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  1. Unbanned & you'll be forced to use CAC, more info here https://mudoogaming.com/cac
  2. Player was punished accordingly, Locked & Archived
  3. The player will be warned for DM/Poor roleplay, contact manager+ in-game for refund.
  4. Tay rp'ed frisking before he robbed you, Locked
  5. Hello, As transferring vehicles with 0$ considered as Illegal trade (Tax Evasion) thus it's allowed. Locked.
  6. Raymond RP'ed frisking before robbing, Locked.
  7. Player is punished, thanks for reporting.
  8. You were unbanned in June, 23rd for the Mass unban on 3rd birthday.
  9. You're not banned, try restarting your router. If you've a problem upon logging in please open a ticket in Mudoo's discord. Locked
  10. Hi, You have 38 active punishments including 3 fullbans, Don't re-appeal before 01/11/2020 Locked
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