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  1. What is your in-game name? Seth Josh Which staff member banned you? Bret Maverick When did you get banned? 12/16/19 What is the ban reason? Ban Evading i guess Personal comment Please Sir unban Seth Josh, so sorry, i want to play with my sister sir please
  2. What is your in-game name? Salah Quenien Which staff member banned you? Bret Maverick When did you get banned? 12/27/19 What is the ban reason? Ban Evading Personal comment Hi sir, can you unban me please? I love mudoo and Finn and Jennifer and Keith, Osolnik, Please Back me sir I'm so sorry for that, My date i don't remmber it+can u check logs last time in Salah Quenien i changed my name? I changed it to Pablo or something like that, j don't remmber
  3. @INFERNO I made a ban appeal, If you wanna handle it tell me, Thanks
  4. What is your in-game name? Paco Lanko/Seth Josh Which staff member banned you? Kacper/Bret When did you get banned? 02/02/20 What is the ban reason? Ban Evade Personal comment Hello i'm gonna speak honestly and all thing will be clear in this topic First Thing is I'm Salah Quenien but changed name to Paco Second Thing is Seth Josh is my other account i made a ban evade Last Thing to say i'm Sorry forgive me i Tried to ban evade but i'm shit and can't see anticheat also i'm not gonna ban evade 1more time Because if you tell me wait 52years, i'm really gonna wait because this is the best roleplay server, i played many but not like this i'm gonna say it's best thing that's i do hear So Please Forgive me because i'm really sorry and wanted to play samp with Seth Account or Salah=Paco As you gotta say i'm not gonna say anything to you Also my friends miss me much i'm really need to back to Salah=Paco Account to play with them or i would say from Seth Account that's me is Salah Quenien=Paco Lanko Why should we give you a chance: You would forgive me a chance because i'm really wanted to play the best roleplay server and my friends miss me, i want back to them, Also i'm gonna improve myself to show u that's how i'm fine and nothing on me will happen Write Soon Seth Josh Paco Lanko
  5. Please Kacper let me play this time i'm very much sorry but please u broke my hearts Please let me play and don't do same thing i was doing, Please let me improve myself to you, to raise your head up Please trust me this time because i'm really sorry much much much much like 100much But i'm really wanted to back to Mudoo and Enjoy playing with friends and RP but really if you unban me this time i will really RP like Pro and stop this shit i was doing but just trust me i'm really gonna show u the real not bad things please lemme play!!!! i will not do anything wrng
  6. What is your in-game name? Seth Which staff member banned you? Salvatore When did you get banned? 01/11/20 What is the ban reason? /q to avoid pushimnt-Salvatore Personal comment Please let me improve myself stop let me do after months Please!!!! You don't feel like me i'm crying and i want get unban i'm sorry but let me improve myself for you unban me Please let me have a time to play Please don't lock it i'm really wanted to play and improve myself i'm really will make much because i wanted to play and don't leave this game Please let me improve myself to you please!!!!!!
  7. No I'M Really saying i will not do it again And Try my best to not get warns/bans And My behaviour will be changed Because you really see i'm shit but really i'm just wanted to enjoy playing and not try it again, Also i will do my best to raise your head up and not make it again!!!!!
  8. What is your in-game name? Seth Josh Which staff member banned you? Salvatore When did you get banned? 01/04/20 What is the ban reason? /q to avoid pushimnt-Salvatore Personal comment i really wanted to play again and stop this shit and i hope you accept me and unban me Because really i want play real real! So Because that's i'm gonna to hear if i get unban i'm gonna first thank the community and tell them sorry for the shit trolls and i'm not going to do it again because really me is boy age 13 and stupid and i'm really no want anymore problems it's make me get's ban and ban And really permntly ban lemme cry So Because that's to avoid the cry=no problem=no warn=no ban perm/temp And Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks i hope you accept my unban appeal and i will not /q again to avoid push but really i was bored so i left to play other server, Thanks! ifyou accept!!!!!!!!!![ i Forget the Date]
  9. Could you explain me why should I even consider unbanning you?: See First thing after i got the 2nd ban i just looked on myself and said why i don't be good? and not get ban/warn? But i'm stupid my promise is shits i promise but no idea how my god do it and refuse it But Anyway I hope it be last chance And, You first trusted me but now no idea if you trust me i would be happy much and if you trust me Also I'm Sorry much i know i'm breaker and the same time good rper But that's okay so waiting answers!!!!!!, I will be not breaker also to avoid it again time!
  10. What is your in-game name? Seth_Josh Which staff member banned you? Kacper_Williams When did you get banned? 01/04/20 What is the ban reason? OOC Lying-Salvatore Personal comment Real i Promised Mr Salvatore And Much Thank to Him For Help Me Many Time But I just got unban before 3hours and then get an ban? I'm Real saw myself gettings bans like a bitch and promising Admins and me loser be in the last, It's Real was Promise but i'm sorry for doing it i didn't mean but about the video That's OOC Lying i didn't mean to do it i was mean that's After he got me and i said me the caller it was me the caller but i was going to rp that's Tete Told me there is snipers around you if you don't uncuff me you die So After it I was going to rp after i uncuffed her that's she aimed at me the weapons and told me where to move or i die then she get out from car and i get inside a 24/7 At GS8 Then all come inside and i did /handsup because i no wanna die they are more than 8SWAT So After it The officers refused to let me do the rp They were Neon i think and Jack_Anderson Those 2 refused and Tasered me didn't let me to talk So i hope an Chance be and come So Real i'm very much stupid if i lose it and very stupid if i lose it because if you give chance i would be happy And not lose it like first time[The Date Forget!!!!]
  11. Sir if you want me lie then i will get ban perma so because that's i said the correct also i wanted a 1chance and it will be my last chance because it's best rp server i have see also for what i will do//// i Will just follow server rules+Not breaker rules+also teach players and make them enjoy with me As thanks for seppe for his help to me for know all things anyway Now it's Enough Time and Enough time i stopped this shit And shit Now i will be like say in the die and live if i Do 1wrong i die if i do good i live So if you trust me to unban me i'm ready to Be Very much good,anyway i didn't share account Mr.Frank server led/mngr he attempt on me to take the account but i created new account for me and him play but mr.frank refused and wanted me to take the rory acc and now i'm who took the acc and now it's Seth_Josh
  12. What is your in-game name? Seth Josh Which staff member banned you? Dizzy Walker When did you get banned? 01/02/20 What is the ban reason? /q to avoid pushimnts Personal comment Sir i guess i was muted so i was far from pd so Neon told him let me drive as i was muted i told him in pm to do it but he refused so if i'm not muted i would Rp it but I carjack him he was going to leave me alone walking to lspd more than 50km i think or less So i did carjack him after it he reported me while i'm officer and he is officer so i left ig Because i was real in irl crying much because i got many warns and the real thing is when i got 6warns when iwas troller it wasn't me it's real my brother account so the admin put it on me and keept on me i will take the account i was when i took it i was crying after you told me 6warns so Because that's i left ig also i goes to play other server but anyway i got Ban too on it so i go 0server to play only The best server mudoo so please sir help me to play on it i swear give me last chance but RORY_RORY my brother acc after he saw that's i'm playing mudoo he did like me and he create acc to play with me and i got RORY_RORY and it's name now is Seth_Josh it's me so please sir i want the 6warns be removed because i want to create acc because my brother said me that's he got many warns so when he said me Mr.Frank the server leader/manager no idea he said me you must get in your acc RORY_RORY so please sir help me to get unban and the 6warns not me who get them please sir help me very much i'm sad----------------------Sorry but i forget when i got ban but here is the pic as i'm banned permnty
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