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  1. Apologies, due to the nature of the hack it made it appear like you were the source. You are already unbanned.
  2. Hi, I'll be handling this report.
  3. Hi, Upon reviewing this, your own video clearly shows no DM. You ignored their presence completely and then when they escalate, you try to run away. They are within reason to shoot at you if you're driving off. Not the best of scenes, but you could have also helped by actually interacting with them. Thanks for reporting.
  4. Hi, I can see this report was already concluded by Eren ingame. If you have an issue with how the report was dealt with, please report via a staff complaint. Otherwise, I don't see anything for us to action here. Thanks for reporting!
  5. Hi, I will be handling this report. Have already checked logs, just need to talk to them ingame.
  6. Property 2412 deactivated When you see any senior or above in-game please make a /support for the house.
  7. Hi, Again, as pointed out in the recent report, he is a staff member and therefor needs to be dealt with in a staff complaint as a manager has to handle this. Thanks for reporting!
  8. Hi there, As you have correctly pointed out, he is a helper and therefor needs to be dealt with through a staff complaint. You can make a staff complaint here. Thanks for reporting!
  9. We do not have any plans for VC right now, it's currently text based.
  10. Hi there, 1) I hope you were not trying to force inappropriate roleplay as implied by your comment 2) The likelihood of it not being captured is minimal, and circumstantial at best. EMS vehicle, either medic (including Brigit), CCTV at a large busy area - No way to determine this anyway 3) By your own admission, I'd say Ammy had a pretty good reason to punch you. Thank you for reporting!
  11. Hi, There is no foul play here. The situation clearly began outside of the zone, you ran into the zone and captured. Similar story for safe zones, so nothing of consequence will happen. Thanks for reporting!
  12. Hi, The reported was already dealt with. Thanks for your report!
  13. Hi, I believe you've already had your answer regarding this report in DM.
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