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  1. Selling binco store, location: Los Santos, market. Value: 720.000$ Bet: 800.000$ Buyout: 1.400.000$
  2. What is your in-game name? Ed_Gambino Which player(s) do you want to report? Peter_Hawk When did the rulebreak happen? 03/29/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Sylvester_Gambino What happened? (quote what rule was broken) We'll we were gambling in clowns pocket, and Peter won 500k from sylvester, and we asked to gamble again he said no and did as he left. but 1 min later I saw him /riot 1 near me, so I did "/me Takes out his deagle to scare the guy" and he kept on /riot 1. So I "/s HANDS FUCKING UP" He complied with that one, so after that I did "/me Searches the guys pockets." "/do What would he find?". Peter replied: "Nothing". but he had money on hand so I did again "/do What would he find?" after that he said "money". So I say "/do How much money would he have." He responds "500k" So I asked in helper chat how much was allowed to rob they told 10k. So I did "/me takes 10k from the guy" "/do Would he resist?". He responded with "Gives the money to Ed". After that he started walking again, but money wasn't send. And we told him in /b That he needed to send the money, but he left the server. Evidence
  3. Ed 'NoFace' Gambino Clothing: Black suit, Black Sunglasses, Brown beard. Age: 32 Sex: Male Ranking: Caporegime, Of Gambino. Ed Gambino grew up in Russia, He Started in the drug industry since he was young. His Father Pablo Gambino was a long time in it, Later on, his son got into it. Ed Gambino didn't have a mom, only his father grew him up. Ed Started doing legal jobs at first such as Trucking, Garbage collector, But he wanted more. He didn't make enough money he thought. His father saw it happening And brought him in the illegal business. They started gambling, hitman contracts, kidnappings and of course, the drug industry. His Grandpa was, DON Carlo, And Boss Thomas, They brought him in the family. Ed Started low, in the trial section, But he was doing a great job, The bosses kept eyes on him. Then the time came that they promoted him to Mobster, Special time for Ed, as he was an official member in the family right now. He thanked them gratefully. Few years went by, Ed had his own drug industry right now, He owned Businesses, Had enough money to spend on things he wanted, He was great but missed something. He needs to expand more, He kept and kept on doing his job in Gambino, And sooner he got Promoted to the council, He was so happy he got even more motivation. He could participate in big meetings now. Gambino was doing great, they were expanding, Ed was Council Leader, He owns the Council House now, Bosses were happy, His father Pablo was happy, And Ed Himself. Was happy.
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