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  1. @LocMaxcan you please help me out and send the logs here?
  2. I cant find logs.txt in my SAMP folder neither so i cant have no logs to prove it...
  3. What is your in-game name? Andre_Coleman Which staff member banned you? Arthur_Douglas When did you get banned? 05/30/2020 What is the ban reason? Non RP actions + ignoring admins + escaping during admin situation + extensive punishment history Personal comment Danny Winters told me in 2.6.2020 i can post another ban appeal in 3.6.2020 check the logs what are you doing?
  4. What is your in-game name? Andre_Coleman Which staff member banned you? Arthur_Douglas When did you get banned? 05/30/2020 What is the ban reason? Non RP actions + ignoring admins + escaping during admin situation + extensive punishment history Personal comment Ok so Danny Winters told me that i can make another ban appeal 3.6.2020 so here i am. First of all i wanna say i have no intentions on breaking the rules of the server ait? I dont feel like explaining to whole situation what happened before i got banned because i explained it many times already on my previous ban appeals, anyway the action of banning me shouldnt have been made since there literally was a misunderstanding and i lost my temper. I ban evaded maybe on 25 different accounts because i wanted to prove my self that the ban i got was such BS and i wanted the other ban to be denied where i would have gotten 80 percent wealth removal and only allowed to post another appeal in 3 weeks, which now that i ban evaded of course changed that. It didnt take long for my first ban evade account to be caught and after that i tried many times maybe on 4 of them i successfully got to play on the server for maybe 30 minutes till i got caught. I made names to insult some of the server admins because how they couldnt have taken my previous ban appeals seriously. So what i like here to happen is not go with the system rather just think what i just said on my previous appeals and this. Id like to know what i did wrong that led to this ban too since im still confused what i did wrong, i have a strong feeling it was a misunderstanding so now make a real choice check the logs PLEASE.
  5. What is your in-game name? Andre_Coleman Which staff member banned you? Arthur_Douglas When did you get banned? 06/30/2020 What is the ban reason? Non RP actions + ignoring admins + escaping during admin situation + extensive punishment history Personal comment Ait bro the reason i ban evaded is cuz i got banned for something that i didnt do + got 80 percent of wealth removal and would get unbanned in 3 mf weeks? + nobody answered my staff report so yeah who yall think iam i aint no dumb mothafuck that gets pushed around ill give yall chance read my previous ban appeals, check the logs and tell me did i ever do something wrong to deserve this? My nigga i aint losing 1.5m, my house or my cheetah yall crazy bro. i rather be denied and then make another ban appeal where someone mature actually pays attention on what im saying bro nobody be reading my previous ban appeals i swear what is this? Yall know i can ban evade again right? i would stop breaking the rules if yall be fair when in reality i didnt do shit when i got banned on Andre_Coleman... im so proud of this server
  6. What is your in-game name? Andre_Coleman Which staff member banned you? Arthur_Douglas When did you get banned? 05/30/2020 What is the ban reason? Non RP actions + ignoring admins + escaping during admin situation + extensive punishment history Personal comment Can i ask why the fuck did an admin handle my unban request when i asked a developer to do dat? Yall didnt even read my appeal bro i didnt do shit how yall gon punish me bro? Read all i said i did nothing wrong bro this sum bullshit this nigguh can yall check the logs my niggah i didnt do nothing wrong? yeah youre a idiot @Mazen akay u dumb af wtf yall think who yall think iam bro i bet non of yall even read my shit what i tried to say there? Unlock dat other fuckin ban appeal bro i got something to say why does this niggah @Sam_Woods ask me if im gon stop breaking rules LOL fuck u too niggah i didnt break shit when i got banned u broke the rules ur self homie u abused all ur powers on me, first u revive me with ur admin powers, then after i rply get in my friends car there was literally nothing wrong with dat u tp me back to make me get in the police cruiser, then i try to call a developer through support