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SA:MP M:RP Senior Admin
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Russell last won the day on June 12

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  • Position 1 SA:MP M:RP Senior Admin
  • Position 2 SA:MP GW Moderator
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  • Birthday 12/12/2003

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  • [SA:MP] Mudoo Roleplay
    Russell Stokes
  • [SA:MP] Mudoo TDM

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  1. Hi, you are not banned try restarting your router. If you did and you still cannot login open a discord ticket so we can help you out
  2. Hi, these objects cannot removed in game by administration, you've to map your house in order to get these objects removed.
  3. Russell


    Contact any senior admin in game
  4. Tyrone will be warned, you won't be refunded as in both cases the AK47 case was going to be seized.
  5. There is no reason to give you another chance with that attitude, Denied.
  6. How about coming clean and we will consider it?
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