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  1. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    I will be overseeing this case as it's clearly going out of hand, we will proceed by the following steps: 1. Zainrock post the proofs 2. Raven comment on the proofs 3. Zainrock comment on Raven's defense 4, Once you've finished I will post the final conclusion
  2. [UNBANNED] Unban appeal - Arsh.ag[RA]

    you'll be given some score and money to compensate for the time you spent banned, remind a manager or level 3+ admin in-game to do it, or call me to come through discord when you're ingame
  3. [UNBANNED] Unban appeal - Arsh.ag[RA]

    ok sir my apology for the inconvenience, you are clearly a victim of a impersonator who caused a confusion between yourself and himself by using basically the same name, you will be unbanned
  4. [UNBANNED] Unban appeal - Arsh.ag[RA]

    You threatened a man with attacking him: Your IP matched with a hacker: The hackers ("Laura.Maachod / bob.vagene.Laura") kept coming and attempting to wrap vehicles. I asked if you play from a net cafe, you said no. Therefore, this is not possible.
  5. [Denied]Unban appeal - [BB]R1ch

    sarcasm much?
  6. [Denied]Unban appeal - [BB]R1ch

    So you admit?
  7. [UNBANNED] Unban appeal - Sattar

    Ok you can have a chance.
  8. [DENIED] Unban appeal - Adeel99

    Denied, continuously creating new accounts.
  9. 1. You were initially banned for extensive punishment record, you continued to break rules after numerous warnings, kicks and temporary bans 2. After you were denied until March, you advertised another community to our discord members through PM 3. You created this unban request and provided false information (said you only advertised to your friends, when in reality, I have proofs that you advertised to people that don't even know you, and you admitted) You keep on lying, breaking the rules and you expect an unban, how the hell does that work?
  10. [Denied]Unban appeal - [BB]R1ch

    0:20 you were aiming at an enemy and as you fired you got turned almost 180 degrees and hit vasil (see the blood splot and animation on vasil), which is clear that you are using some kind of a hack.
  11. why did you lie that you only advertised to your friends?
  12. [Denied]Unban appeal - [BB]R1ch

    The video clearly shows your aim lock on to the person nearest to you (in multiple occurrences your team members), so, if you wish to sit here for days and keep pretending, sure.
  13. [Denied]Unban appeal - [BB]R1ch

    I reviewed the videos which do show me suspicious movement from your character while shooting, now, are you going to continue to provide false statements and be denied, or are you going to admit and be unbanned?