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Jake Randall

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  1. I disagree with adding Volunteers the abbility to use /tazer. However, I recommend adding a /tackle command for all players of the community that will allow you if you are behind a suspect and you both run to be able to make him fall on the ground. If the idea with tackle is denied by the management, Volunteers have no way stop a running suspect witn non lethal force.
  2. For one more election, the community has two options which are..

    To vote for a Government that has proven in practice they are capable of leading or to vote for people with no political thinking with ideologies that sound good in theory but in practice they cannot happen in SA:MP, or even in real world.


    The next three months are very important for our Roleplay server, we must make good things and prepare for the Summer, a lot of people will be joining then.

  3. I have passed this to the SAPD Troopers and they are now informed of the parking ban. Jake Randall Sergeant
  4. FNwfjKv.jpg

    A few players from very few countries, mostly from Eastern Europe will understand this.

    Reply here if you know the meaning of this scarf, you can click the image for better quality.

    This was one easter egg at K&J located at Market.

    The price if you find what it means is $25.000, a symbolic amount, nothing special.

    1. Saaruman


      Lul no European players here.

  5. Recruitment for SAPD opens this Monday, apply to be part of our constantly expanding team!


  6. We have published several press releases but we cannot put them here due to their resolution being too high. (Resolution of at least 10.000 x 10.000] Press releases are available here
  7. The academy division thanks the Government for it's effort and support towards our division. We promise to deliver a new, better and stronger generation of Cadets in order to change the SAPD forever.
  8. Happy new year friends, Radio team and Mudoo Tower auction are my gifts for you the community ;). Stay tuned!

    1. Koin


      Give better gifts like some dollars or steam prizes giveaways etc these kind of gifts you say have no benefits 

  9. I was the decoy vehicle and it wasn't on purpose. I wouldn't upload a video and share it with so many people while I broke a rule from the event. The video is the second reply.
  10. Signs decreased, no signs inside with the name of the tower. Metal detectors changed to become more realistic. Barriers moved, sidewalk is free now and everything looks much cleaner. Elevators are now more adjusted on the floor. With the help of a player we spotted all possible floating objects, now it is much better. Mudoo Cola became Coca Cola. Parking added after communication with Matthew. Removed construction building. Speed bampers, stop sign and road lights removed. Please, understand that I am alone in this project so I hope you are satisfied with these changes. I went to so many things and received tons of critism. ALL CHANGES GOVERNMENT, CONGRESS AND MANAGEMENT ASKED ARE DONE. FIXES SPOTTED BY PLAYERS ARE DONE. I fast tracked this project and thankfully everything is ready before 2020. I helped you, help me and the Government make the auction ASAP by telling us the values of the properties and whatever is needed. @LocMax @Weston @Jelly
  11. OUT OF CHARACTER I would like to thank every person who left their comments for this mapping. The Management of Mudoo for approving it after some changes and honestly the best Government I have ever seen here so far, the Government of Brendan Finney, these guys have been more than supportive. With all of this support, the mapping is In Game, however the textures aren't working properly, they will be fixed next restart. Even with the textures not working properly, I received amazing coments, when asked to rate the mapping by Matthew everyone said 9 or 10. I am someone who is here about that, to make the community happier, I didn't join any Staff teams and I will never even attempt it and I have never tried in any way to make money with these projects like K&J. I am thankful for giving this mapping a chance and in the following days we will see it's full glory, it has big potential and I only want you to trust me. I was able to create roleplay scenes only with the radio station today and yesterday, imagine what Mudoo Tower will allow me and other players do. Mudoo Tower and The Voice of Mudoo are the next big things of Mudoo Gaming and I plan to make a DJ team as well. I will fast track these two projects, I will work closely with the Government for Mudoo Tower so everything goes smoothly [apartments and businesses] and with Dylan for the Mudoo Radio so we can get more people to work with us, a team and make it official. Thank you so much! even low pcs had no problems in the area of Mudoo Tower, after all K&J was 440 objects, this is 770, not big difference.
  12. We will see there would be an announcement over department radio if you are welcomed in the pursuit or not. Same applies for Volunteers of SAPD.
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