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  1. Hey bro,unban me its 31st december

  2. Well.I didn't used hacks.well my brother is that type of shit.He installed cleo or what idk.I opened the game.I pressed shift while pressing arrow key and character moved with speed then i quit after some minutes and wait for my bro.he came andd removed but i was banned
  3. U think i multiacounted. All 3 accs play regularly. u can spec 24 hours
  4. Do you have timestamps?Gimme if u can it will help me
  5. But as far as i know he didnt ban me when i was active.I have no fucking hacks.You all saying me to tell truth.
  6. FFsss!I logged in but i was banned.I logged in two times And What if its truth?and one thing i posted this request a bit later.
  7. I am not lying.I swear i am not online from 9 to 10 days. I dont have any type of hacks. That's the truth so what do u mean by come clean.
  8. What is your in-game name? Frinzeck_Detrix Which staff member banned you? Toni Andoilini When did you get banned? 01/11/19 What is the ban reason? AirBreak Personal comment I dont know why he banned me.I was offline since 10 days and when i opened my account yesterday.I saw a ban.But as far as I know i didnt done any airbreak and i was offline from long time because of some work.Unban me.I dont have hacks also.I also dont know the date at which i was banned so i have provided wrong.
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