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  1. What is your in-game name? Robert Magaddino Date & time of occurence? 25/9/2020 19:48 (around it) Elaborate how you lost this/these items I bought 3 sniper cases and 1 IED case for RP purpose but didn't got in my inventory because of carry limit. Please refund me that cases ASAP, I need them for RP Proof [22:40:00] [WARNING] No item given, cannot have more in your inventory, max: 40. [22:40:00] Gianna_Venture (26) gave you Sniper Case in 3 quantity. [22:40:00] * Gianna Venture hands over a small quantity of Sniper Case to Robert
  2. Giving your ass for 40k? It's kinda gay bro
  3. Nah, Tommy said "you should invite me in TAG" then flynn said " LAD is a dealership you may contact them" ffs
  4. First read what he's saying ACTUALLY
  5. @MrSp3x 800k deal? okay thanks meet me IG
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