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  1. or everyone needs to stop raging over everything that doesn't go their way and accept that they're playing with other human beings who have different preferences in way they RP and play
  2. LocMax


    Gambino lost status for not posting any roleplay for month of June. This is Carlo's activity: This is Thomas' activity: Their leaders failed to perform their duties as leaders and perform required activities in the month to maintain status. Next. Maggadino and BCR completely falsified roleplay scenarios by having own members pretend being victims of kidnap and even completely adding new messages and actions over screenshots to gain official status. Question: do you believe every group should have official status, or should official status be a status of a reputable, quality and community-representative group?
  3. the drug dealer will get some changes to stop people from emptying it up
  4. whats the rage about? pd cant know when smuggle is and cant prepare for it by locking down OD 1 hr early
  5. THE SUMMER GAMES I. WHAT? Summer games. Two months of summer - filled with events. We'll host series of events and some tournaments in which you'll have the opportunity to win amazing rewards. Actually amazing rewards. Such as a monster truck. Or a personal FBI rancher. Or a lot of money. II. WHEN? Throughout July and August, exact schedule will be published with events and times they'll be hosted. III. WHAT KIND OF EVENTS? Race tournament. Olympic games. Team vs team battles. Normandy invasion. Drug transport event (?). And a lot more.
  6. As I said many times, people always blame volunteers for everything, whereas a ton of official cops behave same as volunteers and some even worse. If official cops can't act responsibly and correct wrong actions, apologize and compensate for any damages, then how can volunteers be expected to do that? And supervisors need to be acting on these situations on scene, instead of insisting all to go on forum which most can't bother doing for a "verbal warning" punishment.
  7. major issue: official cops who behave shit as in the images i posted on previous page followup issue: supervisors who don't bother handling abusive cops and direct everything to forum whilst it can be handled on scene
  8. ah I see the problem, you need to call 911 not 991
  9. [21:17:55] Dinghy Davidson says: He was going on the wrong lane.
  10. conclusion: SWAT is not allowed to invite everyone per situation Heavy Air does not bombard ground targets unless ground targets engage the Heavy Air Police have free weapons because they are government faction - just as in real life, government supplies its agencies resources Weapons that can be equipped are limited in quantity - it's not infinite as some claim We'll improve clarifications about what is considered OOC and what IC in terms of police as it's a commonly abused excuse to avoid punishment
  11. either make a serious topic with reasonable arguments or don't make any topic at all
  12. 2020 AWARDS STAFF Best Staff Member Kindest Staff Member Fairest Staff Member Most helpful Staff Member Jan Svensson Danny Winters Dizzy Walker Sam Woods POLICE Best Police Officer Kindest Police Officer Fairest Police Officer Courageous Police Officer Worst Police Officer Khalid King Danny Winters Stock Smith Kacper Kowalski Kacper Kowalski CRIMINAL Best Criminal Best Dealer Best Criminal Driver Worst Criminal Declan Kavanagh Declan Kavanagh Fylnn McGregor Carlo Gambiino GROUP Most Unique Group Best Government Group Best Criminal Group Best Business Group Worst Government Group Worst Criminal Group Worst Business Group The Irish Mob FBI The Gambino Family Luxury Auto Dealership SAPD The Gambino Family Luxury Auto Dealership PLAYER Best Roleplayer Most Creative Player Funniest Player Best Driver Luckiest Player Best Shooter Worst Gambler Octavius Finney Richie Kavanagh Tommy Brandon Omar Alston Kacper Kowalski Bobby Grizzly Carlo Gambino Worst Driver Worst Shooter Dumbest Hacker Best Dj Kacper Kowalski Ned Gambino Damon Eira Enrique Mendez MANAGERIAL Most Dedicated Player Best Mapper Best Mapper Jake Randall Jason Maxwell Octavius Finney
  13. I was faster than you lot (observe the date) In your face morons
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