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  1. Player report - Like_ABoss

    Evidence is valid, he will be banned in-game. Thanks for reporting!
  2. [DENIED] Unban appeal - Adeel99

    @Adeel First of all, you created another account for 7 hours ago, why do you think I will unban you if you continously lying for us and creating accounts when we told you not to create more accounts, we told you atleast 6x times. Second of all, People will mock and hate you more if you keep create accounts like this, you're joining clans with multiple accounts and gets banned after joining the clans, so they will eventually hate you for applying to their clan and wasting their time on you, like we do when we ban you all the time. If we say you should stop creating more fake accounts and you agree not to do it again, are you still going to do it? Because we gave you multiple chances to give up this hobby of yours to stop creating more accounts but you still do it after our conversations with you.
  3. [Denied]Unban appeal - Sattar

    You ain't getting unbanned. Locked.
  4. [Denied]Unban appeal - [b2k]L3on

    If you want to increase your ban length you can keep asking for unbanning requests. If you want to keep your current ban length, you should be patient till it runs out. I'll lock this topic because you won't get unbanned until 03/01 like LocMax specifically told you. Denied.
  5. You didn't confess about your nametag? You said that u didn't even use it. One more lie for the record.
  6. I care about the truth, you ain't legit and it's my business if this ban is on our community. I stick my nose in your background because once a cheater, always a cheater.. you haven't changed since that day for sure, you used nametag and lied about it, made some bs excuse that u didnt use this on our server but you definetly did and now we are here with you banned for aimbot. Your background doesn't look bright and with all the community ban and regular bans is making you look worse than ever. What's it gonna be? You telling us the truth about your triggerfinger/obstlr or just keep nagging about you don't have anything that makes you more overpowered.
  7. 1. Explain why you get trash when you're facing those with anti aim? 2. Explain why you've been banned plenty of times and community banned on another server which you should know of. 3. Explain why you became so "good" on such short notice. Lagcomp is fine on this server, but on the other hand the thing you use isnt fine, if you use obstlr it will be hard to find out on your gameplay and can't be proved through that way. We're pretty sure that this isn't your aim and that you use this godlike silent aimbot which can only be countered by anti aim hack, I know one guy that's been testing you with anti aim hack and he's saying that you didn't shoot like you do in that video. I am also wondering if you're still using this hack that I will show when you completly fucked up.
  8. [UNBANNED] Unban appeal - Phoenix

    If you can't handle the alcohol, you shouldn't drink it at least drink a lower amount of alcohol next time. I will unban you now, If I hear that you got banned again and you had alcohol in your body, I will have you banned for few days till you brighten up and think through that alcohol isn't good for you. unbanning now.