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  1. What is your in-game name? Lamar_Carpenter Which staff member banned you? lith blackfyre When did you get banned? 01/01/2020 What is the ban reason? speed hacks bye Personal comment i havent been on the server due to my samp cac but im banned and i havent been on i doesnt even say the name thats banned i dont know the date it doesnt show the date
  2. If I give someone my keys to my car and I logg off the server is my car still ig since that person has keys

    1. Damon


      no if ur offline the car wont be there

  3. DL please the server will be way better
  4. Somebody help me with this bs mudoo cac it crashed my game

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mudoogamingplayer


      I dont have sampfuncs and I did the CAC thing it just crashes my game

    3. iMarcell


      show us the crash logs.

    4. mudoogamingplayer


      Ok wait till friday

  5. i never had ammo at my house and how many times i have to tell its not rapid fire it just cancells the reload half way thru like in dm servers and i cant use cac for the last time that's why i cant play other servers
  6. not that i'm talking about all them guns i lost a while ago when i first got ajailed and you told me to report teresa
  7. since i will be unbanned can i finally get a refund for all my items lost since they closed the case against teresa
  8. its not a hack you can use it even with cac thats what i was trying to tell yall its not a hack i have to downgrade my steam version using this link check it it out if you think i'm lying https://gtaforums.com/topic/927016-san-andreas-downgrader/ and i have to downgrade my game to play samp and because i downgraded it wont allow CAC to work. and the punish ments from teresa was a glitch she admin jailed me for poor rp and when i got out i had to get off for 30 minutes when i got back on i was back in ajail for some reason and i was in a discord call for proof. also you told me to report her for ajailing me so u know what really happened so you know it was a false admin jail and have discord messages with inferno and you about me reporting her and i never got my refund for my lost items. and on the warning
  9. first off it wont let me use cac that's i cant play alot of rp severs and i did not death match and i got ajailed by tereasa after i got out of ajail i logged out and logged back in and it put me back in and i have proof and marcus removed the ajail from my record and i barley get reported besides i don't have a shoot out mentality i just hang with my friends and rob atm the reason i got banned was because of rapid fire not dm i proved the scene was rp and was told to they said i cheated so i got banned . and i only have 2 player reports and one of them you handled and you gave me a warning for not rp drawing my gun and the other report was after i was baned for accepting hacked weapons and i took responsibility for that report so i'm not understanding what you mean alot of player reports when i only have 2.
  10. no i dont think yall unban evaders yall do yall unbaned raskal and yall knew he was kane but anyway i told yall why i evaded read the paragraph
  11. then yall got people who yall know that are evading and yall unban both the're accounts like what yall clearly see that person on both so yall unban both acounts
  12. what u mean another chance i got banned for something that yall patched and you dont think that i should get another chance meanwhile people whoo have actually got caught hacking and disrepected the admins and the server get another chance but i have to beg to get back on the server for using a remote to kill keyboard users then yal make it where controllers dont work anymore so why was i orginally banned if all yall had to do was make the controller not work i could have gotten temp bannned but no i had to get perm banned even tho yall believed somone who showed no proof that i was hacking so yall trusted him because yall know him so well but he lied and i got banned. and i have never had hacks or cheats/and GL INPUT doesn't count as a cheat i just know how to use it so if yall made controllers not work why am i still banned? and why is everyone targeting me about hacking cheating and evading even tho there is people who have done wayy worse than me but everyone hates me on the server i mean i helped my friend then derk told me to get off so i did so yea.
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