and u just instantly handle dat shit to turn all dat off? How do you think ur handling this situation at this point bro i wanna know how? Like why are you even trying then i again rply get on my friends bike cuz im just done with this shit and u ban me for whatever tf how did i escape during an admin sit when u was literally off admin duty and just abused ur shit? Ignoring admins? I didnt ignore nobody tell me a moment where i ignored someone yall the ones ignoring me and what i say..... And what is a non rp action? RPing getting in my friends car while on cuffs? There is nothing wrong with what i ever did on dat day to deserve any kind of punishmet? How yall gon unban me in 3 weeks with 80 percent wealth removal just cuz its my "third ban"? how many ever bans i got it DONT mean shit BRO if dat ban aint valid and if theres nothing i ever did wrong and yall just takin action with no questions asked sam woods asked me something completely out of proportion "are you gonna stop breaking the rules?" I honestly didnt get how does breaking rules have to do with a bullshit ban like this? How can i ping developer and manager team up in here to review all of this ahhh.... See this is the reason why i wanted a developer to come handle this cuz everybody can literally tell mazen here didnt even read half of the shit i said and how u gon just jump in on another ban appeal that is already being handled by an admin? I understand if its a higher level admin doing that but yall on the same level how is this in anyway allowed? omg i want full investigation on this shit and all the logs to confirm on all the reasons i got banned for. I told yall in the first place low level niggahs to not touch my shit cuz yall cant handle a case as big as this.... maneee fuck this corrupt admin team fuck all these low level admins watch these niggahs aint never makin it to a managers role bro yall dont know where im from bro dont fuck with me fooooool i can see u both are new at ur admin job and trying to prove people that u know shit but u really dont akay case closed stop bouncing on my dick stupid ass hoezz.... THis goes out to the niggahs gettin bucked n gettin so rough on me yall know who u are u sneaky admin yall choose sides if i kill yo homie yall fo sho gotta punish me thats not how the real life works kids you know this how u look like to me irl honestly this fucked up system is killing ur server bro brain dead admin kids that paid for their status are taking advantage of ur server...... so please the real server management go check the logs and tell me what the fuck did i do wrong?! ill answer ya, u can bring my older shtt i did before too there literally maybe 5 legit punishment on my ass all the other ones just bullshit mane.
  7. Yall handle this why am i even banned bro unban me already smh.............
  8. And bro you took the report of the robbing when you hadnt check the logs or nuthin there was nothing wrong with robbing that guy and as of that said i would not have been banned. Take it in consideration maybe it was all bullshit when admins always come to disturb us while we are robbin someone, now yall gotta think bout dis ait if this entire robbery shit got nothin wrong in it then why call an admin to make all of us angry and maybe not rp properly? Nemadan didnt even get warned for false reporting my ass on dat robbery case LOL. Can yall explain what was the reason to call and admin to us maybe i could taken this more seriously and not made the /me falls on the ground confusing if admins wouldnt have come to talk all this shit again fucking up my mind on some random robbery shit that isnt allowed now tho i done this since i got on the server? EDIT: Reports dont mean shit they just crying you can see alot of them after reporting me got verbally warned + alot of the warnings been from invalid bias admin cases like this which wouldnt count
  9. Ait first of all the "guy" was a homie from the same group as i and he came over there to save my ass, i typed /me falls on the ground cuz for some reason my character just fell to the ground and i wanted to RP, i stood up again as seen and jumped in my friends car + why would you revive my ass with no rp cool bro, why are you not talkin bout when i was tryna call a developer and u just handled the support to turn it all off? My friend did /me opens doors and why would you tp me back to the scene then and not when i sat on the bike? There was nothing wrong too at the moment when i jumped in my friends car?
