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  1. LocMax

    Some new changes

    Hello, thank you for your input. In case you might have not noticed, SA:MP is at a bad place considering the behavior and actions of its one and only developer named Kalcor. Kalcor has officially announced to abandon SA:MP development, and additionally, owners of major servers (including LSRP and RCRP) asked for one last thing - which was to merge DL into an official version which would be 0.3.9. Instead, Kalcor banned one of them and discarded the other. In fact, Kalcor has ended up banning numerous veteran old players and server owners. This consequently led to lack of motivation and hope into the future of SA:MP. In fact, there are now multiple topics in the aforementioned servers in regards to lack of players, too much roleplay, too less roleplay, and such. You can find those topics in their respective forums. This brings us to the next conclusion, which is that the giants are struggling to keep it together at the present days. With their own player base split between wanting less roleplay, and other part wanting more roleplay. This division is also clearly present in Mudoo where for three times when we had votes on smuggle and turf, it was ~50% 50% split in favor of removal and against removal. Therefore, due to the nature of the current situation in SA:MP, we have chosen to focus the server back on the track it was on during release in 2017. Which means the primary goals are to establish a simple, entertaining and fun server which is easy for new players to play and to settle in, and for old players to continuously have something to do and not be restrained by a ton of rules and roleplay principles. We must also here add that our player base never was properly fit for a heavy roleplay environment. It would be completely suicidal and counter-productive to force roleplay on such player base and would only damage us further. We cannot make the server in a way so that it favors a few individuals. We must manage it as a whole in order to satisfy as many people as possible.
  2. LocMax

    Content Creators

    Hello, as mentioned in the topic Some New Changes we are looking to reward content creators (which refers to people making youtube videos, twitch streams, posting on social media, etc..). In this topic, we'd like to see who is interested / who wishes to make either one of the above, in order to be given a position (content creator / contributor), and what additional rewards would they want. Submit your ideas and submit your name if you are willing to be a content creator.
  3. LocMax

    Some new changes

    We have held some meetings last days in administration and management to discuss the plans for future of the server. There are some obvious issues we observe currently in server from lack of defined roleplay level, mix between players leaning on less RP and players leaning on more RP, lack of newbie friendliness, having it hard for them to settle in and so on. After discussions we have decided the following: We will work on some newbie friendly features and changes, such as, protecting new players from robberies and kidnaps, giving new players small benefits such as one free name change, less requirements for obtaining things if deemed fit, making staff team more focused at properly guiding new players and resolving nay issues they may face, improving tutorial and making it easier to understand the server We will add a contributor position on discord, forum and possibly in-game for members who make YouTube videos, or stream on Twitch, or post things on social media platforms, if they are willing to occasionally post content containing Mudoo servers, we will give them the role and potentially give them some features / benefits as a thank you We will limit the number of criminal groups in the server and appoint administrators with experience and / or allow players with experience and clean punishment record to be mentors / leaders in criminal groups, to prevent the groups from degrading in quality, and to ensure that the groups behave and operate in a respectable manner to the roleplay standard we wish to achieve and maintain. We will redefine certain rules and clarify them further in order for them to be more comprehensive, understandable and clear about their meaning. We are planning to define specifics on robberies, kidnaps, murders and group wars, and manners in which these shall occur. We will work on synchronizing administration team to work better and more consistently, to avoid different administrators enforcing rules and interpreting rules differently. We need an administration team that enforces all the rules in same manner and with no wrong interpretations. What we want to do is, first and foremost, establish "law and order" in the server, by enforcing rules better, with less subjectivity and less wrongful interpretations. We want to keep the server as a simple and fun server, but also to maintain a good amount of roleplay in it as it is in the end a roleplay server. We do not aim to be a tryhard hardcore roleplay server. We will not limit the fun and simplicity of the server. We will adjust certain features that were recently added to be more fitting. It is difficult for us to make a move without nicking one side. We have a player base that is divided into people who are in favor of more roleplay, and one side of people who are in favor of fun and less roleplay. We want to satisfy both sides as much as we can, balance between the both. For anything further, we're open for suggestions and feedback. Feel free to post below if you have any proposals or suggestions.
  4. and I assume you would be the perfect candidate for the job with your extensive experience at failing to even manage a car tuning store at Idlewood where you asked for hideous ranks for yourself?
  5. LocMax

