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  1. what GTA V? I mean the two replies in the first page.
  2. it's funny how you ignored my two replies as you just ran out of words and unable to respond and incorrect, you didn't get accepted, you got denied. Hello there, your application for SAFD has been DENIED, due to the next reasons: -Failure to respond. You may re-apply after one week(7 Days). Signed: Fire Chief Mike Rookie Nice try.
  3. Players and how community behaves should change before the SAFMD does. It is hilarious how you people think that the government topic is bein used by any of us, we use the discord to send pictures of roleplay or the forum. The topic was made to write announcements or such, but not roleplay purposes. Remove the ability to make drugs and remove guns. People will be peaceful and pd will perform traffic stops normally without criminals shooting as well as SWAT won't deploy as it'll be useless since people ain't got guns. Everyone will head to legal jobs such as EMS/FD/Fisherman or any other stuff. You didn't even see how I roleplay or any of us roleplaying since players are brain dead and ain't able to co-operate with us. We work as SAPD, because we're a governmental group and supposed to be legal, not commiting crimes on-duty or off-duty. We can't be on-duty as SAFMD for long as we either will be dm'ed as people will come and say "/S STOP OR WE SHOOT, YOU GOT 3 SECONDS", then they shoot you. You ram someone with wrong and you apologize, he shoots you. We always either hide behind ambulances or anything else. @Riley was a previous Assistant Chief in the department, it ended up that he resigned due to lack of script support and interest as he can't do much on-duty. He joined SAPD and left after joining SAPD with a month or less. The SAPD looks more fun to him and it is a fact as they get more action and a lot of interest due to their unique and multiple scenes. I'm not gonna waste my fuckin life roleplaying with people like NPCs that don't want us to roleplay with them, just /revive or /revive quick before the timer runs out. We don't get much roleplay screens due to lack of scenes, people think we're slaves and unarmed bastards that can be stolen anytime they want. This is actually bullshit.
  4. ok, let me make it clear, you all fuckin brain dead and do not know shit, volunteers are even more brain dead and ain't willing to roleplay, the faction is dead as I just pick people who have a brain and able to fulfill their duties. Which around 5-6 people in Mudoo are like that, that's why I only have 10 people in SAFMD as officials. I can simply just say Recruitment is open, go apply and you'll be accepted. Later, I see them brain deads shooting on-duty and doing some shit. Also, the whole community is SAPD or FBI or criminals, no-one is willing to stop deathmatching as the SAFMD one is the only one that doesn't shoot. I go to roleplay reviving someone, I literally roleplay and he says "/b QUICK QUICK, REVIVE, I DON'T WANNA DIE" and when I rp and he gets revived, I tell him over /do to lay, and he just literally does nothing, just being, even more, brain dead and acting like nothing happened. You can't do shit regarding it, it's all the players' fault and the pakis one.
  5. I voted for Mentally_Disabled, he was a great guy. Point, tho.
  6. dude, how are you speakin that positive? What makes you sure that it is gonna work, lmao?
  7. iChiwi

    Fuck life

    shutup, you all pakis hidin behind a screen and you're just disrespectin' him for typing in bad English. Don't forget who you are. He's a paki, yes, you're completely right, but this guy made this topic for support and ya'll respondin like dis shi'.
  8. Username: pakidestroyer71 Comment: it sucks to be runnin on your foot.
  9. guys, are you replying to a year old topic? What the actual fuck?

  11. Sorry, bud, but staff reports are useless here, they probably never get checked, ngl.
  12. iChiwi

    COD:GW Stats Refund

    Current in-game name: [RA]iChiwi_. Old COD:GW name(s): SuperFlag[RA], MR.Killer[PR] (I had two accounts) Evidence of statistics: https://i.imgur.com/9OTFm03.png Additional info (if any): I JUST FOUND THIS PICTURE! anyways, It was a real old one from Advanced Gaming, I would appreciate that if you refunded me the previous 13500+ score that I had. I don't want the kills neither the deaths, I was a nub back then, what did you expect from a 7 years old kid that time.
  13. Your in-game name [RA]iChiwi_. You real life age 13 Your country and timezone Egypt, 2:00+GMT. How do you describe yourself as a person As a previous moderator in this community and my experience with how this community works, I describe myself as a helpful guy and having a brain unlike some people in this community. I'd like to show the experience that I've gained previously as a Moderator in the Mudoo gaming community and be a better holder for that position. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? I have multiple motives for becoming a moderator in the CoD: GW server. Such as having some ability to support the newbies of the server and help them in a better way which will provide them a better gaming environment, I would like to help them with keeping hackers away from the server by taking the required actions against them as they're trying to ruin the peace of the server and the gaming experience that players want to have. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? I will help him as long as he is not asking for free stuff, he's like any other player but just a friend or a teammate. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? I'll verbal warn him for the first time if he proceeds in breaking the regulations of the server, I'll provide him an official warning. If he keeps going with that, a jail will solve it for good. Any additional information you feel is relevant Negative. Screenshot of your in-game stats
  14. Mary Williams?, Do you mean Mika Williams? For your information Mika Williams is Kacper.
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