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  1. Review date set to 5th/6th January, this doesnt mean you will get permanent unbanned. This means you get temporary unbanned and we find out what caused the issue, if you have anything important to say untill then, feel free to do so.
  2. The real reason on this ban is "illegal modification", but anyways that doesnt really matter . It would be wonderfull if you be honest and tell us the truth, rather than a simple "hmmm?"
  3. You did ban evade multiple times, made shitloads of accounts and spawned guns and u keep doing it so u stay banned. And as I already stated before, read the side note in the topic you talking about.
  4. You got banned again after i gave u a final chance, and ur dumb enough to do the same things again. Its ur fault if u are that dumb, and now ylu keep trying to ban evade with poor reasons and excuses. Its over for you, appeal denied and going to be routeblocked.
  5. You are wrong in many points, Ive asked you to install teamviewer at first u said no multiple time, then after some time u said okey and then it took you more than 40 minutes to install Teamviewer. After that you logged in multiple times and said you crash, while you diconnected. And then after the 4th or 5th attempt I said enough, it doesnt take so long to install Teamviewer and u were trying to waste time (to prolly hide ur stuff). This unban appeal is denied.
  6. We can go on mudoo tdm and you will be on cac and prove your shooting..
  7. Connection issues make you not Teleport from the Smuggle to Carlo so come out with the truth.
  8. Nope, your account is not banned but the account of Zin_Esco is banned for that reason so it seems like you've his IP, so you just need to restart your router and change the IP as your Account is not banned.
  9. I'll give you another chance as it's christmas, but in order to play you must Install samp cac which you can find at https://mudoogaming.com/cac
  10. And used the same hacks you used, I doubt it was ur friend and it shows you still didn't delete them.
  11. How are you gonna explain those bans, they are all on your IP
  12. Decided to Spawn Weaps again and keep ban evading - denied
  13. Here you have the reason for it
  14. Half Final and Final will continue tomorrow 22nd December at 16:00 CET. Gambino made it to the Finals due amount of Teams in the tournament Tree. BCR and CSC, made it to the half Final and the winner of the half Final will fight Gambinos in the Final.
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