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  1. What is your in-game name? Kenni Turtle Which staff member banned you? Matthew Carter When did you get banned? 01/17/20 What is the ban reason? Just causing trouble and Rulebreaking Personal comment I really apologize for having a shit attitude i won't be toxic if you guys give me another chance i'll treat myself like i am , no more toxicness in my heart Big Respect to the Manager
  2. @Weston this is my first ban im getting (first offense) Can you unban?
  3. will you unban or not so i gtfo out of this community, so i dont have to wait for a fuckin answer...
  4. Respond fast Admins i can't wait you all day long.
  5. What is your in-game name? Kenni_Turtle Which staff member banned you? Matthew_Carter When did you get banned? 01/17/20 What is the ban reason? Causing Trouble Personal comment Well Ava Collins was a bad admin at first , Juvanca with his Friends which i don't really care about that shit , They were Deathmacing and Provoking me which i dont give a fuck about it , I was at Idlewood Pizza Stack just doing my LSPD Cadet Job. then they punch my car at first , I told him to stop doing that shit he kept doing it over and over again , he leaked a gun and shot my car which i backfired him just defending myself , Then i knocked 2 Spasa and Juvanca , which they called Ava Collins to help them i was jailed for 10 minutes 2 times , Once i was released i was about to go Grove HQ to respond , 3 of them Shot my car i got out knocked 3 of them down which i have a video of that , i will post it as unlisted and give the link if needed , Then Ava Collins comes , Revives them , jails me fuck this bitch , hes just a typical gay shit like a gay he is ofc he will do that shit, Typical Balkan kid Get my Account Unbanned today Please! If not I dont give a fuck also. if those niggas out there not respecting me I dont wanna play on this bullshitting server! Your Judges not mine.
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