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  1. sad ces dobit unban a ako opet nesto koristis vise se neces vratiti u server
  2. sta meni sada garantira da neces opet koristiti hakove?
  3. opet lazes a tocno sam te gledo kako si se teleportiro od dillimore do montgomery heroin mjesta
  4. zasto si se teleportiro po heroin lokacijama?
  5. for the record if it has not been observed yet, his name contains _Eix, which would mean that the answer to your question is negative
  6. two businesses and all cash removed, unbanned - do NOT use ANY modification again FOR ANY REASON if it gives ANY advantage.
  7. 40% of your wealth will be removed as per ban appeal consequence system
  8. I asked if you understood and agreed with what I said, not for more reiterations of you use "with no bad intention"
  9. You claim it was not used with bad intention and only fun, okay. The facts are, it is an advantage for you to just fly from ground up to floor 2 without using stairs. You did that some day ago, flying from entrance to the top floor of the hotel directly to your room. It's also an advantage to use it to reach inaccessible places, as you did at a turf once. It may not be with bad intention as in to harm other players or disturb their gameplay, but the rule states And being able to reach inaccessible places, or quickly go from ground to top floor without stairs IS an advantage. Do you understand and agree with what I just stated here?
  10. What guarantees do we have that you will no longer use this modification?
  11. As per agreement of all candidates, the voting will end TOMORROW, 20th December 2019 at 17:00 CET, the winner of the election, the future Governor will be announced in-game at 18:00 CET, if there is sufficient attendance.
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