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  1. What is your in-game name? Thomas Walker Which staff member banned you? Sam Rosso When did you get banned? 11/04/19 What is the ban reason? deathmatching Personal comment i would like to see proofs, i did nothing wrong and there is not a single chance to prove it. Situation: one of our group member was asking for help we did arrive in time and when we did Gambino guy did open fire with deagle, but he could not take me down i knocked him and left him there, end of story. Aiko_Kannareth (4){FFFFFF}: PINK RETARD Aiko_Kannareth (4){FFFFFF}: hes punching me Aiko_Kannareth (4){FFFFFF}: help taxi gang

    Staff Roster

    Reinstated as Lead Administrator(4): @Amine
  3. Score and money has been added on your accounts IX - 1000 score and 1 000 000$ AC - 500 score and 500 000$ PR - 250 score and 250 000$
  4. IX LEGION Assassin's Creed Palestine Resistance Note : Only Participants (Listed players) Will be Rewarded
  5. AC vs PAK 3-0 Sunday 05/08/2018 Time: 14:00 (France GMT +2) IX vs PF 3-0 Sunday 05/08/2018 Time: 15:00 (France GMT +2) IX vs AC 3-0 (auto win for IX) Saturday 10/08/2018 Time: 15:00 (France GMT +2) PF vs PAK 4-1 Wednesday 15/08/2018 Time: 15:00 (France GMT +2) http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/
  6. Why don't you spend some time in game earn score and let people know you, who are you and what kind of person you are. (47 score)
  7. Note: you should write down names of your "Clan Owners/Leaders" on list of participants also to give them chance to play For Example:
  8. Clan Logo: Clan Name: IX LEGION Clan Topic: https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/377-the-ix-legion-veni-vidi-vici/ Clan Owners/Leaders: VIKING Dali ScareCrow StaZ Participants(Minimum 3 and Maximum 10 Players): VIKING Dali ScareCrow StaZ Rock Luzziz Volume CraZe Raven Hamzy
  9. Information Clan War Tournament will Be Held on Global Warfare II 5 Rounds in Rc Battlefield. 3 vs 3(min) or 5 vs 5(max) Clan Which will win 3 rounds out of 5, will be Victorious. Rules You have to respect the Server and the Community rules Usage of any kind of bugs or cheat/Hack is Prohibited If a player crashes, the round will be reset only once per clan Players Above than 500 Ping wont be allowed to practice Players Above than 3.0 Packet Loss wont be allowed to practice (Those who are far from server and we will try our best to keep it fair for everyone) Clan Should Provide at Least 3 Players to have a Match against opponent Letting other player to play with your profile is not allowed Adding Player while applications are done not allowed Those Who Got banned for cheating/hacking, within a month they wont take a part. Participants should be registered 27.07.2018 Registered players won't take a part to avoid Fake Players on Clan war Tournament Prizes 1st Place - 1000 Score and 1 000 000$ 2nd Place - 500 Score and 500 000$ 3rd Place - 250 Score and 250 000$ - Only Participants (Listed players) Will be Rewarded Application Format Clan Logo: Clan Name: Clan Topic: Clan Owners/Leaders: Participants(Minimum 3 and Maximum 10 Players): Tournament Staff Oussema (Host) Viking (Host) - - - Participant Clans Clan Logo Clan Name PAK DEVASTATORS Clan Topic https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/1499-☪pakpak-devastators/ Clan Owners/Leaders [PAK]GADHA PAGALLL[PAK] ||| Participants ||| Gadha PAGALLL Mr.White Clan Logo Clan Name Assassin's Creed Clan Topic https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/742-ac-assasins-creed-under-construction/ Clan Owners/Leaders [AC]Assassin [AC]Aman619 [AC]OUSSEMA ||| Participants ||| [AC]Dark_Lord [AC]Rukasl_ [AC]Mr.DeagleZ_. Clan Logo Clan Name Phoenix Force Clan Topic https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/1297-pf-phoenix-force-resurrected-2018-applications-status-open/ Clan Owners/Leaders Martin Amine Dr.Franklin Johnny ||| Participants ||| Martin Amine Dr.Franklin Johnny Senior Kenny LLENN Dark_Horse Clan Logo: Clan Name: IX LEGION Clan Topic: https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/377-the-ix-legion-veni-vidi-vici/ Clan Owners/Leaders: VIKING Dali ScareCrow StaZ ||| Participants ||| Viking Dali ScareCrow Staz Rock TyroneM Volume CraZe Raven Hamzy
  10. against of course, i have no idea who are you and what type of person you are, only thing i know that you did spam topic of clans. https://i.imgur.com/8uaEOj7.png
  11. VIKING

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    :)) @Exblade you have to find 2nd Picture "1 Hour"
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