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  1. You are just throwing bullshit on me now. Even if someone does 3 shots in a row it's not a big deal. You can even 5/5 at the deagle max range if you handle your recoil well. You lack experience and shooting skills so you turned an aimbot ban to no recoil now. It's about keeping me banned because of your personal hate on BCR. Anyone reading this appeal himself can try no spread and try to not miss shots like me. No spread won't make you not miss shots. If no spread was that good, no one would use aimbots and other cheats. It's all about keeping your crosshair on opponents' body whic
  2. Okay, detectives, SA:MP is all about movements and crosshair handling. All of his shots are always on the skin recoil or not they are going to hit anyway. You can't say if the bullets are spreading or not. They can even spread on the skin anywhere, you don't know that. No spread is a sorry excuse used by most of SA:MP players when they lose an argument. "I personally know no spread very well", I would like to take you to MW3 there are a couple of hackers please bust them for me. It's not about no spread actually, it's about BCR. Witch-hunting all of BCR leaders is new fun for Mudo
  3. I thought the ban was for aimbot initially, it's now moving to nospread. What's next triggerbot? Yeah, I know you have kinda experienced detectives in Mudoo Staff Team, they have experience of using aimbots themselves. Anyway you can't predict the spread of weapons in SA:MP. I did two shots on you so hitting two shots in a row ain't hard at that distance. That was not even maximum range of deagle, it was barely half. In the other video you can clearly see me missing shots on running Ted Woods. Then coming to Mark I was trying to hit him tho Frydor guy took the shot due to spread of course
  4. Mr.Sherlock here can even predicate the spread of bullets. I am impressed. SA:MP communities should bring videos of hackers to this guy so he can tell us how much deagle bullets are going to spread and where they will hit.
  5. What is your in-game name? Jageera Reznov Which staff member banned you? Eduardo Santos When did you get banned? 07/19/2020 What is the ban reason? Aimbot Personal comment Why am I always the target for the bullshit proofless bans? Why can't they just ask me for the videos? Why can't they just put me on CAC like normal people? If it is all about BCR, let us know so we can find ourselves other communities. It's the second time I am being banned for cheating without proofs. I record most of my
  6. What is your in-game name? Jageera Reznov Which player(s) do you want to report? Anthony_Eix When did the rulebreak happen? 05/22/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Daryl Reznov What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Anthony and his member Zaca Eix were killing magadinios at LV strip. I came in game and went there and took Daryl with me. We parked our heli on royal casino and started sniping them. They went to LV car park and drove to the top to snipe us back. In the
  7. imagine i didnt have the video you will force me to admit that i was hacking and managers wouldnt give a fuck.
  8. /slap command is for a reason..u just go on and ban anyone because you dont like them. once you banned my 3 reznov friends because they killed you. cut your hate against reznovs and start being a professional admin. you can clearly see in the video that there were no cops or cars for me i was desynced. i was waiting for my /rhl to expire so i can log out. i expect apology https://youtu.be/o8VWeHC7lds
  9. What is your in-game name? jageera reznov Which staff member banned you? sergio When did you get banned? 02/01/20 What is the ban reason? cheating Personal comment Why the fuck i am banned. Someone told me i got banned for hacking. I have my video of gameplay. I recorded every second. Tell me at which second i hacked and if i didnt then i expect a written apology. Tell me when i hacked and i will post video of that part.
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