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  1. PD missed a great leader, volunteers are clueless without you. Miss you broski ❤️

  2. april fools is now over come back 

  3. bye bro, will not miss, but i understand it

  4. will miss u once again, but I understand it.

  5. Goodbye bro.
    Out of sight but not out of heart.. 😢


  6. We'll miss you!

    1. Linda


      Did you left Mudoo? i will miss you too Jake, You was good officer

  7. best profile!!

    1. dellpacker


      my anaconda dont

      my anaconda dont

      my anaconda dont want none

      unless you got buns honey

  8. I haven't heard anything from the testers but it's now middle of March and donators will get access. Donators don't forget this
  9. Voice of Mudoo is looking for 5 additional DJs due to the increase of the playerbase, check this; 


     for more information.

    1. iMarcell


      you told me I'm the next person, I applied before.

    2. RANDY
  10. Recruitment closes tonight please apply before 00:00 of 18/03/2020 Last chance to apply: https://pd.sagov.us/viewforum.php?f=36
  11. They added this feature whoever wants to do something with it can use it this thread demonstrates the abilities it has. Please keep the toxicity to the CSC discord and not the forum of Mudoo.
  12. Check New Message

  13. Updated. The train goes counter clock-wise meaning that the first station is at Las Venturas. The engine is always on due to a SA:MP limitation. You can however turn the lights on and off. There is no horn but you can use the airhorn and roleplay that it's the horn of the train. Added the above as information and fixed the images.
  14. San Andreas InterCity Train The San Andreas InterCity Train also known as SA-ICT, is the only train in our State. It is currently the fastest way to transport civilians around San Andreas while still on the ground, offering comfort and a fascinating route that all passengers will enjoy! Apart from being comfortable and fast, it is a unique experience and very safe. Only one line operates and the train goes counter-clockwise. Stations Unity Station Located near El Corona, Unity Station is the start poing of the route. The area has several places where citizens can park their vehicles and enter the train. Linden Station Connecting the eastern part of Las Venturas, Liden Station is the last station of the route. Is is very close to The Strip area which has several casinos and the urban area of Las Venturas. Yellow Bell Station Located in Prickle Pine, Las Venturas this is the first stop that connects the northen part of Las Venturas. This train station is very close to Bone County and the Desert Airport is very close to it. Fort Carson [unofficial] Fort carson does not have a station, however the passengers may ask the Driver to make a stop there when boarding the train. If the Driver is okay with this, they may stop the train and allow passengers to disembark in Fort Carson. The train route is very close to it and passengers have to walk throught only one road. Cranberry Station Located in Doherty, San Fierro this stop connects the railway with the City Center. Just near Downtown and the station of the Fire Department the station is the biggest station and has 3 platforms. Market Station Market is one of the most used areas in our State, therefore a train stop before heading back to Unity Station was needed. The route The red color, represents the route of the ICT. Althought Los Santos is mostly underground, after leaving it there are some key points. Flint County - A county full of trees and plants, the train passes near farms and you get to view the whole Flint County just before entering San Fierro. San Fierro > Las Venturas - A unique part of the route, allowing you to notice the change from Flint County to the Urban Area of San Fierro. Not only that. The route has to pass on top of a bridge that's above the sea, the view is fascinating and you can see the San Fierro behind. Bone County - Bone County is known for it's large deserts, with the route you pass inside the desert near Fort Carson, then the direction changs to North in order to reach the Northen Side of Las Venturas and the Yellow Bell station. Las Venturas - For the most part, the route is inside tunnels allowing a fast connection to the next station which is Liden Station. Red County - The train is currently at the Eastern side of Las Venturas, a bridge above the water, connects the Train to Red County allowing passengers a unique experience and view before going back for Los Santos Los Santos - After passing Red County and entering Los Santos the train passes literally next to the busy streets of Los Santos, for that the train slows down to avoid accidents. It is really cool to see the reaction of other citizens when you ride in the ICT! How to become a Train Driver? To become a train driver of the InterCity Train. you should aquire the Driver job which is located at the Unity Station. How to drive the train? When you aquire the job enter the train, it is located at the Unity Station unless a player took it and park it elsewhere. How to make money? This is up to you, you can find ways to roleplay how you will charge, you can roleplay a ticket before allowing passengerst to enter. How to promote my service? This is really up to you! You can make advertisements in the game and on the forum. You can offer extra services to satisfy the passengers, services like tour trips, organized group trips and many more! Interesting information You can announce every station, it is very easy to learn them and announce them to the passengers. You can roleplay opening the doors and closing them. No horn is installed in the train however you may use the airhorn and roleplay that it is a train horn. The engine is always on, and the speedometer dosesn't work however it is not a big deal, just remember where the stations are to prepare the speed. Drive slowly and very carefully inside Los Santos, it will be very unrealistic to drive fast and ram vehicles. San Andreas InterCity Train - SA-ICT Owned by San Andreas Government Thanks to: GrandTheftWiki.com - Images GTA Wiki - Images Management of Mudoo Gaming Moderator team for modearting the test.
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