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  1. You advertised. You posted an IP, and server name in public chat.
  2. so after so many ban evasions and attacks against the server, why do you wish to be unbanned and why did you initiate that kind of rage?
  3. Unbanned, next time you'll suffer more.
  4. you don't seem to be banned, someone from the internet cafe hacked and got banned.
  5. unbanned, ext time we'll take the properties, vehicles and more.
  6. No it's called a penalty for breaking the rules in first place. Take that deal or you stay banned.
  7. We'll remove all of your drugs from your properties and inventory and also your cash will be set to 10,000$
  8. You're not welcome here son, go find another community to play.
  9. Who is JawwadKhan and who are you and how are you two related?
  10. Hello, as the subject suggests, we'd like to hear what the criminals / civilians would like to see from features for their sides?
  11. been a long time since June, why now?

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