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  1. Hello James, or to whoever it may concern, I believe we are at the proposed initial date. Apologies for sending a message early, just wanting to be informed on my status. I wanted to add additional information, if possible, on this issue. There has been a bug report since March 14 2020, relating to my issue that I came across. I just wanted to give you my opinion on this. I think it should be priority to fix this bug issue, because I am almost certain, that the majority of players will and already had experienced this. I'm just looking out for the rest of the players, to prevent them from getting banned and such.. Just a friendly opinion I wanted to give out. Thank you, for your reply James, I completely understand, and I also want to thank the overall Mudoo gaming SAMP rpg server for their efforts and giving me a great gaming friendly experience.
  2. What is your in-game name? Bo_Hawk Which staff member banned you? Dizzy_Gambino When did you get banned? 03/25/20 What is the ban reason? Script Hacks? Think he meant Exploit Personal comment This is my first ban. I saw an issue with the sever when I was changing roles from FD to citizen. The bug in the server was that if you use your gun as PD or FD, then quit the job. then the weapons will be transferred to you personally, during the mini second loading time. Although when this first happened, your personal guns that you had equipped disappeared, which is how I found out how the bug worked. Accidentally by trying to get the guns I previously had I remained with the guns of the role of PD or FD. I understand why the Ban happened, and it wouldn't happen again. And I'm sure others have probably gotten away with it. I want to enjoy the game the right way. But at least we can both learn from this, in the sense that their needs to be some things fixed, and also the user should understand that there will be a lot of issues, and its probably best to report them right away. Thank you.
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