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  1. No punishments are to be issued as they had sufficient reason to go after the ones involved in the scam. ''Cruzito never returned home from the deal'' Report concluded.
  2. No punishments are to be issued as they had a legitimate reason to retaliate on you guys.. As Cruzito never returned and they were aware of the deal taking place.. They had suffienct proof to go after the both of you (The ones involved in the scam). Report Concluded.
  3. @Clarkie Can you provide the Screen Shots taken from the ''This is for Cruzito''
  4. I'll be handling this. Alright so the complaint is about Revenge Killing (RK). You've killed Cruzito_Hernandez and Santiago. After that Gvardia's (Most likely allied to them) Went after you to retaliate them, so there wouldn't be any RKing.. Yet they would be spreading IC info after they have been murdered by you.
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