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  1. cop rped drag me out of car only,when we join lspd i rp run away,if he rp drag me it dont mean i cant move away,i was cuffed but it dont mean i cant walk away and this is light rp,you dont want heavy rp in light rp server
  2. ** Now coming to other point, James already dealt with you in a scene earlier today, where you were role played being cuffed inside a car that is /lock ed, but you decide to come out and shoot the guy, that scene was was voided cause reporter asked to do so.** in my screen was a big spam so i cant see car was /locked but and for this sorry because you are admin and you can see everything ,you are right.
  3. I am not the best Rper , I did as much as I knew , I saw other criminals escaping from prisons I thought I'd try and once again . I can't do RP better. I will learn more how to RP and i will RP good. For this i wanted unban because i cant rp good, i know i am poor rper but i will learn and i will RP soon.
  4. What is your in-game name? Francisco_Chino Which staff member banned you? Eduarto_Santos When did you get banned? 01/17/20 What is the ban reason? Shit rooleplay Personal comment i was su , rooney cuffed me , we go LSPD , he draged me out , i get out and when we joined lspd i run up to elevator, to leave from LSPD hq , as there are criminals in their lives who do not listen to the police and try to escape , and I tried to escape , but I didn't get out because when I got laid, I died and I couldn't survive . how is shit RP , i runned from PD to leave , none draged me When me and Rooney go LSPD he said Get out i said No latter he rped taking me out , And i get out and started following him, when he go inside LSPD he didnt say anything so i run to elevator and i tryed to leave from lspd. i tried to do what criminals do irl.i did rp as far as i knew , I know as much as I could do, i dont know why im baned. I want to get unban
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