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  1. it's all pointless now - you could've removed it by now which would also be the reason for declining a check at the time on spot.
  2. LocMax

    Server Rules

    16/FEB/2019 Section II - Rules 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 10, 12 - added clarifications and amendments
  3. Your driving became sketchy again and we wanted to prove that you are not using modified handling again (you used it TWICE in past, and lied about it TWICE) - you declined the teamview inspection (to which you previously agreed at unban) and hence you got banned for hacking.
  4. Once you're able to comprehend that your actions are not appropriate for a role-play server - the actions of quitting in RP, going AFK in RP, using non-RP methods of backup when kidnapped, and so on - then you may post and elaborate how you comprehend it exactly.
  5. Where did you read or hear of that?
  6. I can leave you alone in the room, it's roleplay. You were being interrogated as a consequence of a warrant against you. I didn't leave the building or leave you unsupervised. I was on the other side of the door. You are pretty notorious for avoiding roleplay as well - let's look at the punishment history.
  7. You were in IOB HQ being interrogated. You were not answering questions. I said call me when you're ready to talk and left the room, watched you from the window of the interrogation room. You quit. This is not the first time you quit or avoid roleplay.
  8. I'll give you an opportunity here if you waste it then it'll be wasted for a looong while
  9. no you copied it you're denied till March and then make an unban request with your own definitions
  10. incapable of making an unban request, ban evading
  11. first ban? surprised it's not the 3rd one
  12. definition of roleplay copied from CLICK ME definition of deathmatch copied from CLICK ME definition of inappropriate behavior copied from CLICK ME
  13. You were asking people in PM to give you their account password in exchange for money - how do you explain this
  14. You were asking people in PM to give you their account password in exchange for money - how do you explain this
  15. LocMax

    Racing Event

    this event is being created with help of government (managers) and police (barriers) and is therefore legal
  16. Show us a chat log of where you warned anyone about this occurring
  17. Why is it inappropriate to use PM or GM or other non-RP communication channels? What has changed since the ban was issued, what have you learned? How do we know that you are going to follow the rules from now on?
  18. Oh look, he's also from New York, as you claim to be too. Well, appeal denied - stop making a fool out of us.
  19. You joined our discord - September 12. In-game account "Guiseppe" registered on September 10th. Very close timeline.
  20. Explain: What is roleplay What is avoiding roleplay Why is it not acceptable to quit to avoid an admin or roleplay
  21. Explain: What is roleplay What is suicide to avoid roleplay Why was it wrong what you did
  22. You need to learn more about what roleplay is and what deathmatch is before you can be back in this server. You used an RPG which you just carried in your hand and shot it at a crowd of people at Idlewood. And then you continuously use PM and /report on people when you get kidnapped or robbed. This might be a light RP server but that doesn't mean we need to allow people who cannot properly speak English or who don't know the very basics of roleplay. Appeal again when you learned what roleplay is, what deathmatch is, and when you improve English perhaps.
  23. Explain: What is roleplay What is deathmatch What is inappropriate behavior in terms of roleplay - what is acceptable and what is unacceptable to do in a roleplay server

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