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  1. Reload


    I saw matthew asking 3-5x on different days and everyone was like " yeaa i want to pray" and so on
  2. Reload


    Most of you Guys wanted it and now you're crying
  3. San Andreas Trucker Inc. We are currently looking for New Truckers Trucking Jobs (The Price will be discussed over Phone/Meeting) If you have anything, what we are looking for, feel free to post your Name and your Phone Number below this Post. Changes can be made at anytime.
  4. Or we simply add other Businesses, for example a Oil Factory where users work and generate Fuel, which will be used for Gas Stations which a Trucker( Maybe a Trucker Company) has to deliver to the Gas Stations. I guess that people here just like to have Businesses like the Farms bec it's a different way of working where you actually can hire Workers for it ( Which could be also good for Newbies)
  5. Selling a House with Garden Location: SF Value: 285k Starting Bid: 1.5m (Bids must be 50k higher than the last bid) Buyout: 2.5m End Date: 23th April 2019
  6. I agree its getting more in a CnR Server, but what do you expect from SWAT/SRT if they immediadly get shot on for example weed fields how are they supposed to rp while getting shot?
  7. Make it possible to get groups like in rpg which can buy group hq's and so on
  8. Reload

    PD Volunteers

    Against it
  9. Your in-game name Reload You real life age 19 Your country and timezone Austria and UTC +01:00 How do you describe yourself as a person I'm a friendly Person, I like to help where I can, depending on my mood I can be funny and I work well in a team and I'm convinced that I have good human connoisseur. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? Well I'm hyped already for the TDM Server and I already did my Job as Admin in AG on the CnR and on the TDM Server and it was fun so I give it a try here too. I've been playing samp since 2011 and gained a lot of experience as a player or as an admin during this time and i have big expectations in the server and that's why I would like to help the server with my experience and will try my best to make the Server great. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? Wouldn't give him any favours which are against the Rules and I would treat him like any other player, except hes calling someone a Hacker in Voice Chat I probably would priority the guy he's calling hacker but it also depends if I'm busy rn with any other admin stuff then I wouldn't. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? Depends on what hes doing ofc, if he's hacking I'd record/ban him instantly, if not and my Admin Level is high enough I'd Tp him to me and freeze him and talk with him, If i notice it makes no sense I'd tempban him, if I'm moderator I would still try to talk with him and if I notice it makes no sense I'd report him to any higher Admin in Discord/Forum. Any additional information you feel is relevant Hope you enjoyed. Screenshot of your in-game stats Dont have any from TDM
  10. Reload

    Turfs and Smuggle

    Wouldn't delete them just make them more attractive ask the community for a Suggestion about it maybe we will find a good one.
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