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  1. But no money at the moment:) so please if you accept me again i will play and soon i will donate I know you are a good man cmon man
  2. But i don't have a visa card but i promise you when i create one i will donate more than 16 euros. And may i have a last chanse and i will change my behavior and if you want i can start with a new account i wish you accept me for the last time. Thank you.
  3. But idh visa card to pay again so can you give me a chance? and i can start with new account no problem
  4. 1)Because i ban evading 2) Cause when i got ban i had no money on my visa card then they told me if you want to come back you have to pay 16 euro then i just made another account cause i love that server it's full of RP 3)I will not do any ban evading more or rulebreak or something illegal on the game like trolling dm and that things i give you my promise So now it's your decision admins i want to say sorry about that.
  5. I just got ban in Alex_Andolini before 6 moths or more
  6. What is your in-game name? Charles_Francis Which staff member banned you? Sam_Rosso When did you get banned? 01/15/20 What is the ban reason? Ban evading Personal comment I just got unbanned before 2 hours and Sam came and ban me for evading??????????????????????????????
  7. I promise i will not do it again it was a mistake from me i know that and if you want you can put an admin to spectate me
  8. I realise it is a stupid mistake from my side but I have been actively farming to earn some cash. I did not intentionally attempt to spawn money risking to get banned. The program does not truly spawn money either.
  9. What is your in-game name? Charles_Francis Which staff member banned you? Eduardo_Santos When did you get banned? 01/09/20 What is the ban reason? Money hack Personal comment Firs of all when I did a money hack I did not meant to that server but I logged by mistakenly in MudooRPG and I meant to another server was a dm. *I had a 26k on my pocket then i f i money hack and gets 3m and went to any property costs 3m I cant buy it and if I want to buy armour cost 8k it will lost from 3m to 18k because 26k-18k Just watch that video...
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