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  1. Properties Properties will only be created if their creation will benefit the server and the property serves a useful purpose. Property requests are reviewed by Senior Admins and can be accepted or denied depending on the evaluation outcome. We will not endlessly create properties at various places if they serve no logical purpose except occupying spots. CLICK TO MAKE A PROPERTY REQUEST!
  2. EnriqueM.

    Office in LS

    Since you have no other properties, approved it. Contact one of the senior administrator in-game with reference to this thread.
  3. Property created : https://panel-rpg.mudoogaming.com/property/2644 L & A.
  4. Talked to him, he claims that he was recording a video and had his chats off. He /q'ed thinking that someone is randomly deathmatching him. Although it's none of our fault, he's verbally warned for it, considering that it's his first time. He'll be punished incase he repeats.
  5. Closed as you failed to bring up anything against him.
  6. After a keen investigation with the help of logs, this is what happened. Firstly the player is new i.e level 7 and was revived at Four Dragons scene, hence he was returning to continue the battle. However he did end up dying somewhere else while returning to you and hence his roleplay has ended. Also, I don't think its fair to directly shoot anyone without any interaction after too much time flied. So considering his punishment history, he will be spoken to and hopefully he won't repeat it. Cheers!
  7. You were spoken to on discord regarding this report. Topic is locked.
  8. You decided to report this player a week after the incident? We're not able to make a log check nor able to identify what exactly happened from your video. Peter has been spoken to as he has some previous punishments for similar rulebreaks and hopefully he learns not to repeat. Please let us know if this repeats. Cheers!
  9. Player has been verbally warned on his forum report, a note is added on the account, will be punished accordingly if repeated.
  10. This is an invalid report, mate. You were at Mulholland Intersection, where they signaled for you to pull over but you didn't. You then evaded to FBI HQ in order to use the excuse of "Safezone". You did not roleplay gun fear with about 7 players aiming at you and then you decided to quit the game when you didn't see any other choice. to Appears that you broke several rules including poor roleplay, lack of gun fear, false reporting and quit abuse. Seems like this is not your first time for poor roleplay either, I highly suggest you start to get your shit together and stop trying to abuse the server rules as this will be the only verbal warning I'll be giving. You have a history of lying to administration and poor roleplay, including multiple verbal warnings. There will be nothing called "verbal" next time.
  11. The report has been investigation and since the player is a Level 3 and quite new, he will be issued a verbal warning. Cheers!
  12. I will be handling this report. After further investigation, it has resulted that Sadew Sls has indeed returned after death. He's relatively new and hence a note has been placed on his account for further monitoring and he will also be spoken with. Cheers!
  13. I'll be handling this report. Please remain patient while we investigate further.
  14. I'll be handling this report. Please remain patient while we investigate further.
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