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Enrique Mendez

SA:MP M:RP Senior Admin
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Enrique Mendez last won the day on March 28

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  1. I don't know how to aarpee plis tich my

    1. JessePinkman


      Ask Magaddinos or BCR

    2. Rooney Winters

      Rooney Winters

      Meet me tomorrow and bring 1m along

    3. Wyatt


      watch userone 💯

  2. yea yea bro, sure. thats what everyone says. :rofl:
  3. So what do you mean exactly? You see a 20 second video in which we're just trolling with our old friend Ed and make up a conclusion about our roleplay? *laughs* Bro, suggest you to keep your kiddish chatter with someone who's gonna listen to it.
  4. What do you mean exactly? Are you taking their side or opposing them? (( them/their = LM ))
  5. Reports are not to take revenge and stuff because you're banned. We can't dig logs from past month and investigate stuff. Next time report in time.
  6. Where can i appeal to join the DJ team i heard that u are the leader ye .?

  7. Seems like the player is no longer interested in the appeal.
  8. Seems like the player is no longer interested in the appeal.
  9. Seems like the player is no longer interested in the appeal.
  10. dEnIeD sIr, Come back when you wanna tell the truth.
  11. pd.sagov.us is where you report cops for misuse of power, this is administration reports and we deal only with server rulebreakers.
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