    Server Rules

    12/11/2019 10. ROBBING / KIDNAPPING / SEIZING has been updated - it is now prohibited to kill a robbed player if he complies and does not show resistance. It is only allowed to kill if the player resists or calls for help or threatens with calling help in future. Killing randomly kidnapped players is also prohibited. They may be used to get money or be killed with admin permission. It is allowed to kill kidnapped players who were kidnapped for a roleplay reason such as group rival member or past incident that got him to get kidnapped.
  6. That is only your opinion and preference, look at previous polls on smuggle and turfs, we always had a split of ~50% 50% where half were against it and half in favor. We are stuck inbetween two groups of players with different preferences. Ones preferring more RP and stricter rules with less DM features, and others just the opposite. We cannot please one group as the other would no longer be satisfied. Therefore we must walk inbetween and work for each.
  7. LocMax

    Some statistics

    Action Grams / Ammo Money Weed sold since 03/10/2019 472,673 $42,686,523 Heroin sold since 03/10/2019 106,045 $9,915,511 Meth sold since 03/10/2019 17,018 $1,525,097 Bought dealer ingredients since 03/10/2019 / $2,510,276 Bought metals and fabrics since 03/10/2019 4,122 $1,454,750 Metals bought 2425 $606.250 Fabric bought 1697 $848.500 Collected paychecks (All jobs) since 03/10/2019 / $14,532,227 Total M4 ammo (raw weapon, not case) 141,585 Total AK47 ammo (raw weapon, not case) 51,769 Total Sniper ammo (raw weapon, not case) 37,117 Total M4 cases 506 Total AK47 cases 109 Total Sniper cases 476 Halloween Weapon cases given 536 Weed given 9,067 Heroin given 10,441 Meth given 13,456 Potentially approximately Player Produced M4 cases 164 AK47 cases 282 Sniper cases 78 In short, what do these statistics tell us? Approximately $55 million in profit was made through drug sales IN ONLY ONE MONTH. Ingredients cost approximately $2 million It is questionable if players even produced these numbers (164, 282, 78) as they're just calculations based on how many metals / fabrics was purchased and on average how many are taken for a gunpart, and then how many gunparts takes for each weapon. Those numbers can vary up / down. So, these numbers show, you have absolutely no rights to cry about it being difficult to make money, to have weapons, or that cops are overpowered and whatever else. You are just too damn lazy to work for your money, all you have to do is to put minimum effort into it, but you ask for it to be easier and expect it for free.
  8. what is a useful update sir?
  9. that is trolling and it is only acceptable when a joke is funny to both parties and not just a satisfaction to the one trolling
  10. LocMax

    Mudoo Gang Wars

    Amount of roleplay is a subjective measurement based on personal preferences. Some consider roleplay just the amount of times you use /me and /do. Some consider roleplay as character development. Some consider roleplay as realistic behavior. There are many subjective approaches as to what roleplay is. Now, to you, this might seem like a cops'n'robbers server, however, let's take for example LSRP. What is different in essence? They have large number of gangs, and a large number of cops. What happens between them? Constant shootouts and pursuits. I've been a cop in LSRP and I can tell you nothing is different except people cry less and are more accepting of loss. However, pursuits, shootouts, and all that stuff occurs frequently. Though, the gang members roleplay between themselves way more than groups roleplay with themselves in Mudoo. In Mudoo, groups only get together to attack enemies, they don't hold casual roleplay between themselves. That is one part of the issue. A group is supposed to be some sort of unity of members who play together and roleplay with each other. Not just be a group when it's about capturing turfs and shooting enemies, and all the other time playing solo.
  11. LocMax

    0.3.7 or DL

    open mp yes I heard of that I didn't know what OMP was since I never seen someone use that abbreviation for it
  12. LocMax

    0.3.7 or DL

    nope what is it?
  13. LocMax

    0.3.7 or DL

    You should read a bit further than the first page.
  14. LocMax

    0.3.7 or DL

    Also feel free to discuss it here in comments
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