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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY


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  1. Really?! You advertised that poptard community all around, offered players positions in return for playing there, bragged we use stolen / downloaded scripts, and now we have a great server!?
  2. Ted and Richie are recognized as running candidates. Each must host minimum of three campaign events which may not be shorter than 30 minutes and must be appropriately announced beforehand. And as in previous elections, if a candidate is assassinated 2/3 times he will be opted out of election
  3. THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES ANNOUNCES ____________________________________________ SAN ANDREAS STATE GOVERNOR ELECTIONS SEPTEMBER/2020 The Government of the United States officially opens the process to elect a new San Andreas State Governor that will serve a term from October 4, 2020. The index of this document goes as follow: ELECTORAL PROCEDURES ELECTORAL DATES ELECTORAL RULES ELECTORAL APPLICATIONS
  4. LocMax

    V Day

    Reveal of the V Day meaning and follow up celebration.
  5. So firstly you did the thing with BLS kits, and now with cop weapons?
  6. First ban, I wiped the inventory of your house and vehicles. As you haven't abused the weapons in situations outside of duty, you'll be unbanned. Next time don't play around with bugs.
  7. suggest items to be added to clothing then
  8. V Halloween Month The amount of events is scary. 1. Best costume competition This event will be hosted 31/10/2020 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 30/10/2020 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 29/10/2020 at 17:00. The event is simple. The player with the most unique costume will be pronounced winner and issued reward such as money, an exclusive vehicle of the player's choosing, and other. The reward will depend on the player's spot. 2. Best vehicle tun
  9. LocMax

    samp meme

    you can switch to it there
  10. LocMax

    samp meme

    this theme looks much more modern
  11. Well your vehicle was deleted by a manager so ask for a refund request in appropriate board for that. As for the bug, highly doubtful it's a server bug because none else is reporting anything alike. Either you specifically wrote something messed up on the attachment or your game was bad. There's nothing to fix when there's nobody else having such issues.
  12. And how is that their fault? did they choose to be born there?
  13. Hello, you were stripped of: Maverick $720,000 Sultan $90,000 Bullet $115,000 $955,000 from bank House in palomino $200,000 House in ganton $320,000 Networth ~$4,801,000 50% of that is $2,400,000 We seized $2,400,000
  14. Same as Marco, you didn't resell or hand them out so you're unbanned.
  15. I verified in logs that you didn't resell them or hand them out therefore you're unbanned right now based on management decision.
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