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  1. In case you feel that I used my Power wrongly and abused it feel free to Report me. Here Another info: You are unbanned in a Hour as the Temban was lowered to 5 Hours.
  2. Why did you do it 1min after u got Verbally warned by Weston?
  3. Everything would've been easier had you not rejected teamviewer while being Ingame.
  4. Goood Idea Broo!! But we will do it without you, because u are banned
  5. Internet Connection... Lame excuses. You should come straight forward and tell us the truth.
  6. Ban evaded often again after submitting this Appeal, therefor your unban request got denied.
  7. Nothing.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kenny



    3. Kenny


      First, you write a status for profile. Done.

    4. Reload


      Everyone who types here has to follow me or your message gets deleted ;)

  8. With placing a screen with SAMPCAC v0.10.0 on the top of it
  9. Im not the one who will handle the Ban. But I wonder why you denied Teamviewer while you were ingame, if you dont have anything to hide. Btw videos can be edited so this doesnt really proof anything, sorry.
  10. Didnt end in a fight
  11. Tell me when u log in next time it might happens bec u are at a location which crashes you. You can also try to download anticrasher037.cleo which helped me to avoid crashes in this Situations
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