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  1. PLEASE DO THIS! We did this back in the day on you-know-where and actually turned out to be a fun positive experience for everybody. We should be allowed to deploy 20 bunkers, hunters, hydras, rhinos, and deploy the hunter's minigun unprovoked at our leisure - similar to how those who are currently police operate now. It's easy to be spoon-fed power, resources, and heavy weaponry by simply being a cop on the server. I think cops should be given the opportunity to face the odds that criminals face, AS criminals.
  2. > Make death awkward > Strip clothing items? - I'd be into this if it were possible to get the player's skin butt ass naked. > Spawn location - hospital only? Most players would find this to be an annoyance, and would take away one of the main benefits of owning a house. > 5 minute delay on respawn? I doubt this will have any measurable effect aside from being a monumental annoyance, especially considering the number of bugs (GTA or script) that can kill you, as well as the accident-prone nature of playing a game. I bet if this were implemented, players would immediately beg for it to be removed. If this were implemented, there would have to be some serious re-evaluation of how death and shooting plays a role into the server in order to reduce to the frequency of situations that would result in death. > Unable to re-equip/use weaponry for 10 minutes after being death - This would suck especially if enemies happen to be around where you are spawning, I see very little purpose to this. Yes, we can make rules for this, but it's not necessary to "force" a feature in such a way. > Unable to be rob or be robbed for 15 minutes after death (discourage robberies) - Once again, this only seems like it'll inconvenience players, without any positive measurable results. > Change police/criminal system > Encourage people not to be caught as a suspect - This should be the status quo. We want to make consequences of getting caught harsh enough to discourage getting caught, but not so harsh that playing a criminal becomes inaccessible. > Stop weapons being removed automatically when jailed (would only be removed for violent crimes by the officer) - Absolutely yes. This would make people more willing to surrender for more minor infractions, resulting in an opportunity to avoid DM against cops. Weapons are expensive, especially for poorer players. Weapon removal should not be left at the discretion of officers, because it will be difficult to deal with officers who abuse this privilege - "It's an IC matter." > Death as a suspect results in a fine (jail does not) - Yes. This would further encourage players to consider surrendering as an option. However, depending how this is implemented, this might not bother richer players. Of course, we could always make the fine based off of a percentage rather than a fixed amount. And could always set that amount to reflect the total of banked cash and cash on hand. *eyeroll* > Interview by Lead Trooper+ to go on Volunteer Duty - would be valid for 48 hours? - Freecops in general should have at least SOME stricter requirement or personal training. However, any increased requirements to become a Freecop will limit the SAPD's army of freecops they can equip with sniper to do their bidding against massive criminal alliances on the server. An interview would be a good, simple way to at least lightly screen people. This way of becoming acquainted would also be a great gateway to establish relations between new Freecops and SAPD, and possibly open the door for a promotion or some other, should they choose to apply. > More management of DM > Harsher punishments > Admin education > Swifter response to requested revives etc - The issue with DM rules is that although it sounds like a black and white rule (do not kill people without a good reason), there are so many factors that come into play that ultimately contributes to an admin's decision when it comes to a DM situation. There's instances of DM that happen out of shear ignorance for certain rules, or out of misunderstanding. Then there's instances of DM to troll, antagonize people OOCly, and having a few too many cases of "it was a misunderstanding." Admins need to be educated on some different factors that come into play when judging someone for deathmatching. For instance, if somebody started shooting someone from an enemy group who wasnt involved in a situation they're in right now but wears the same tag as the enemy, an admin should be less keen on banning the person shooting for a simple misunderstanding. Also, sometimes if a group of people are aiming or in a really tense situation and someone misclicks, rational thought goes out the window and everybody thinks that's the signal to start shooting, and it gets really messy really quick. Admins should be provided the wisdom on how to deal with these different types of situations, so that they don't unfairly punish someone too harshly, nor do they allow toxic players to get away with deathmatching. As far as swifter revive times, I've received mixed results with this. Sometimes I get revived in