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  1. Alright as this is your first ever ban, you will be granted a chance. I suggest you do no hack again.
  2. LocMax

    Server Rules

    15/MAY/2019 04. CHAT RULES: added specific rule about not using /pm, /gm, /p for roleplay purposes.
  3. 1. You hacked twice and both times as a staff member. Therefore, you will not be allowed to be in the staff team again. Ever. 2. You hacked twice. Therefore, you will be obliged to use client antihack Unbanned.
  4. not a script abuse, it's a matter of roleplay for which you can submit a complaint on the PD forum against him for seizing legal items.
  5. LocMax


    The only reason Mosque was added was because it's Ramadan and we wanted to add something for Muslims. We celebrated Christmas by adding a map at Pershing Square and adding gifts. We celebrated Easter by adding egg hunt. I asked what did people want for Ramadan, some suggested adding a Mosque, and there was additionally talk about disallowing food during daytime and so on. Furthermore a whole rule was added to prevent provocations, shootouts, crime and disrespect in Mosque (which is the safe zone rule). If you people (who celebrated Ramadan) do not want a Mosque then we'll remove it, that's not a problem.
  6. LocMax

    Server Rules

    11/MAY/2019 14. SAFEZONES: no crime / shooting and other harassing behavior in the safezones. They are: Pershing Square, PDs, City Halls, Hospitals, and religious objects (mosque).
  7. This is an ANONYMOUS survey (you do not have to submit your name or be logged in to google to fill it up). The purpose of the survey is to collect feedback from the players. Get to see what features are hated, which features are liked, and what can be improved in the server. We urge you to submit truthful and honest feedback, and not hold back the feedback no matter if it's negative or whatnot. CLICK TO FILL THE SURVEY
  8. Mudoo anniversary is coming closer. What would the players want us to organize in terms of events and tournaments? Post below.
  9. considering this is your first ban and your punishment history is minimal, you'll get unbanned. do not abuse /gov - if you're muted, you're not allowed to publicly send messages through any means. do not quit in roleplay - if you're being kidnapped, or robbed, or interrogated by police, or arrested, you are not allowed to quit. do not mix out of roleplay and roleplay information. it's poor roleplay and it's punishable. you have 1 ban on record now, so next ban will be a wealth cut, and I recommend you to act sane and reasonable from now on.
  10. the problem is not as big as it's been described in this topic, some facts: There are 6 farms. 3 farms are owned by Finneys. 1 farm is owned by Billy. 1 farm is owned by Pepe. 1 farm is owned by Marcello. 1 farm was given to Finneys in the early times to support their idea of having an agriculture business group. I am against one thing - people owning farms / hoarding them and preventing others from making active use of them. It's fine to make contracts and rent a farm and then sue a person if they refuse to give it back when their rent time ends and so on, but having people who barely play or who never do farming own farms is hoarding and it's senseless. What we will do is we're gonna have a talk with the farm owners and make sure that they use their farms appropriately and give opportunities to all to work for their farms, if they own an agriculture business, or otherwise, if they own a farm but do not actively use the farm, they will either start renting farms through roleplay contracts and letting others make use of the farms actively. This is just my suggestion, managers and leaders will see what the best step is to make.
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