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  1. What is your in-game name? Paolo_Bengo Which staff member banned you? Gunther_Lastname When did you get banned? 03/17/20 What is the ban reason? paypal chargeback, accepting illegitimate cash Personal comment Hello, my cousin was playing mudoo with me then he got banned for charge back but after 8 months he paid again the money and told me do you want my money because i will be inactive for long time because he have school exams i told him okay so he was on my house with his laptop then he connected with my router IP then he transferred the money to my account then he left the game so after that all he checked his visa card and was 5 euros left in the card so he told me do you want the money to donate it to mudoo or no i told him i do not want because i do not need to get ban because he got ban before 8 months with player because he donated for him to get money in game then he told me no don't worry i got banned because he transferred money in game then i told him is that allowed like just donate in the panel he told me yes i told him then okay donate as you wish after he donated and all i got banned for charge back because his brother talked with the card company to charge back i do not know the reason then i got banned cause of that so i just wanted to tell you that is not my fault and i'm sorry if i did some thing wrong i wish to get a chance to play again Mudoo cause Mudoo have the best RP and i love mudoo and you can see that i was active 4-8 hours per day so i wish like to play mudoo again And i know that I'm guilty because i did not ask any admin if that allowed. And sorry for ban evading. Thank you.
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