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SA:MP M:RP Manager
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  1. Unbanned and 40% wealth taken as player is defnitly not aware of the Rules but ready to learn.
  2. Dizzy

    Mudoo Players

    You shot him before there was a blue blip on the point visible don't look for excuses it can be seen in the vid...
  3. The diceban will stay as afterall it was your fault aswell for scamming and not checking out the scamming rules which takes like 20 seconds to read, therefor the diceban will stay.
  4. @Dizzy Happy Birth day bro.i hope u have great time with ur familly see u when u are 100years old,Greting.

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    2. Dizzy




    3. Ahmed_Waheb


      NP i was just do like he/she 


    4. Silvester_Aaron


      asslick onpoint

  5. I edited the message accidently pressed submit.
  6. Oh well I think you are lying pretty much in here as you did not use cac that day.. anyways youll be forced on cac there now aswell and get another chance if i notice u bypassing there, I can guarantee you that I'll be 24/7 on u on the RP Server aswell.
  7. You were testing it out without playing on cac??? Alright...
  8. Why should we give you another chance if you are already forced on cac on the RP Server and now even try to bypass it?
  9. Your account is not banned, restart your router to get a new IP and try again.
  10. You'll be given another chance, make sure to read the rules ingame and follow them as good as possible to avoid furture punishments.
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