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  1. Forum account name: "Faizan" Discord name: "HERO#4222"
  2. If I do that again I'll not be here for unban appeal, mark my words, I make myself clear here, I wrote my whole story which I done before getting a ban. Thanks. P.S: My main forum account is community banned by Dylan and I'm also banned from discord, if this appeal will be successful, I would like get unbanned from forum and discord as well, and will show you myself and won't break any rules.
  3. One more day passed, can I at least have one reply?
  4. I'm sorry for my act, I just want a last chance to show myself again as a good player of community, please begging you for it, please.
  5. Hi, I got banned cause I shared account with someone to get donation level which I was thinking I'll get some advantage with my gameplay, I was helper, I didn't even think about it for that I'll lose my reputation. Dylan was good with me like a friend I played with his feelings and I'm very shamed about that. How I get Donation level? How I convince player to donate for me? Well yes I was helper and a player asked me on my PM how to get donation on this server, I provide him link how to donate, after sometimes he pmed me again and said what's the minimum donation, I said I'm not sure you should visit that link to check it out, then he said can you please check it for me, I was helper so I said wait I'll check, I checked for it and I said the minimum package is 5 euros and I provide him it's perks. After sometimes and pmed me again what's your discord, I tell him and then he pmed me and said I'm so poor in-game can you give me some cash, I was rich so I said what I'm gonna get If would give you money, he said you want VIP, I said no it's against the rules and I'm a helper, he said don't worry it's my promise I'm not gonna tell to anyone, I said I'll think about it, after one day I DM him on discord and said how much money you need, he said I'll donate for you 5 euros and you'll give me 5m in-game, I said it's much, I said make a deal with 2m and he gladly accepted the deal, after sometimes he said give me account I'll donate for you, and I gave him my password, he donated for me and I got VIP, and then for some reason I goes inactive and forget to pay him, he tell the whole story to Matthew and Matthew didn't asked me anything, and when I goes back in-game, I do pay him 2m and I said why did you tell to matthew and he said you were inactive and I thought you scammed me, well that's it we done here with the deal. How I get banned? After 5 days or maybe 7 I didn't remember it very well cause it long ago, I got myself spammed on mudoo discord, I go there on staff chat channel and Dylan were saying ok Faizan tell me what's your matter with donation level, tell me so I can clear it out, I told him whole story how I got the VIP, and there were some senior and junior admins saying me faizan why aren't you still banned, I said I'm already felt shamed about that and Dylan didn't say anything and another admins were saying me faizan you didn't deserved helper position, please leave it, I said ok you guys stay here and be happy and I'm leaving this server, and I left mudoo discord, (I just did it cause I was pissed of which was my one of the best mistake) Dylan were trying to help me out but that was my big problem. After some days that guy who donated for me charged back his money which I wasn't even know that he gonna do that, Dylan banned me via panel and yes he was right, I trust on wrong guy and play with Dylan's feelings which was my biggest huge mistake, I myself logged in-game and found myself banned, I pmed Dylan on discord what was my problem why I got banned he charged back not me, he said you shared your Personal account with him which isn't even allowed and I'm aware of that rule, I didn't DM on discord again cause I was wrong, I just applied my ban appeal from my main forum account and waits for his response, But he forum banned, I mean community banned me and yes I deserved it, After sometimes when I got banned I deleted SAMP from my computer and focus on brother's shop IRL, But now I just wanna play again cause I loved that game and Loved mudoo roleplay cause this server is for me, I can't even enjoyed on another server, I just want one last chance to show myself without breaking any rules again, I just wanna play it's my request or yes I'm begging to get unbanned, it's upto you, you'd take it as a request or beg. Thanks.
  6. Hey man, I'm sorry for my act I just wanna play Mudoo again, it's my request and I'm sorry for that what I did wrong. I saw that server is popular now and I just want to play inside and wanna enjoy with my old friends, also about the money I tried to create an paypal account but it was hard I've failed several time on it, I asked you to send me your bank info and I'll send you the money, 16 euros isn't a big deal that's nothing at all, but the problem is which I define already on my previous appeal I can't send you money via other system, I asked my brother to send you money via bank account when I get your bank info, I can't send you myself since I'm just 16 and I don't have an Bank account on me. Please give me a last chance, any other rule break from me I'll not here to appeal again I'll leave mudoo if I get ban again. Please last chance Please...
  7. What is your in-game name? Robert_Lahey Which staff member banned you? Dylan When did you get banned? 08/19/19 What is the ban reason? PayPal chargeback / account sharing to get a donation from someone else Personal comment Hi, I saw my last appeal and I saw there they unbanned me on it I can see a tag up there on my appeal in green color, "UNBANNED" But the problem is I'm still banned.
  8. First of all sorry for that I didn't reply on time was busy IRL. Well, I can send you money via bank account, But for this you need to give me your ID and Bank account number, after that I'll go to bank and wire 16 euros to you it's a long process though but I'll try it cause really want to get unban. Edit: To be honest I didn't ban evade any single time I don't know what are you saying, why would I get myself in more trouble to not get unban.
  9. I didn't even chargeback anything though, Please begging you to give me a last chance to play on this nice community where I spend my 1 year.
  10. Look Marcus I'm already feels bad for my act and yes I would pay I've money with me now but sadly I can't pay cause of PayPal issue, and you talking about friend who donate for me he wasn't event my friend I just met him in-game and we made a deal via /PM and through discord, He said I'll donate for you give me IG cash. Honestly I don't even know him IRL, He scammed my another community account for tis donation thingy and in this ban appeal I'm completely honestly saying everything truth, I'm missing mudoo badly old friends lovely staff members, Please give me a last chance this time, I swear I will not break any rules, and yes If I did break any rules I won't make an appeal here It's my promise with you. (This is for Dylan, Hello Dylan I don't know you're watching this ban appeal or no but yes I'm here to say you something, Bro sorry for my act you did so many things for me like you give me a good server to play where I spend my 1 year and actually enjoyed so much playing mudoo is my only one server where I played so much as I said I'll delete SAMP once again If I'll not get UNBANNED, cause there's no other reason spend some good time on another server. I'm sorry please begging you let me play once again.)
  11. What is your in-game name? Robert_Lahey Which staff member banned you? Dylan When did you get banned? 08/06/19 What is the ban reason? PayPal chargeback / account sharing to get a donation from someone else Personal comment Hello, so I got banned like 6 to 7 months ago and yes it was my big mistake to share my account with someone's else (say it I break a big rule which isn't even allowed on server) and I were know that it's not allowed, I was just feeling some powers on cause I was helper and I thought no one gonna care about that cause I was staff member (helper). As Dylan said on previous ban appeal I need to pay 16 euros back but sadly I can't pay cause there's a problem in my country we can't use PayPal here and you guys are only accepting PayPal. I didn't even banevade any single time cause I thought patience is a good thing, after getting banned from Mudoo I quit SAMP cause there was no fun, but from now on I installed it back and tryna play only Mudoo cause I started with Mudoo and I'll end SAMP with Mudoo as well. So kindly please give me just one more last chance I'll try my best to not break this type of rule again, Just missing mudoo and missing some of my friends. Kind Regard, Faizan.
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