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  1. Do not break the rules again, correct and control your attitude, and do not be ran by must-win mentality. Next ban will be harsher and way more difficult to get out of.
  2. What have you learned from this ban and what will change?
  3. LocMax

    0.3 DL

    I scrolled through hosted tab of 0.3.7 and there's nothing left aside of the 20 russian servers and some random servers around. All the english-speaking playerbase, at least majority of it moved to 0.3 DL.
  4. LocMax

    0.3 DL

    Quick poll for research purposes. SA:MP 0.3 DL version allows servers to use custom skins and objects. What does that mean? it means we can add custom skins to the server, for example, each mafia/gang can get their own unique skins, donors, police and so on. On top of that, it has other variety of updates. https://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=644105 More information about it can be read here. Some pro's to think about - Custom skins (for groups for example). - Custom objects to enhance the player experience, such as signs for stores, street signs, graffitis and much more. Some con's to think about - New players generally don't download the DL version, we might have a lot fewer registrations. - Someone actually needs to make the custom skins/objects/models. (We don't have them as of now, and it will take time to make them)
  5. He is at fault for using PM to call for backup at the field especially after being knocked - you are at fault for following the PM and actually coming on the field instead of reporting him for using PM for that purpose. We've had plenty of ban appeals by now for misuse of PM for roleplay purposes or uses for backup alongside GM - neither allowed. On your punishment record - 3 permanent bans, 2 temporary bans, 3 warnings - all for poor RP aside one ban for advertising. The review date for this unban request will be January 20.
  6. Denied for a week due to bothering and spamming.
  7. Don't bother appealing for a week since you are still unable to behave
  8. I will strip you off your illegal items from your inventories. Learn - roleplay is priority. I don't care if you're afraid of losing shit from your inventory. You will roleplay.
  9. You flamed me after you got banned and on request of log check from Dexter. Firstly This is an extensive punishment history. Secondly, Flaming and failing to accept your mistakes is not a good way to appeal a ban. Thirdly, Explain to us why do you think you deserve an unban after all the punishments from that punishment history list, and after you flamed and failed to recognize your wrongdoing?
  10. alright this is your final opportunity - next punishment will be a permanent ban and no more unban requests.
  11. LocMax

    Server Rules

    03/01/2019 14. ANTI-ROLEPLAY has been merged with 05. FAILURE TO ROLEPLAY 05. FAILURE TO ROLEPLAY has been extended to include additional instances where roleplay is mandatory, such as when outnumbered, outgunned or knocked out.
  12. cool I will remove the ban since this was nothing major, keep control next time
  13. Your brother began spamming main chat with nonsense, here some lines: 29-12-2018 15:56:51 - [public] nono (9)(14901): ,4wg,l,g;e,h;t,eb,gb'rn;,rt,'trhr;h 29-12-2018 15:56:52 - [public] nono (9)(14901): ,hrt,h,tr'hrt 29-12-2018 15:56:53 - [public] nono (9)(14901): 'h,'rth'tbr 29-12-2018 15:56:55 - [public] nono (9)(14901): r','g,bD,',dnmtr 29-12-2018 15:56:55 - [public] nono (9)(14901): r, 29-12-2018 15:56:56 - [public] nono (9)(14901): r',hth 29-12-2018 15:56:56 - [public] nono (9)(14901): ,het;h 29-12-2018 15:56:57 - [public] nono (9)(14901): het,h 29-12-2018 15:56:57 - [public] nono (9)(14901): h 29-12-2018 15:56:58 - [public] nono (9)(14901): ht And hence he got banned, as simultaneously there was another person ban evading and doing the same thing.
  14. denied, appeal when you lose the hostility and the attitude.

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