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  1. 1) Hes from Paki, 2) Bec u are a Paki 3) why would he be jelous 4) yes but u used another video for it which wasnt made by u
  2. Dizzy

    0.3.7 or DL

    I'd love to see 0.3.7 + 0.3DL merged and make it a main Version, as it will be up on the Server if they want to add Custom Objects/Skins or whatever. On Mudoo I would like to see 0.3DL, if the custom objects are reasonable and don't look trashy.
  3. Team Name: Bots Team Members: Tony_Krasniqi, Billy_Miller, Staz_Gambino, Dizzy_Walker, Ronald_Becker Team Leader: Dizzy_Walker Team Skin ID: 202
  4. why you didn't put atleast a little bit afford in that text, like Bruce did
  5. i thought so too when he wrote that xDD
  6. Ban appeal denied, we know who you are and you can keep trying to Ban Evade and then make unban appeals but it wont get you far.
  7. As It's my Ban I'm not able to handle the Request, but what I can tell is that it's not the first time you did that and already last time I did let u go with a Warning only and now you did it again. I'm pretty sure you did not try to make a new account for another server and it looks like a big lie to me.
  8. a biker group which owns a bar and rp as biker/bar owner
  9. Hey @Roger_Carson. We've investigated the case and we know that this was not your friend. I give you another chance to come out with the truth and explain why you did it.
  10. Hey @Raees_Mujahid, Thanks for the Report, we can not Ban up on logs without any evidance ( Video). But we for sure will keep any eye on the Reported Person.
  11. yes lets delete cops lol
  12. Hello @Krish_King Its a really bad idea to use hacks for such a reason... but as this is your first Ban and your Punishment List is pretty clean you'll get another Chance, incase to play here again you have to download Samp CAC (Client Anti Cheat). You can find detailed information about Samp CAC here. If you have any other Questions considering CAC feel free to make a Support Ticket on our Discord Server. Once you are done installing CAC make sure to post a Screenshot of your clean GTA and Cleo folder.
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