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  1. what changed since last denial, why can we trust you to not use the same modification again, what is the meaning of roleplay to you, how do we know you just won't go from ATM to ATM blow up and bait cops?
  2. LocMax

    Group Turfs

    Turfs were implemented in the recent updated to the server. There are a lot of questions coming up and this topic will serve to clarify any doubts. The suggestion upon which the turfs were implemented is this: The script: You need at minimum 5 members of your group to initiate a capture. (temporarily 3 for testing of the system itself) You need to be group rank level 98 or higher to do /capture. You need to remain in the turf area (marked on minimap and map) for 10 minutes without leaving or dying in order to succeed at capture. The turf color is determined by /groupcolor. The rewards: They will be scripted in at shortly once the capturing system itself proves working. They are as described in the suggestion quoted above. Post any questions below.
  3. Indeed you were not in an animation to all of us and we were shooting you, slapped to check for desync and checked ping and packetloss, I reviewed the logs and see that you did use an animation so the ban will be lifted.
  4. AAAYO ma dude Menace back with anotha' menace huh!? shi' yo' ass didn' learn nothin' last time, this time you ain't gettin' back so quick, review date of this shi' set to December 15
  5. so what now? your punishment history is as big as the quran, why do you think you deserve unban
  6. aigh' better watch cho' ass cus' my dogs gon' be lookin' at you and they gonna knock yo' ass back to me if you ain't gon' follow them rules dawg.
  7. Name changes of Keno:
  8. OOOOH dayum nig' tellin' me fuck i'm gon' do on ma' turf yo' lost yo' mind nigga? get cho' ass apologizing fo' talkin' shit and swear on yo' mama you gon' follow da rules.
  9. OH SHI' you mad on ma' homie AC? 'chu got on 'em? yo' ass gotta play by the law y'kno' what am sayin'? you deadass pissin' on the playas and if yo' ass get unbanned you gon' have to be a followa'
  10. yo' ma' nigga menance suppin' dawg it's yo' boy MC aka Anonymous in da' crib I banned cho' ass for conspiracies of us targeting RC / LS players and general shit talking against the server in chat chu' say on that?
  11. Hello, as the subject suggests, we'd like to hear what the criminals / civilians would like to see from features for their sides?
  12. Removed all your money from your bank account. You are left with about $4,000 in cash. This is your final opportunity in this server. One more breach of rules, misbehavior, wrong move and you are permanently banned.
  13. You'll be stripped off the illegal items you have in your inventory as a consequence of intentionally quitting during arrest to avoid it, and furthermore server rules are listed in a topic on this forum, why somebody whoever wrote that named it server rule restriction is beyond my knowledge or understanding, but in either case, we will revise the taser and criminals avoiding being arrested to lose items and apply either script changes or rule changes to combat it. With that being said, you're unbanned now. Comply with roleplay in future because the trend that goes on around in the server nowadays with people just copbaiting (and I know you're not the only one doing this right now) but it needs to end
  14. tasers are regulated by SAPD and not by server rules, quitting to avoid an arrest is a breach of rules though, furthermore your mentality of "not allowing cops to frisk you" which is under any circumstance is also indication you only play to get some action through pursuits by blowing up ATMs and getting cops on you, I spectated you for a while and even saw you stop when cops lose you and let them catch up, which shows your intentions are only to have pursuits and cops on you so why should you be unbanned when you do not wish to roleplay?
  15. why did you post IP and name of another server?
  16. You advertised. You posted an IP, and server name in public chat.
  17. so after so many ban evasions and attacks against the server, why do you wish to be unbanned and why did you initiate that kind of rage?
  18. Unbanned, next time you'll suffer more.
  19. you don't seem to be banned, someone from the internet cafe hacked and got banned.
  20. unbanned, ext time we'll take the properties, vehicles and more.
  21. No it's called a penalty for breaking the rules in first place. Take that deal or you stay banned.
  22. We'll remove all of your drugs from your properties and inventory and also your cash will be set to 10,000$
  23. You're not welcome here son, go find another community to play.

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