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  1. Luzziz

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    Hired as Moderator(1): @Staz
  2. Luzziz

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    Reinstated as Lead Administrator(4): @GoodNight
  3. I guess your brother knew how to PM Assassin the minute after he got spectated and caught. This shows 2-3 minutes after your "cousin" got spectated, so he knew exactly what to write and knew that assassin has accused you of using armour hacks Translation for others: Sparshsh: Now what I have done? Assassin: You were using airbreak and you are saying that what you did. Sparshsh: Abuse Sparshsh: first you said I had armour hacks Sparshsh : now airbreak Sparshsh : why dont you understand Sparshsh : i was standing normally ingame. you are basically bullshitting us, he wasn't even banned when you wrote to assassin, so this ends now. I will close this case and you won't be unbanned through this unban application. If you want to be unbanned, pm me on discord and I'll make you do this task.
  4. the first reason was that you lagged and that you didn't use cheats. the second reason you admitted to the usage of cheats. the third reason you said it was your cousin that did it. the fourth reason you said is that you went to some marriage with your parents and came home which you could've told us the first time. the fifth reason you said is that "he is handling everything on discord" which I don't know why he should do that, because that's as well sharing your administration account to someone that shouldn't see our conversations in #staff-chat. the sixth reason was that you admitted will be correct but you didn't the first time when you knew you were banned, by making up more and more excuses and the story basically tells that you are lying from the start and still are lying. the seventh reason was that he knew your password which is completely impossible to guess for someone that's your cousin, you can have infinite passwords which can go from 1 to ∞ and he can't guess your password because he doesn't know where to start and don't come up with some lie that you had an easy password that he could've guessed. you are adding up excuses and bullshit so my head starts to explode, either tell us the real story about this incident or I will close this case and you won't be unbanned. If you don't want to comply and tell us the real story, I will make you do something to us that proves it was your cousin that did it.
  5. First of all. Gets banned 8:47PM Starts talking in #chit-chat 8:51PM the first reason was that you lagged and that you didn't use cheats. the second reason you admitted to the usage of cheats. the third reason you said it was your cousin that did it. I doubt that you are talking the truth, so start telling us the real story behind why you used cheats as a staff member or this case will be closed. Second of all. You shared your account with someone that isn't suppose to be on your account, because you got accepted as a staff member and not him. This story is a classic one that a brother/cousin used cheats on your account when it was you from the beginning.
  6. You have pretty low activity & experience in our community, re-apply when you feel like you have enoigh experience to apply as moderator. Denied.
  7. Luzziz

    Staff Roster

    07/04/2018 Reinstated as Junior Administrator(2): @Sali Demoted from Junior Administrator(2) to Moderator(1): @Assassin @Aman619 Resigned as Server Manager: @Dido Promoted to Lead Admin: @VIKING @OUSSEMA
  8. Denied for not having the English requirements we desire, try to improve your English and re-apply again.
  9. @Artist_Espinosa pm me if you're still interested, you got 48 hours left.

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