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  1. As a fact SA:MP is a pretty dead platform now and yet we are still having a daily huge player base with an average of 30 people on the server, This is what scares me because the smaller one's are never a target but the bigger ones are. I hope @LocMax is taking good care of the security because, We love Mudoo and never want it to face the situations like other servers are facing NOW.
  2. Would be better if you have added the pictures of the property itself sir.
  3. It's dope man, keep up the work! Would love to see it in-game.
  4. Hello sir, We are selling all the rarest vehicles on the server that are not available in the server owned Dealership's anymore. We have what you are looking for! An Infernus at our Dealership costs $4,500,000. If you're planning to buy and want to see the specifications, you can view them here. Also make sure you come by our office in the free time. Contact any of our staff and we will be responding to you ASAP! Hoping We'd have great time doing Business. Derek Hale, Salesman [ La Dealership Di Veicolo ] Office Address : Beside Temple's Gas Station,Los Santos.
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