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  1. The first two houses made me realise the existance of this bug. The first one was done with already existing furniture bought from before owning just to get rid of it therefore I don't really know if it's an abuse in this manner and the second one I did it to see if I keep the money and then rebought the house and deleted all the furniture so it got back to original value making no profit at all in the end. The two done on April 1, were done in the same "batch" because I can't call it being done two times as I bought furniture worth 1m and something from my furniture store and I just emptied my furniture inventory in two places so that it wouldn't be so suspicious..
  2. I legit do not remember doing it more. Can you present me your sources? I have only done it once with furniture worth 1.2m that's it.
  3. I am more than sure I only did it once.
  4. What is your in-game name? Mike Kevin Which staff member banned you? Gunther When did you get banned? 04/12/20 What is the ban reason? Script abuse. Personal comment I do not remember exactly how much I made but I'm pretty sure it's 1m and something. I totally agree with the ban and I have no objections to it we are at wrong here and we should have reported the bug. I must admit it was fun knowing we could have all the money in the server but even then, we didn't do it. I, at least, only did it once just to see if what I thought of actually works and I didn't care about it anymore. I simply wasted money on pointless stuff and threw money at new players who were nice to me. That's all.
  5. Yes, I totally agree with it as I have already uninstalled it.
  6. Alright, whatever. It's up to you whether you want to believe me or not. At this point I can not argue anymore as this will turn into an childish argument of if, why, what, how and etc. I'm sorry, I'm guilty. I'd like to keep playing around but it's up to the staff if they're willing to let me or not.
  7. Did you even bother reading? By the way, just because I sometimes fucked around with it (not having an advantage over other players) dosen't make it false. It's a damn useful tool when you're a Gambino and no admin bothers to even take your ticket to unstuck you from the ground due to a slow loading texture or when you /v park a heavy vehicle such us a truck. I said that it would show "Aimbot enabled" and I will get fucked, that's what I meant. But I would eventually crash with that shit on my screen. Wouldn't I still get "fucked" or a little less? Regarding the "forcecrash" I made sure that I have a proof to prove you wrong. I deleted shit long before I crashed. Matthew knows and can admit how many times I crashed due to alt-tabbing. Bad luck I assume. Yeah, "you have used it in situations which did not require any assistance in getting unstuck" Go ahead and kill me for this: https://streamable.com/6knv5?fbclid=IwAR0XT9KEEddwCXj_4u1wPxXoUbvw4AuCX7aLVUD077emwACozkT6zVvz_Mo and again go ahead and kill me for this: https://streamable.com/9gqra?fbclid=IwAR2-_s2Z4hpn6c2sSwj2UbC1jvLJFIbP-DxN1mXeAVH7n43X_77pNpbBcq4 The point is I was using them with Matthew's acknowledgment. He did not tell me a single time to remove them, just not to use them in abusive ways. Going 10 meters with it. Yeah, extreme advantage over other players. Fucking around with a plane. Sure thing. It was plain fun, never used it to avoid rp scenarios or who knows what you guys thinking. I absolutely agree that I am wrong here and I deserve my ban, but the thing is that I want to show you that "it's not as bad as it looks". I also agree with the rule which states that any modification which gives us an advantage is prohibited. I just thought that not abusing it wouldn't be a problem. I was wrong.
  8. What is your in-game name? Blake Lockwood Which staff member banned you? Derek Carter When did you get banned? 01/04/20 What is the ban reason? modifying evidence in order to hide possible cheats Personal comment It's pretty unfortunate to find myself here. I indeed have used a mod called SmoothCameraWork. I've had it installed for whole years but only realised that I can use it to help myself in bad situations. Never used it before. What do I understand from bad situations? I can't count how many times this mod has made me able to unstuck myself from the ground. I have only used it when I was bugged. It's a good alternative to /thawme or whatever the command is. I have never abused it. So has Andrew done. We've used it with Matthew's well knowing until now which obviously something has changed its mind. We even used it on the mapping server, we even used it to go show him stuff or bugged stuff. We didn't hide it because we thought it wasn't something so bad to get us banned. In fact, I thought it wasn't bad at all because as I've said before, we have only used it to get ourselves unstuck when bugged or something without having to call for an admin. I remember someone saying during our teamviewer investigation the word "aimbot" from our conversation over discord etc. I was indeed talking about aimbot but the discussion was out of context. A few weeks back I have raged as never before because as a Gambino at the time, we would get DMed randomly and the admins wouldn't take action. We had been once dmed literally in front of GS9, we were standing and some dudes came shot us the and admins didn't even bother to do anything. I have proof regarding this because I even tried to become a staff member so as to incline the balance a little more towards equality and also Matthew has been witnessing my rages on discord, on voice, repeatedly telling something like "I swear to god I'll install aimbot". I'm a pretty impulsive person, people can relate do this I rage quickly and it settles down even quicker. The point is I tried installing an aimbot from some sketchy romanian website, I put it in cleo folder and as soon as I'd press F12 it would crash my game. Never understood why but I didn't bother figuring out but as I think now I think you need SAMPFUNCS in order to have an aimbot installed in your game files. Anyways, the POINT is it didn't work and I didn't bother to delete or to modify the cleo folder since I use the same folder, every single time I reinstall the game. Why? Because it's stupid to reinstall the same mods over and over I just have them backed up. This is my current cleo folder. It never worked, I completely forgot about its existance as it never bothered me anyhow as SAMP dosen't require to press F12. As soon as I realised that it's there and I'm fucked because I was suspected for using camera hack I literally didn't know what else to do. I admit to modifying. It never worked, I never used it, I realised it's not worth it like every other veteran who has been around the same people since 2012 and forgot about it, but I forgot it there. If I was to use it I would have gone into a dm spree. You don't get aimbot for self-defence do you? You get it to smack people IG or at least that's my thinking. I was literally being fucked at DM by random freecops how could I ever use aimbot having this in mind? It's a sketchy scenario but that's why I also hesitated to post this. Believe it or not, that's how it happened.
  9. If people want a farm they should buy it from them.
  10. MikeKevin

    0.3 DL

    Supported. This would be a great move.
  11. Report concluded. Jay_James will be panel banned. Contact a manager to get refunded.
  12. Hey Jake. I will be handling your report. I will try and reach for Jay_James to hear his part of the story. Until then be patient.
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