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  1. I've not seen him online when i am active, waiting for his interaction.
  2. Alright, thanks for reporting but this is not the right section to report a staff member. Please do make a report over here : https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/forms/13-samp-mrp-report-a-staff-member/ Then it will be further discussed by the management and they will be reverting back to you with their decision.
  3. So you mean to make you not use hacks we need to CAC you and you're not going to show any effort by yourself? Is that what you're saying?
  4. You can request for refunds over here : https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/forum/330-refunds/ Locked.
  5. You think the whole staff team will fake the damage logs to get you banned? [ ! } DENIED
  6. Huh? Force you to admit? Ok you didn't cheat? Take a look at this proofs that you were crying for. Bullet 1 at : 22:21:04 09-02-2020 22:21:04 - Lamar_Carpenter (7)(23728) -> Omar_Portee (8)(1215) [shotgun] [torso] [amount: 49.5] [victim: 2499.09 -1674.27 13.346] [issuer: 2497.06 -1675.57 13.3359] Bullet 2 at : 22:21:04 09-02-2020 22:21:04 - Lamar_Carpenter (7)(23728) -> Omar_Portee (8)(1215) [shotgun] [torso] [amount: 49.5] [victim: 2499.3 -1674.15 13.3467] [issuer: 2497.12 -1675.52 13.3359] Bullet 3 at : 22:21:04 09-02-2020 22:21:04 - Lamar_Carpenter (7)(23728) -> Omar_Portee (8)(1215) [shotgun] [right arm] [amount: 49.5] [victim: 2499.3 -1674.15 13.3467] [issuer: 2496.4 -1676.04 13.3382] It's a shotgun and you fired 3 bullets at the same second. Any explanations?
  7. Okay you didn't use hacks? Lie again. You think i banned you without proofs. Okay here is the deal. If I'm showing you the proofs you're never ever going to be unbanned. If you accept for it continue asking for proofs or stop lying.
  8. You think i'll ban you simply on someone reporting? Forget about that report it's nothing, We kept an eye on you from the beginning. So better stop lying/crying.
  9. After a keen discussion with Mimos, I've concluded by warning him for Poor RP.
  10. Hello, I'll be handling the report, but the evidence you have given shows that the player crashed. Also the proofs you have submitted are not at all enough to take action against him ( Shows no RP between you both ) to prove that he's not complying. So please give us more evidence which shows he isn't complying in order to prove him guilty. However i'll take a look at the logs and see what happened, then revert back here. PS : Next time you report someone, please do save the logs and screens so that we can take a quicker decision.
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