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Trevor Webb

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  1. I've checked the logs from the side of server, they've roleplayed everything perfectly. I don't see a poor reason here. They were trying to talk to you. You were ignoring them. They pulled out their weapons rp'ly, still you ignored them. Then Aze all of a sudden clicks panic and calls for backup, that's when they loaded their guns and shot you guys. What you think is a poor reason here? Killed you because you called backup? If it's that. What should they do? Wait for your backup to arrive and kill them? These logs can prove everything.
  2. The player has been punished. Thanks for reporting.
  3. They got you out of the car and ask you to leave on foot, what was your intention then? Why did you get inside the car again and escape? I smell that you misunderstood what they said.
  4. You are not banned for smooth mouse, you clearly know what you're banned for. You've been given more than enough chances already. It won't bother us to keep you banned even if you tell the truth. Stop making appeals. Permanently banned.
  5. Frank Hawk is temp banned for 5 days for luring people into shootouts over petty reasons. Thanks for reporting.
  6. Incorrect In-game name. So you've evaded with so many accounts that you don't remember for which account you're appealing. Ahmed, lying will get you no where. Stop thinking that using VPN is smart. Come clean because lying will get you no where.
  7. 27-05-2020 20:55:25 - [knock] Phesses_Lacoal (49)(49371) -> Robban_Gadino (29)(22041) [desert eagle] [Victim location] [Killer location] 27-05-2020 20:55:29 - [knock] Phesses_Lacoal (49)(49371) -> Jen_Triad (95)(29824) [desert eagle] [Victim location] [Killer location]
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