seconds, sometimes it really drags on. There's been times that I've requested a revive via /support then politely bugged the admin after some time, and was told they cannot help me right now because they are in an RP. I thought admin duties came first? Although it's more or less an admin's job to baby sit, admins should also prioritize making gameplay a smoother experience for players, and be rapidly responsive to helping players with glitches. There should be an admin command to determine whether or not a BLS kit was used on somebody recently, to prevent dishonest players from trying to get a quick revive. It might even be a good idea to allow Moderators to revive. > Review of turf/ally system > Initial alliances were only formed as groups kept losing at turf wars > Make turf ownership more RP based (similar system to raiding a HQ - RP plan to claim a turf) - I would have to see this idea elaborated on, because I feel like that would require a serious rehashing of the turf system. Admittedly, coming up with a whole new concept for a turf system is a bit out of my pay grade. As it stands, groups from San Fierro, Bone County, or wherever are contesting for turfs in places all over the map that they don't actually care about, aside from the scripted benefits they provide. Also I feel like the turf system accidentally alienates smaller groups, who are then forced to join up with 1 of the 2 big alliances to survive (this is a common problem I'm sure we're all aware of to begin with). > Alliances would have to be truly RP based, not on a script - All alliances should be this way - the script alliance feature only exists to supplement the roleplay, as do all of the scripts in general. You are not required to /groupally somebody to still be allies with them. > Reformed weapon licensing system > Interviews? - We would have the issue of limited availability and lack of convenience. You would see this issue play out with the Driving School if it was player run like it was in AG. > Criminal history (crime in last week?) - This would be useful for any cop who wants to jail based on criminal history, but most cops just jail depending on how they're feeling in that moment anyway. > Could also promote "illegal weapon sales" between players - This would definitely drive up illegal weapon prices if anything. > Review of map blips > "Good" RPers generally see servers with blips as a joke > Multiple arguments start as result of blips > Could be dynamically added/removed based on playercount (higher = removal) or time (peak time they are removed) Server management has already been discussing this in more detail than I could possibly touch on
  3. You are incorrect. The word "nigger" was, and is, used solely as a racist derogatory term to dehumanize black people. Anybody who throws the word around so freely is simply ignorant.
  4. What is your in-game name? Leon_Gvardia Which player(s) do you want to report? Log check required When did the rulebreak happen? 06/07/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Mumi_Young, Dexi_Gvardia What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Once again have somebody shooting through walls. I can't believe how many people are just blatantly shooting through walls here in Mudoo. In my 11 years of playing SAMP on and off, although I have dealt with many aimbotters, I have never seen so many people nonchalantly hack and shoot through walls and be so fucking bold. I'm not sure who was shooting me - perhaps you can check when the damage was inflicted via the /td provided in the screenshot below. I hope you will be willing to do a log check to confirm these damages, because the video is damning. The first video is the evidence itself. The 2nd is my attempt to replicate the 1st video in the shooter's position. I placed Jeremy where I was, you can see that he is actually standing closer to edge of cover than I am, and despite shooting at the wall from there with a desert eagle, I was unable to hit him. The screenshot is evidence of my damages as well as the time and date of the incident. Evidence
  5. What is your in-game name? Leon_Gvardia Which player(s) do you want to report? GotaCarry_Triad When did the rulebreak happen? 05/20/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Hamdi_ElChaieb What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Hamdi told me that he's been having trouble with some Triads, so I decided to help him out. GotaCarry happened to be around where we hang out, so we approached him. Each time we gained the upper hand in getting him to stop, he /q'd. He /q'd two times - one screenshot for each. Evidence
  6. What is your in-game name? Leon_Gvardia Which player(s) do you want to report? Rocco_Frost When did the rulebreak happen? 05/20/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I approached Rocco randomly and asked him for directions. He had something to say about my mother, so I decided to teach him a lesson and gained the advantage. He /q'd, as you can see in the disconnection message shortly after our interaction. This occurred approximately at 21:40 server time. Evidence
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