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  1. LocMax

    Submit a map!

    Hello dear players. We have created a form which allows any of you to submit a map to us. We will add your name to the /credits if your map is accepted and put into the server. Other than that, it is completely voluntary for you to submit a map to us. What we are currently looking for: Some bar / restaurant interiors An office interior Some custom house interiors Fire Department interior Hospital interior It is numbered by priority, what we need the the most to what we need the least. We only accept maps that were created using the Fusez's Map Editor. We need the raw code of the map pasted into the form, which is below. SUBMIT A MAP
  2. LocMax

    Server Feedback

    fixed, somehow or someone mixed up the form fields
  3. LocMax

    Server Feedback

    Hello our dear community members, At least once a month, we will be creating a survey which you, the players, will voluntarily fill in, in order to help us with improving the server based upon everyone's feedback. The feedback must be honest and straight, and as written in the form itself, you will not be punished for submitting honest feedback, even if it's criticizing the features, the staff or the management. To resolve problems in the community, we need to be told of them from your perspectives, and to do that, we need your honest feedback, and to get honest feedback, we cannot make people fear of submitting it by punishing them for submitting negative views or criticism. How it works is very simple, we created a form with a few questions, answer them as detailed as possible, elaborate every issue and suggestion into details, and post general cons and pros of your ideas. Just ensure that your answers are detailed, instead of blatantly listing things that are wrong, and not explaining how are they wrong and how would you suggest us to fix those issues. CLICK ME TO SUBMIT FEEDBACK
  4. LocMax

    [MOVEMENT]Rochester out of los santos

    Hello, I understand you may be unsatisfied with another group and how it's led, and I highly agree that groups whose members and leaders continuously get banned should be removed from in-game. We will look towards making the creation of scripted groups in-game stricter and make it only for the groups that work for it and show dedication and persistence. Since the server was just opening in recent time, we gave everyone a chance to begin a group in order to get the flow in the server. Now, as we're weeks into production, we are beginning to create stricter requirements and are making it more difficult to have a scripted group in-game.
  5. LocMax

    Unban appeal - achraf1060

    You were banned for negligence of rules. Can you explain why you were continuing to break the rules after told to stop?
  6. LocMax

    Server Rules

    17/JUN/2018 - Added Rule to Section 1, Rule #08 - Multiple Accounts - Added Rule to Section 1, Rule #09 - Common Sense - Modified Rule in Section 2, Rule #09 - Scamming
  7. LocMax

    Unbanned Unban appeal - [AG]Atmosphere

    Extended for 1 week for bothering about unban.
  8. LocMax

    Unbanned Unban appeal - Ettore Barzini

    Okay you are excessively spamming myself, Minecraft Staff, and every person in the RPG staff, are you aware of the unban request rules? Do you want me to deny this?
  9. LocMax

    Unbanned Unban appeal - Ettore Barzini

    You first hacked speed and now you used aimbot, how can we trust you to play clean in our server?
  10. LocMax

    Unbanned Unban appeal - Elvee_Barzini

    Suicide to avoid loss of drugs while being pursued by police is not acceptable and is considered poor roleplay. I can also confirm I've witnessed you do it before some days, and it's the deserved punished for repeating it.
  11. LocMax

    Unbanned Unban appeal - [AG]Atmosphere

    You continuously go around and brag around that you will not donate if we don't do X, you try to give money to Y to do Z, you are continuously generally attempting to achieve advantages / gains through bribing members with money and threatening to not donate if things are not done by your wish. We do not tolerate such attitude and we do not need your money to run this community. It's gonna be a year now since it's been established and we've made it without your help. And this is the second time you are banned for this reason.
  12. LocMax

    Unbanned Unban appeal - [AG]Atmosphere

    Unbanned, abide by the rules and put down the attitude, the past is irrelevant here, it's a new start here. Don't threaten people anymore either.
  13. LocMax

    Unbanned Unban appeal - Ettore Barzini

    You did use a speed hack, you were only boosting yourself on a highway in Las Venturas, you did not "lag" when you were moving through streets and around the delivery point. So, either be honest, or I'm denying this.
  14. LocMax

    Unbanned Unban appeal - [AG]Atmosphere

    You attempted to bribe us to demote a moderator, you continued pushing it, I told you to drop it but you kept bringing it up. I told you, money doesn't work on me, and it won't work on any other person here. If you believe you were abused by a staff member, submit a complaint, threatening the staff member and offering bribes to remove them is not the way to do anything. And if you're told to stop, then stop,
  15. LocMax

    [Denied]Unban appeal - Sparsh.sh[RA]

    What is your motive behind hacking as a staff member?

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