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  1. do you think that every person that kidnaps somebody in real life gets money? do you understand the consequences of such policies? IF police gave money to EVERY kidnapper then EVERY person would start kidnapping just to make money because it would be easy and safe way to make money with no risks. in major kidnap situations which were properly organized and planned, criminals are given opportunity to KEEP money they receive IF they manage to escape ALIVE. IF they die then the money is 'seized' back by police.
  2. your common sense did not make you think that using help of a hacker was disallowed? outstanding
  3. VOTING NOW ACTIVE! Vote in-game by going to any City Hall and typing /vote.
  4. Brendan Finney Mia Megan Amran Khan Dean Roy These are the candidates who are running for this election, they must now complete two campaign events by the deadline (( message me on discord when you do one so I can note it ))
  5. LocMax

    Groups / Statuses

    do note that you must maintain consistent 30% of points to be rp points, we'll have a record every day the group's points and rp points, and at the end of the month we'll get the average which will be used to determine whether group can proceed to maintain status or will lose it also: business groups may obtain status solely based on roleplay points, ignoring the points obtained through turfs and so on
  6. LocMax

    Groups / Statuses

    So as recently I implemented the group points which will be used for obtaining group assets (such as additional HQs, vehicles, warehouses, elevators, ....) we will go into phase two of the complete implementation by starting off with resetting the current group statuses (the official statuses) which will be retained by the following conditions: - A group needs 100 points in order to qualify for becoming official - 30 of those 100 points must have been given for roleplay scenarios organized by the group - The group must maintain 100+ points in order to maintain the official status - The points will be lost on punishments, turf losses, purchases of group assets via points and so on. Currently Central Side Crew is in the lead with 52 points, Gambino being second with 35 points and Soprano being third with 16 points. Group points will be issued for roleplay under the following criteria: - The group overall environment, operating ethics and interactions: if the group focuses on roleplay, in example, a gang group focuses at the gang style of roleplay, performing various activities such as baseball games, basketball games, brawls, small-scale robberies (on stores, homes, ...) Or if a mafia focuses on roleplay in example, drug trafficking behind the scenes while having a legal front, organizing family meetings, assassinating rival leaders, ... Based on those factors, a group can receive anywhere between 5-15 points. - The group organizes a roleplay scenario Depending on the scale of the scenario (which is based on the number of people involved), the content of the scenario itself and the execution of the scenario, the group can receive anywhere between 5-15 points based on those factors. - The group is consistently opened and active for an extended period of time (over three months) And in that time period, the group caused no major issues and had no major punishments issued to the members or leaders 15-30 points based on those factors. Group points can be given for other scenarios which are deemed unique and of quality whereas the amount of points given is to be based on the factors such as scale of the situation, the quality, uniqueness, and execution of the scenario. Aside of the roleplay points, the following points are received or lost on script based interactions: +2 points on turf capture -1 point on turf loss +1 point on smuggle delivery +1 point on sale of 1-9,999 grams of drugs +2 points on sale of 10,000 - 14,999 grams of drugs +3 points on sale of 15,000 and onwards grams of drugs -1 point on server warning -2 points on tempban -3 points on permanent ban More means and ways for obtaining group points will be implemented as we go.
  7. sad ces dobit unban a ako opet nesto koristis vise se neces vratiti u server
  8. sta meni sada garantira da neces opet koristiti hakove?
  9. opet lazes a tocno sam te gledo kako si se teleportiro od dillimore do montgomery heroin mjesta
  10. zasto si se teleportiro po heroin lokacijama?
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