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  1. Saaruman


    No I assure no one will request for it.
  2. Saaruman


    Not supported, no did any shit until now. And it would just be their till Ramadan is over.
  3. If u need latest version contact Aldo
  4. Palamino farm is too small to make anything, good luck trying.
  5. No, considering the fact that Hakeem actually worked his ass off to acquire all these farms. He actually registered at the end of June and worked all the way to the top. Try something else because you ain't getting shit.
  6. The time has come to show Pakistan's real power, vote for Dr.Brain.
  7. P is for the lovely people of Pakistan Shame we don't have a P. Pakissssss
  8. Timon_Venditto Time has come brother
  9. Change should start from community managers and owners changing them.
  10. Never left the community nor the server, just inactive for a while.
  11. /me shakes his head Am know rp borther
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