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  1. Name: Prickle Pine House Type: House Reason: Hello, I would like to purchase this property as I am looking for suitable home. The neighboring houses of this specific house is 300k, so I am mainly looking at that buying range. A yard involving the overall perimeter of the house would also be appreciated. Thanks. Image: House.bmp
  2. Close this topic. Level up does work. Was not aware about /useperk command. Please close this topic. Suggestion! Please add a popup saying to use /useperk as it was unclear what to do after buying the levelup. Thanks to one of your helpers clearing things out
  3. Here is the statistics picture. I did blur out money and phone tab, for just privacy I guess. I will post the video next. Will need to upload the mp4 on YouTube
  4. In-game name: Sandra_Beltran Date of when you discovered the bug: 09/26/2020 What feature is the bug relevant to: account Explain how does the bug occur: So I recently got to level 19. Really excited that I could finally use my 20 loyalty points to level up to get to 20. As 20 requires 200 XP. After getting my level 19, I currently was 1/200, since I was in the route to 20. I end up using my loyalty points just to see that it doesn't even work!! Very disappointed, hoping someone/ the developer could help me with
  5. In-game name: Gwen_Hawk Date of when you discovered the bug: 05/02/2020 What feature is the bug relevant to: vehicles Explain how does the bug occur: I'm trying to unlock a vehicle I own, and it says I don't have the keys for it Additional content: I explained it fairly well. Just letting you guys know so this wont happen again (hours later bug has been fixed) end this topic
  6. Hello James, or to whoever it may concern, I believe we are at the proposed initial date. Apologies for sending a message early, just wanting to be informed on my status. I wanted to add additional information, if possible, on this issue. There has been a bug report since March 14 2020, relating to my issue that I came across. I just wanted to give you my opinion on this. I think it should be priority to fix this bug issue, because I am almost certain, that the majority of players will and already had experienced this. I'm just looking out for the rest of the players, t
  7. What is your in-game name? Bo_Hawk Which staff member banned you? Dizzy_Gambino When did you get banned? 03/25/20 What is the ban reason? Script Hacks? Think he meant Exploit Personal comment This is my first ban. I saw an issue with the sever when I was changing roles from FD to citizen. The bug in the server was that if you use your gun as PD or FD, then quit the job. then the weapons will be transferred to you personally, during the mini second loading time. Although when this first hap
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