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  1. Denied. Player ban evaded. Re-appeal when you actually realise your mistake.
  2. You obviously knew that it's wrong, but you started creating alot of accounts and spamming /send to your main. what would change if I consider unbanning you?
  3. Ban appeals aren't for temporary bans. You may report the administrator here: https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/forms/13-samp-mrp-report-a-staff-member/
  4. Since it's your 2nd ban, you will be unbanned after 2 weeks of the ban date and 40% of your wealth will be removed. In the mean time, any attempt to ban evade will lead to instant denial of your appeal.
  5. You already have an opened ban appeal.
  6. You got around 27 punishments including 2 bans in a span of 1 month. We've gave you enough chances. why would we unban you and what would change if we did?
  7. Since it's your first ban, you will be unbanned after 7 days of the ban date. In the meantime, any attempt to ban evade will lead to denial of your appeal. You will be placed under CAC, visit this for more info: https://mudoogaming.com/cac
  8. You literally used no gun shooting hack. come out clean if you want to be unbanned.
  9. You ban evaded and did the same thing on another account. You got 4 fullbans in a span of 2 months. Denied.
  10. Since it's your first ban you will be unbanned after 1 week of the ban date.
  11. You got 3 punishments for copbaiting including a tempban and you completely knew that it's not allowed but yet kept doing it. What would change if we consider unbanning you?
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