  10. What is your in-game name? Andre_Coleman Which staff member banned you? Arthur_Douglas When did you get banned? 05/30/2020 What is the ban reason? Non RP actions + ignoring admins + escaping during admin situation + extensive punishment history Personal comment Waddup so this shit is some bitch ass bullshit yo limme tell you the story. So i was rolling with my homie bog wayne when we scope this mafia dude out you know. We tell him to "HANDSUP THIS A ROBBERY FOO!" and he doesnt comply this niggah dunn say nothin rite? we aim guns all dat this fool just steps on the pedal doesnt comply for shit bro he tries to evade, we roll up on him and shoot his ass, then this other dude comes we blast him too then wtf some bullshit out of nowhere a swat team run up. We finish 1 of the dudes and try to shoot back at the swat until we get knocked. So we on the ground the dude that we was robbing think it was nemada or smth he calls an admin then bro this guy starts crying i laugh so hard , he tells the admin we (random robbed him which isnt true we didnt break any mothafuckin rules up in this bitch) anyway the admin starts saying "i know developers and you broke the rules" and im like bro wtf is this nigga talkin bout bro????? there just a scene up in this bitch you know. then i get fucking revived by an admin? LOL my nigguh an admin revives me to speed shit up (arthur douglas) this man revives me and shit ait listen now i see this situation become invalid and all of this shit should be cleared tbh but nah this admin just revives me no rp nothin then i see my homie roll up he does /me opens car door and i /me jumps in the car (TOTALLY rply my niggah bro yall gon laugh at dis) my friend starts driving away while im in his whip i rpped then THIS MOTHAFUCKA arthur douglas TPS ME to the situation like wtf? he tppes me back and starts sayin all dis shit, i tell him hollup im callin a developer cuz ur abusing ur shit rite now aight homie so this man just says all this "no need for developer ur breaking the rules u cant handsup a person with any interaction n shid. Now BRO i done this before EXACT same shit and everyone always reports my ass, the admin come and say "its allowed he didnt break any rules" so cool I EVEN TRY TO DO "/support an admin is abusing his powers on me pls developer get here" and you know what arthur does? he just handles the support request and doesnt let me call a developer? WOW nice shit bro anyway he just ignores the rest i say and gets off his admin duty then after that my other friend rolls up on a bike and unlocks the doors and does the /me shit you know and then i do /me gets on the bike. Ait now im on the bike RPing you know we drive around for 2 minutes and we roll up on a tool shop, my friend starts pick locking my cuffs and boom i get banned? Now i would personally like a developer to handle my unban request and definetly not arthur to do this because bro yall think this is fair? Like non rp actions? when did i do non rp actions i dont get this shit? ignoring admins? BRO i never ignored the admin i was just tryna explain to him that we need a higher level administrator to come handle dis bro. Then escapign during admin sit? I never did dat homie how was it escpaing this man was off his admin duty no longer handling anything just saying shit bro and mane i didnt ignore yall HOMIE YALL IGNORED ME? Then at last extensive punishment history honestly this is dumb af reason to ban someone like how can you suddenly just take action on a dude that you think has an extensive punishment history? Thats just adding something completely random to this situation this man arthur douglas obviously doesnt know what his doing as an admin or is he even an admin or just a mod? LOL this sum bullshit. Now i also wanna make a report on this unban app on arthur douglas for abusing his admin powers + ignoring me when i was tryna call developer + reviving me to speed revival up on my body + taking care of my support request that was absolutely not made for him and just for a reason of calling a real working developer. Bro yall need a developer on dis case yall tf check the logs my nigguh im being harrased with all this? I also wanna do a report on dat dude nemada or whatever the fuck dat dude we robbed for false reporting me n shit this is bullshit ion want arthur douglas to reply here in anyway neither like he did on my support request just to avoid having an developer being called. Also id like to address something. Why am i always the one getting reported when robbing fools with my homies? AND why i always the only one gettin banned? yall wanna date me or smth? Ait think thats it peace yo bruh look more into this shid mane i didnt break any rules at all .
  11. why is it a big fucking deal if someone forgets to literally type "/me pats him" i was about to type that shit until his fucking friend pulled out a gun wow then how can i know if the cops are coming shit is so confusing. Now idk what situation you are talking about with that 2 second thing im assuming it was when we robbed toms snale tho he started driving away like escaping is it not allowed to shoot someone when 2 people pointing guns at him and he starts driving away? But if ur talkin bout the romero situation that was revenge, now the reason i frisked/robbed that dude was cuz i was curious after knocking him so i checked his inventory smh this failure to rp or /me pats him shit is so annoying why u gotta do this LOL its ridicilous you can get banned for shit like dis. EDIT: Also you wrote in my ban "Deathmatching" not failure to rp/forgettin to /me pats him. i didnt DM anywhere ever + dat "extensive punishment history" is such a BS reason to ban someone like why didnt u just ban me instead u had to jail me first then 2 hours later ban me while i was sleepin ok?
  12. now what yall gotta do is not focus on my punishment history but the false reports made about me + the BS jailing that led to my ban + this false permanent ban
  13. ait sry for the emojis, as i said the punishment history maaneee tf half of dat shit is from bias admins?
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