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  1. Unbanned, not investigated properly enough excuse me for that.
  2. Denied, player has been found ban evading
  3. Ban appeal will stay on hold, due the still on going suspection of Bypassing the Client Anti Cheat + using illegal modifications. Please do not create a new unban appeal until this one is being handled.
  4. Denied, you did multi account to casino scam and then transfer the money to your main account. Try again in 2 weeks
  5. Not possible in 0.3.7 except u make it a mod and everyone is using it, which most likely won't happen.
  6. Pinned the topic for now
  7. Dizzy

    Mudoo Admins

    Also you don't need to tag people to make them read if they are already in the same chat, you kinda spammed Tags before hence he decided to mute you, but as I said to be reported on Forum at Staff Reports, incase you wish to file a complaint against an Admin. Topic locked.
  8. Dizzy

    Mudoo Admins

    This is also not being handled here, but in Staff complaints which you can file here: Click here
  9. Dizzy

    Mudoo Admins

    This has nothing to do with defending right there, but you tag the whole Staff Team multiple times for the same reason, while you can create 1 support Ticket on the Discord and get it done even faster and without bothering all Staff members. But instead of doing that you write it in chit chat/public chat.
  10. I don't need to hack any account as I'm not a person like you who is playing a wanna be hacker with some script.
  11. 1. It becomes our problem if its anyhow affects Mudoo spreading that shit was dumb and i see no reason to do something like that. 2. If u don't care.. then why bother making an unban appeal? 3. The problem is that u send them shit to hack their discord accounts. And about the dont know how to secure his accounts thing I don't wanna talk about as yours isn't secured anyhow better.
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