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  1. Justice to Marcello 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. iMarcell


      And you deserve to be fucked when I return

    3. Subhan


      All i remember are some dead andos at their endos 

      haha that rhymes 

    4. Smith



  2. Saaruman

    HBD Leonardo

    Unban Marcello already lol
  3. Show DNA reports to Billy.
  4. Welcome back, missed you.
  5. I Think You Not Play With Your Sister PC It Not Allowed I think You wait For New PC And Then play.
  6. Dylan for best cop.
  7. Vehicle blew up????? The current battery script doesn't allow that.
  8. Recommended for moderator.
  9. Saaruman


    No I assure no one will request for it.
  10. Saaruman


    Not supported, no did any shit until now. And it would just be their till Ramadan is over.
  11. If u need latest version contact Aldo
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