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  1. Current offer: 200k
  2. Full name: Daizer Finosky Address of residence: Commerce Phone number: 96111 Email (( Discord tag )): Daizer Finosky#6662 Date of Birth: 16 / 1 / 1997 Place of Birth: Commerce What position are you applying for? (see vacancies below): Secretariy. Why do you want to join the Government : I want to be part of Government to help and support it . Work in government to fix some problem's . To give civilan's best option's i can to work hard so any one could be happy. What will you bring to the Government: Support , be helpful in it . Do you th
  3. yes that is true that it becomes a DM and it should not be safe zone its just a GS9.and it would not be fair for Gangs/Mafias.
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