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  1. what happend to jake?

  2. 1. What is your in-game name? [Kimberly Stokes]

    2. What is your real life age? [20]

    3. What is your country and timezone? [GMT+2]

    4. How do you describe yourself as a person? [I am already helping people and I would like to be a DJ member to let people have a fun time in mudoo.]

    5. What are your motives for becoming a part of Deejay Team?I did like to play musics hall day, so thats why I am here today, also my activity is like 9 or 8 hours daily, so I hope I can get in here.

    6. What should we expect from you during your DJ app period?[ playing musics and let the server having fun.]

    7. What genres of music do you play? [Everything]

    8. Any additional information you feel is relevant?[ No]

    1. Rooney Winters

      Rooney Winters

      Jake randall has left. I dont think he will view this application..

    2. Kimberly


      I noticed that now, thank you.


  3. Hi i need to join dj

    1. Wyatt



    2. DjSamiBeat
  4. PD missed a great leader, volunteers are clueless without you. Miss you broski ❤️

  5. april fools is now over come back 

  6. bye bro, will not miss, but i understand it

  7. will miss u once again, but I understand it.

  8. Goodbye bro.
    Out of sight but not out of heart.. 😢


  9. We'll miss you!

    1. Linda Meyers

      Linda Meyers

      Did you left Mudoo? i will miss you too Jake, You was good officer

  10. best profile!!

  11. I haven't heard anything from the testers but it's now middle of March and donators will get access. Donators don't forget this
  12. Voice of Mudoo is looking for 5 additional DJs due to the increase of the playerbase, check this; 


     for more information.

    1. iMarcell


      you told me I'm the next person, I applied before.

  13. Recruitment closes tonight please apply before 00:00 of 18/03/2020 Last chance to apply: https://pd.sagov.us/viewforum.php?f=36
  14. They added this feature whoever wants to do something with it can use it this thread demonstrates the abilities it has. Please keep the toxicity to the CSC discord and not the forum of Mudoo.
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