gun.
  4. not possible due to the braindeadism of like 60% of the server's playerbase.
  5. they were on-duty and driving an official FBI vehicle, also giving orders on-duty as an FBI Director which is not acceptable and is considered unprofessional. She's not an agent, she's a trooper, troopers can aid cops off-duty.
  6. Well, he is a SAPD Volunteer, as you claim "FBI is higher than PD and whatsoever you say", he listened to them while they were misleading. Your Director and the agent present with him are basically misleading a volunteer of an other governmental agency which is a crime, instead of showing him the right path or even trying to assist him. This is even an unacceptable action of misguiding players if you consider it OOC'ly, which is quite not suitable for a community manager to do. Also, the misguiding of the player IC'ly is not acceptable by an FBI Director. SRT is basically SWAT and CID is basically PD's CID back then, why don't you simply disband your Agency and keep the objectives how it was back then? FBI is actually doing everything in this server, can you tell me one thing that FBI does not do? They interfere with things that they don't have permission to, what does the FBI have to do with going to a Police Department and saying a "search" warrant, it is pretty much disrespectful to the Police Department to be searched by another agency.
  7. no no, the FBI is supposed to investigate terrorism, cyber crimes, corruption of the governmental officials, various organized crimes, money laundering, cases which may include weapons which may cause mass destruction, druggies, murders and lead situations such as hostage situations and bank robberies, also terrorism. Their Hostage Rescue Team is basically a tactical divison of their own, they deploy under the name of the FBI in operations high-risk ones such as VIP Protection, hostage situations, and executing warrants. Also, they can deploy if criminals outnumber PD and SWAT units and they're in-need of immediate help. But, this video shows retardism, ABSOLUTE RETARDISM, as you say "FBI is higher than PD and whatsoever", of course a volunteer who's new to the server would listen to the guy and shoot the suspect, he saw himself being attacked from a fellow officer and was confused, so he shot him down.
  8. iChiwi

    biased event

    [16:21:50] [Nascar] Jack_Anderson (52) finished lap #30 [16:22:30] [Nascar] Jack_Anderson (52) finished lap #31 [16:22:32] Com. Manager Matthew_Carter (0): jack - jason - derek current lead [16:22:50] [Nascar] Derek_Carter (117) finished lap #30 [16:23:02] [Nascar] Andrew_Clarson (34) finished lap #30 [16:23:10] [Nascar] Jack_Anderson (52) finished lap #32 [16:23:16] [Nascar] Jason_Maxwell (13) finished lap #30 [16:23:16] [nascar] Jason_Maxwell (13) finished his lap #30 in 1 place! ok, so I did 31 lap before these people even did 30 lap, how the fuck didn't I win? Let's say "jason did a lap which was on admin duty", jason has shown me the logs that there is a difference 1 minute between the start with derek, let's do a +1 minute to the time that I've done. I'm supposed to be tied with derek in the first place, Andrew is 2nd, jason is 3rd. How did Jason win in the first place and derek in second, andrew in third?
  9. If a guy has gun in hands and you warn him to drop it and he fails to do so, you can shoot him. An admin tried to warn me for doing that, I simply told him to fuck off since it's an IC issue and he already killed 2 cops before we chased him and he took out a gun now.
  10. he evaded the traffic stop, sir, it was not a felony.
  11. You don't shoot after the turf ends, you actually go away like nothing happened, cops cannot shoot unless you shoot at them. Also, check the TS situation, sir.
  12. iChiwi


    yo, what the fuck do you mean? Imagine OOC hate over an IC issue that he caught his weedfield, you people should grow the fuck up.
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