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  1. The second cannot be fully fixed as SAMP gives random damage reasons for it
  2. it's a SAMP bug which can occur on other instances as well, nothing for us to do except forbidding /use while falling
  3. I witnessed the ramming myself and it's not allowed, that's not ramming but carkilling, ramming would be if a suspect is running on foot and you tackle him with a cruiser one time, not continuously run him over with the vehicle. Continuously ramming a person is not allowed. Next about "OOC backup" - nearly every group has a discord server where they have a backup channel or which they use to call backup, we can't monitor discord servers in which we are not, and therefore we cannot enforce a rule to not call backup via discord because we can't prove it. However, I'll tell you about SWAT, SWAT members in real life have a pager which they carry and which alerts them of a situation when they must deploy. Google it up. About you stating that SWAT is deployed too frequently, well, we can also issue every officer an M4, since you compare SWAT deployment to one of real life, in real life, all patrol officers in Los Angeles have a shotgun or an AR rifle in their patrol vehicle. So, if we give all officers an M4, then SWAT won't have the need of being deployed as frequently. I have no problem with that approach. And lastly, you said it yourself, you cannot force someone to live if they wish to die, they may not accept death until they have been frisked / seized / robbed, if Shane was shot at with guns, then he was bleeding from the gunshot wounds. If people are actively interacting with a knocked person, then the person may not accept death (unless the people around the body are just trolling and pointlessly wasting time), but the person may not be revived if wishing to die. Edit: Also about repairing the armored trucks, I don't think it's right to repeatedly come, leave, repair and return, so I also wouldn't mind making repairs of armored trucks only repair the body work and not the health
  4. I don't disagree with your claims that the staff is not synchronized and that there are staff members enforcing different rules different ways. That is something that must be changed and fixed. And I also don't disagree with the fact that staff complaints take too long to handle. All complaints should be solved within 48 hours in my opinion. But that kind of timeframe requires completely dedicated and active managers. And that is another thing that brings an issue on why it can't be a reality. Leonardo and I have already planned to make reports (player and staff) take 48 hours at max instead of dragging it for months. We have also consequently began de-centralizing things from managers to senior admins in order to expand manpower that can do certain things. In short time, senior admins will be able to access logs and to handle more things that they couldn't until now. Staff needs a lot of improvements and fixing, there are a lot of issues there and there are imperfect staff members. That is a fact.
  5. You got it mixed up. Cops'n'Robbers is a server where criminals and cops are two teams and equally balanced. There's no balance in a roleplay server. Police is a government agency made to enforce the law. The police get funded in real life by government and are in possession of free patrol vehicles, free duty equipment, which includes weapons, and other necessities such as ballistic vests and so on. Now that we have that out of the way, we'll move on to the next point - which is criminals. A big majority of Mudoo criminals, about 90 percent, are blatant shit in roleplay. They do not roleplay fear, or are willing to comply with police on most basic situations such as traffic stops. High majority of traffic stops ends up in a pursuit, evasion, and an eventual shootout. Why is that so? because it's a big deal for one to pay a fine or get a warning? or because they are hungry for action? And then, there are a big majority of situations where there's one suspect of a specific group, let's call it Mafiotti. John_Mafiotti gets pulled over, and evades. He then crashes and barricades in a property. After 1 minute there's 20 random civilians at scene because John Mafiotti called backup in WT. That is another example of things that are unrealistic. When have you seen any mafia risking themselves for a guy who went ape shit over a traffic stop? Mafias operate behind scenes and are not willing to be exposed to the police or be known to police. Mafias conduct illegal activities as far as possible away from police. Meanwhile, on Mudoo, mafias are a cliche of a tuned sultan or an infernus or an NRG, /s stop for kidnap, =HELP HELP IDLEWOOD for every situation, and acting like every single member is big invincible boss. The mentality of our players is what is broken in this server, not the scripts, not the rules. When players decide to play for roleplay and not for shootouts and winning situations, then the server will stop being TDM / CNR and will become a roleplay server. And about your videos - you speak of CnR and how Mudoo isn't roleplay - where in any serious roleplay server is there a random lad flying a jet so low to the ground and over an active crime scene involving barricaded terrorists or a weed plantation? And lastly just for reference, I'm not supporter of what's shown in the videos:
  6. It is because those vehicles are group restricted, not job restricted. You would be punished if you used them off-duty by being demoted or fired from PD.
  7. this is not a bug, you are using same IP as a banned player, commonly it's due to that person being your cousin, brother or playing from internet cafe.
  8. LocMax

    Server Rules

    14/AUG/2019 All the rules have been revamped, added minimum punishments and some rules were expanded further to capture a wider array of actions.
  9. LocMax

    Server Feedback

    It's the time again. After a while since the last survey, we've changed a lot of things in the server. From rules to the core concept of roleplay. We also had a lot of updates in the meantime. The survey is anonymous. You do not have to enter your name or email anywhere. Submit honest feedback in the survey so we can improve the server. GO TO SURVEY
  10. btw these are your PMs, no PMs at 20:15 and around, which means you faked the second image where you put the red rectangles and wrote "personal stuff" therefore, you will receive a warning for false reporting and lying. @Matthew_Gambino
  11. You went purchasing a hundred tickets. You can only have one at a time. Your actual lottery number was the last one, 94. No bug.
  12. Your cousins or brothers got banned and you are using same IP as them. It's not a bug.
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