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  1. will miss u once again, but I understand it.

  2. Dizzy


    /report @RANDY rammed me.
  3. You got banned for Multiaccounting as you are using TED_NUGENT Account and used the Diaz Delamare one aswell. So I allowed you to play on Ted Nugent but Diaz Delamare will stay banned.
  4. As this is your first ban/punishment, you'll be given another chance in 3 days untill then make sure to download CAC. You can find out how to download it and other information here: Click
  5. Will get unbanned today/tomorrow on 20th March once I'm ingame. Keep in mind not to do such actions again and rather than accepting them report the Player to an admin.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. You have showed proffesionalism and dedication towards this community, when I wasn't known here, when I was very new you said very positive things and you were very sure about me.

    Thanks for everything I made progress because of people like you so very happy birthday you are a very special person for me and surely for everyone here!

    Thanks Dizzy!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jаmes


      Happy birthday @Dizzy 


      wheres keybinder?

    3. Dizzy


      soon soon.. maybe

    4. Jаmes



      soon soon.. maybe

      weird leonardo dicaprio GIF

  8. best admin on samp happy birthday i love you and i miss you

  9. There is another reason innit which is Ban Evading, care to explain why you didn't mention that?
  10. As this is your first hacker ban, you'll receive another chance but will be forced to use SA-MP Cac. More information about CAC you can find here Click here
  11. You will be given another chance, you both were playing on the same PC which made it look like you are Multi Accounting, incase we notice any suspicious things regarding you Multiaccountin again, you should come straight forward and also say that he played on your PC or you on his! Unbanned.
  12. It was because we tested it, if you remember you downloaded no spread to check if the warning comes and it did. Anyways I was just stating my point of view I'll let the decision to keep you banned or unban you to Managers+ as it's a CAC ban basicly and not your first one on using Illegal Modifications/Hacks
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