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  1. Greetings fellow mudoo players.

    I would like to say good morning and have a great day! 

  2. Luzziz

    Staff Roster

    Resigned as Moderator(1) @HaMzy Resigned as Lead Administrator(4) @Trytee
  3. Luzziz

    Staff Roster

    Resigned as Server Manager(5) @VIKING
  4. Luzziz


    Good Bye Bro . Hope U Feeling Ok . Best Regards Luzziz .
  5. 2019/08/01


    Hola fuckfaces..


    New month, new possibilities is what I use to say.. having vacation now so I drink like a swine everyday and starting to text girls left and right???? Well I can't see anything wrong with it but I'm having a hard time handling it because of my alcohol problems boysss sooo if anyone is up, I want to have an AA meeting here on MG. If you guys are free, you can hook me up in dms or in a post god damn it I need to lower my drinking ASAP. 


    Regards Luzziz.


    #alcohol #wild #cantstopme #whoami #vaccay #needhelp #drinkingproblems #vodka #redbull #diabetesbefore30 #haram

    1. Subhan


      Just suicide instead of drinking and donate the money to help wild animals faggot

  6. Luzziz

    Staff Roster

    Fired as Moderator(1): Staz
  7. 2019/07/07

    My time has come to go away from the computer for 4 days now again because of work. I've been up for 24 hours, been eating 1 hot dog and I'm gonna wake up 5am tomorrow, It feels great to be in this shape right now, so i'll say goodnight to y'all and see you around when I'm back.

  8. 2019/07/06


    Heyah! It's me once again coming with another update, nothing special today than just me going out drinking! It is time to be drunk and have fun this weekend, hope you all doing whatcu doing and keep it going, see you in the darkness boys.


    #drunk #alcohol #haram #party #pub #mightbedirtystuff #darkness

    1. Subhan


      amir only people with a forum status can do it probably

  9. Looking for some more daily stories.

  10. 2019/07/05

    Heyah.. I totally missed yesterdays post because I have been working my ass off the whole day, I mean working 14 hours constantly and not having a break except lunch is harsh, BUT I will tell you what I have done today because I have done plenty of things, I have been rewiring a whole house with ground cables etc, feels nice though because now she can feel safe at home. I have also been lengthed cables for lamp posts because they were too short to be wired with in the end!... you thought I was finished BUT I WASN'T.. I have been debugged someones electricity because one of their phase didn't work in the house so he only had two phases in the house instead of three phases.. I will show you what I found, anyways I hope you guys had a great friday today and have a blessing weekend, goodnight and see you tomorrow with another story!


    #working #hardworker #notimetoplay #debugging #wiring #helpingfriends #tired #lightning #burned #electricitybroken #sleepyperson

  11. 2019/07/05


    more to follow

  12. rugay?

  13. Luzziz

    Staff Roster

    Resigned as Junior Administrator(2): @David
  14. 2019/07/04

    Another day that I survived. I've driving for 4 hour straight from work to home, feels good to be home from all the work so now it's time to watch the drama that occurs in the suggestion topic and also grab some popcorn because this might get lit as hell. Love it, 2 hours till sleep and I will be back in my old sleeping schedule.

    Drive safe my pedros. 

    1. Ashley_Fisher


      Rouuuutiiineeeee! I hate it !

    2. TiMoN


      praise be to allah brother dont get lynched when driving through shariah zones

    3. Trytee


      where are the fucking tags? idk what this is about

  15. if you read this, you have big gay

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Smith


      np, now ur at least relevant

    3. Luzziz


      thank u

    4. Smith


      can you stop saying thank u?


      thank u

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