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  1. What is your in-game name? Lee_Washington Which player(s) do you want to report? Pablo_Gambino, Rumen_Gambino, Thomas_Gambino When did the rulebreak happen? 02/16/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Mia_Megan What happened? (quote what rule was broken) So we were next to the LV casino, waiting for Mia to finish adjusting her /clothing, and then Gambinos came in, still in their vehicle. I said "bambinos, with a loser on top of them" since they were TP'ing all around for me, a few seconds after we made fun of them once in /b (no IC interaction was made with them at all), they came to us telling us (Rumen) to shut up, and then Pablo asked us what did we just say despite the fact we said nothing ICly, we didn't make a single IC interaction with them, I said one single thing OOCly about them. I tried reporting them for MG, but guess what? They're all staff members (what a shame). So I made a support ticket, and I think one of them trashed it, made another one took 10 mins for an admin to respond. So they continued on this and even went on to try and rob us (all they robbed is water), I asked OOCly to wait for the admin before the sit even was getting started but they went on to continue. Genius Salvatore came in asking what happened, I tried speaking but he did not listen at all, did not even wait to read the logs I was gonna send, just went "continue the rp" which is right, you have to continue the rp, but you can't continue a roleplay scene which was generated by an OOC issue or a rulebreak. After a while, since the admin did not listen, they roleplayed shooting my leg while I was telling them to wait for the admin, i roleplayed the leg injury, all of them were distracted with Mia so I took my chance to roleplay shooting Thomas in the testicles. they all went "wow nice rp" despite the fact that Thomas started shooting at me after I roleplayed shooting him in the testicles. No matter who's wrong here, they MG'd for sure. (Mia is not part of this report at all). I rather not have any admins that were in the sit to take this report, including Salvatore Evidence > *gambinos arrive* > we said nothing ICly before and after they arrived, these are pure logs [19:03:01] (( Mia_Megan: what is this )) [19:03:06] (( Lee_Washington: bambinos )) [19:03:11] (( Mia_Megan: omg what you doing? )) [19:03:13] (( Lee_Washington: with a loser on top )) [19:03:20] (( Mia_Megan: i'm editing a shit )) [19:03:23] (( Mia_Megan: so leave us alone )) [19:03:27] (( Mia_Megan: i'm editing a fucking it )) >*directed at us* [19:03:34] Rumen Gambino says [Spanish accent]: Shut up [19:03:40] Pablo Gambino says: What did you say? [19:03:41] Rumen Gambino says [Spanish accent]: Getin the fucking ar [19:03:45] Pablo Gambino says: Repeat it again [19:03:46] Mia Megan says [Arabic accent]: okay [19:04:00] Mia Megan says [Arabic accent]: what i did? [19:04:05] Rumen Gambino says [Spanish accent]: fucking pussy [19:04:08] Mia Megan says [Arabic accent]: what you want from me? [19:04:09] Rumen Gambino says [Spanish accent]: now go away [19:04:11] Pablo Gambino says: Dont say that again [19:04:13] Mia Megan says [Arabic accent]: my friend [19:04:13] (( Lee_Washington: mia )) [19:04:14] Pablo Gambino says: You fucking cunt [19:04:15] Mia Megan says [Arabic accent]: tell him to come [19:04:16] (( Lee_Washington: don't speak further )) >*I didn't say a single thing ICly all the way around the sit, until the admin came*
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