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  1. I'm sorry but we don't punish players based on what they do or say in discord servers that are not Mudoo Gaming's! In case the rules change once we evaluate the recently submitted suggestion (CLICK), we will go ahead and review this report at that point and take the necessary steps to punish such behavior. For the weed house matter - the player has been warned by administrators previous days numerous times to cease placing furniture objects in the pathway as it is blatant script abuse, as written in the rules. However, the player continued placing walls in the property, to block a doorway, and consequently, the property has been taken away. Additionally, for the last part of the report, the image does not prove to us if Thomas came to roleplay something connected to the court case or not. However, I also expunged your note considering the outcome of Tyrone's questioning in regards to it. And finally, as it is case for SWAT, which is known for dueling, we prohibit such acts from being performed in places where it would affect other players / be visible and disturbing. If players chose to kill each other, both agree, they are free to do so in their homes or in abandoned areas, and as long as they do not expect a refund for the death.
  2. those suggesting achievements and daily missions: 1. achievements are actually /sidemissions, once you complete a sidemission, you get an award and it stays achieved 2. there's hourly missions, you don't need daily missions when you have hourly missions throughout the whole day for maps: we need mappers who can map quality maps, I don't want shit maps and I don't want unrealistic maps, I want maps that look like war, chaos, and aesthetically support the server's concept for bugs: people keep messaging me saying "fix bugs", firstly start reporting bugs and explaining WHAT the bug is, HOW does it occur and WHERE does it occur
  3. Firstly as I wrote in some other topic, you must learn what roleplay actually is, and what it is wrongly interpreted as. Roleplay is wrongly interpreted as using /me for every action you do, ie. /me opens the vehicle door, /me sits in the vehicle, /me turns steering wheel to control the vehicle and so on. That is nothing to do with roleplay. Roleplay is the behavior you present, which must be realistic, as if it was real life, if 10 people came at you with guns, you wouldn't be acting like a badass in real life but would show fear and obedience. Therefore, roleplay is about the way you react to situations presented to you, and the amount of realism behind those actions. It's not realistic for someone to say he's got a black character, being a gang member, but behaving like a redneck farmer. People need to establish a vision and a goal for their character, which they then through gameplay develop, so that the character keeps his 'shape' and 'biography', ie. if you roleplay portraying a gangster, then you should perform actions that portray it, using only handguns and UZI type weapons, being a drug dealer, producing weed, having a weed house, using lowrider vehicles and so on. Not claim to be roleplaying a gangster, but driving an infernus and using M4s. And onto the point, what is considered light roleplay, we don't require people to submit applications to be able to play, we don't require correct English and some big level of English speaking capabilities, we don't require people to make up stories about their character or force them to do it, it's what'd be preferable from players to follow, but we don't force such details. We only enforce basics rules to prevent shit roleplay, poor roleplay, deathmatch, and such.
  4. he came honest so this appeal is now redundant!
  5. Eduardo says he handled this in game. Salvatore came in Bone County twice, was asked to pull over, he refused in two instances, rammed LET, and then happened what you witnessed.
  6. yes but they were hitting you in head and you didn't roleplay injuries from that
  7. you're unbanned, you should be aware that your next breach of rules will result in a permanent ban without ability to appeal for a while as you have an extensive punishment history
  8. You were knocked and then you ran? ok. 02-07-2019 23:11:25 - [me] Mask_98511 (Robert_Cumberworth (23)(631)): forcefully searches Domenico. 02-07-2019 23:12:03 - [l] Domenico_Calcaterra (0)(6034): I AM CM 02-07-2019 23:12:36 - [l] Domenico_Calcaterra (0)(6034): Sir. 02-07-2019 23:12:38 - [l] Domenico_Calcaterra (0)(6034): I am cm 02-07-2019 23:12:46 - [l] Domenico_Calcaterra (0)(6034): Rob me really? 02-07-2019 23:12:53 - [b] Domenico_Calcaterra (0)(6034): where is macon 02-07-2019 23:13:15 - [me] Mask_41662 (Ricky_Martin (11)(4489)): hits Domenico with his glock-18 on his head. 02-07-2019 23:13:52 - [do] Mask_41662 (Ricky_Martin (11)(4489)): Domenico, you're hit on your head. 02-07-2019 23:14:31 - [l] Domenico_Calcaterra (0)(6034): Okay 02-07-2019 23:14:37 - [l] Domenico_Calcaterra (0)(6034): For why handsup? 02-07-2019 23:15:11 - [l] Domenico_Calcaterra (0)(6034): Rrofsh 02-07-2019 23:15:19 - [l] Domenico_Calcaterra (0)(6034): Po dal /q
  9. your original account is Jason_Murph yes?
  10. Temp banned 7 days for quitting in roleplay. Additionally to serve a weapon ban.
  11. LocMax

    HBD Leonardo

    Leonardo 23 Cakes for You !!
  12. I Love It !! 3 Thumb Up from me !
  13. considering these situations occurred back in 2017 / 2018, it's been a long time ago and I would not mind to give you a chance to play again with your original account, I'll post a conclusive decision soon
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