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  1. Can confirm this for the manager that reviews.
  2. You have 2 minutes to interact with someone as you'd like, they have no obligation to stick around and not accept death. You can read the rule clarification here:
  3. Hi, This was discussed in the admin team and found to be a mistake. Just as a clarification, misusing the bug and shooting as driver is not allowed. This constitutes bug abuse and you can be punished for it. However, this was not the reason for your ban so this will be removed and expunged from your record. In future, please refrain from misusing a bug to your advantage. Apologies for the inconvenience you've had, you've been unbanned.
  4. Alright Linda, here's the deal. We've had a discussion about you today. You have had 5 bans in total, though only 3 this year. Your last ban was valid as witnessed by multiple admins theres no disputing that. Whilst it has been a while, we dont think it's been long enough for us to be comfortable with letting you back. We've come to the agreement to review this again in 4 weeks time. This does not mean you will be unbanned in 4 weeks, but it does mean we do see a possibility of letting you back in the future. Whether or not we will is to be decided at your next review. Do not make more unban appeals like last time, that does not help. I will leave this locked and it will automatically unlock on your review date.
  5. There was nothing to talk about really. I appreciate the honesty, but nothing you would have said would have prevented me from banning you.
  6. Hi, Shingeoca Xingchi is currently banned for hacking. The other two members that were significantly involved with this have an alert to receive warnings for their behaviour, as they were relatively new players or had clean histories. Thank you for your report.
  7. Apologies for the delay. I'll be handling this report.
  8. Username: Jones Comment: Would be interesting to know the sample size
  9. Specifically, the admin who banned you is not involved with your unban appeals. This was discussed with the team originally; you need to have a break before coming back. You've had way too many punishments and bans to expect a quick unban. Avoid making new unban requests and spamming us, wait until the time and it'll get reviewed again and we'll see whether or not you are fit for the server then.
  10. This isn't the first time you've received a punishment for inability to RP or something similar. It's also not the first time you've mixed an OOC chat with IC either. How will you improve your behaviour in the server if you receive an unban? You also need to understand that these appeals can take some time, continuously posting here and in discord won't have an impact on this process, so please stop it.
  11. You were told on April 20th to make an unban appeal in a month. That would mean your unban appeal should be posted on Monday 18th of May. Do not make any more topics before then.
  12. This is your second ban for the same thing. If you repeat it again there'd be no reason to let you back. You can be unbanned on the 12th of May (2 weeks from ban date).
  13. You aren't Amine_Saheb, your main account is Amine_Behas. Both accounts registered on the 20th, I assume one was a mistake. Yet you tried to banevade using Amine_Saheb when your main account Amine_Behas got banned. I asked for the ban on your main account as I noticed you trying to use your money hack on two occasions. Both occasions I wanted to talk to you about it, you immediately /q'd. You have 40 hours on the server, you must know that hacking is not allowed and yet you still tried to do it anyway. How can we be sure you won't try this again in the future?
  14. It's been a week, are you still interested in this ban appeal?
  15. You have something like 200 hours ingame and you aren't even that poor, yet you decided to use money hacks? How will we know that you try and use a different hack for the 'first time'?
  16. Jones


    I think this is the guy that complains ingame non stop when the blips are enabled... Gets rather boring
  17. No. Appeal in a month, don't keep making topics.
  18. Ban evaded last night too, just for information.
  19. During the night, you managed to provoke about half the server either in /p or with actions you were doing. The constant shit talking from you and the other players. I gave multiple warnings to everyone to cut the crap. Your mentality is to report if you lose and if things aren't going your way, complain and break rules until you get your win. The situation at LSPD with the investigation took about 30 minutes longer than necessary, the constant provoking in /b from both sides didn't help, but then you decided that you'd just run away despite being cuffed, surrounded by 6 cops and in a police station. Piss poor roleplay to say the least. Then there was the pursuit whilst you were on the NRG. You'd get away from them, shit talk on /p about how they can't keep up and how they kept missing (which btw they didn't, they hit you plenty of times and you were on 15 health... But yeah they m i s s e d) and then you got killed. You then reported a police officer who responded to the scene for DM because they weren't involved?? You respawned and immediately drove straight to LSPD where you decided you'd attack the first officer you saw. You tried to ram them, but you didn't realise there are unbreakable objects in the way. You then spent the next few minutes baiting that cop into chasing you, which he did, to then decide that you weren't going to roleplay with him at all. You were spamming something about /b THAT CUFF IS NOT VALID as if that's an excuse to run away after being pinned down and tased about 10 times. You say that I didn't give you warning to fix your actions, but you are fully aware that what you did last night was a bunch of bs. You were a constant source of problems the entire night and this isn't the first time. You've been banned 3 times before, all for valid reasons. Not even taking into account your other punishments, I don't see why you should be allowed back if your attitude to the server is as toxic as it is. I'm the banning admin so I won't be handling your appeal, but I thought I'd give my opinion.
  20. No. You've been denied multiple times now, you have had plenty of chances. Come back in a few months time and we'll review it. Will we unban you then? No idea, but you won't get an unban before that time.
  21. Hi, After further investigation into the logs - It appears you logged in and your group were involved with a shootout. You cannot be in the middle of a shootout, stood next to the people involved in the shooting (whilst at close range), and expect not to get injured or killed. Whilst it's unfortunate that you ended up dead, I do not find anything wrong from the actions of Hector Palma.
  22. Hi, Thanks for reporting. After thorough investigation, it's been concluded that the actions from Chris Collin were indeed DM. As such, Chris has received an appropriate punishment. Report concluded.
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