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Derek Shelby

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  1. PD missed a great leader, volunteers are clueless without you. Miss you broski ❤️

  2. Player banned for Aimbot. Report closed, L & A.
  3. Explaining again wouldn't bother, please edit your appeal and do it.
  4. Will be unbanned on 5-04-2020. Hold tight till then and don't attempt to ban evade or you'll never be unbanned.
  5. Served 2 weeks of punishment, i hope regret what you did. Doing something like this again will make it more harsh. I hope you'll follow the rules. Unbanned L & A.
  6. I took a quick peek at your punishment history. It seems like a dreadful record for someone to have 8 punishments in the last 10 days, upon punishments given for constant rule breaks you've never got better and kept getting worse by repeating your mistakes mercilessly. Imagining your crummy behavior doesn't give us a second choice but to keep you banned. Yet, the Administration team is considering your appeal imagining the outside world and the hazardous situation that the mankind is facing. In case we unban you, what are the things that we can expect from you and what are the things that you're gonna implement in your gameplay reminiscing yourself?
  7. Get yourself a reason for playing on the server besides trolling and make a proper appeal next time. L & A.
  8. Verbally warned him for poor rp. Thanks for reporting! L & A.
  9. Sir Seth Josh, you yourself should assess on how much IQ you have sir. L & A.
  10. Sir Mimos, first of all thanks for trusting me. Secondly from the above screenshots the cops were clearly trying to seize your items from you and then jail you for being a suspect. As they are volunteers and do not have the authority to seize items they must have used /rob. Also, you don't need to make a player report if a cop roleplays a corrupt nature i.e breaking the pd laws etc. You can simply report them to their higher authorities in PD like a trooper+ in order to get punished. Admins won't involve in IC rulebreaks. L & A.
  11. I will be handling the report. Discord me the screenshot. -Derek Shelby#4888
  12. Your punishment record is atrocious, you have 14 punishments in the same month i.e March 2020 which includes 5 punishments for poor roleplay. Upon giving enormous punishments for the same reason, you still tend to break the rules everytime. Your behaviour in-game is autistic. You're not even putting one percent effort to roleplay yet after giving you multiple chances. These reasons tend us to keep you banned mercilessly. Appeal again after 10days. Meanwhile use google and educate yourself about what roleplay is.
  13. Thanks for lying again, you're not allowed to make a ban appeal until next week. every appeal you make within a week will get your time increase by a week to appeal. Comeback next week incase you wanna tell the truth. Appeal again on : 03-04-2020 PS : I'll know if you evade. You'll never be given a chance incase you do it. L & A.
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