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    [Denied]Unban appeal - yazdan[AC]

    at first it is not picture its video, 2nd you are lying and it won't help you at all, i am not dumb and please don't count me as one. i gave you chance to admit but clearly you don't care about it. Using illegal modification to gain advantage is not allowed in our server, but instead of following /Rules you decided to gain score with easy way (cheating/hacking) and its unacceptable. i was going to give you Chance but... with your lie you ended your chance. Your application is Denied.

    [Denied]Unban appeal - yazdan[AC]

    @yazdan[AC] Are you Interested?

    [Denied]Unban appeal - yazdan[AC]

    since you did say that you are not using aimbot, i wont offer deal and i will post proofs as fast as its possible. Here is it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrWh1xUI0YE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJYqiMybN8g (check this from 0:09) You Have been banned for using illegal modification.

    [Denied]Unban appeal - McQueen

    Proofs are clear you aimbot detects player on different position and its auto locks him. that is why you do that fast switch from one to another person. But seems you don't care, Stay banned. Topic Locked

    [Denied]Unban appeal - McQueen

    as you wish here you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aVhckwFhL8 - 0:01 - 0:03 (your aimbot works fine ay?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNicXbJCrxY - - 0:09 - 0:11 ( great, perfect shot right there) Any Last words?

    [Denied]Unban appeal - McQueen

    Before i show you proofs do you want to confess? because after proofs you will have 0.1% chance of unban... @McQueen
  7. Jesus Christ... Improve you English buddy

    [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    You have 48 Hours to Respond @McQueen otherwise i will lock topic.

    [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    You have been banned for using illegal modification, if you admit you may get chance, of course with stats cut but if you will not you will stay banned. so before you ask to show you proof, think about this offer. @McQueen
  10. VIKING

    [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    i am asking you last time, why did you create other profile, when you were already banned? if you will try to avoid answer, i will lock this topic and you will stay banned.
  11. VIKING

    [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    Answer the question McQueen... Why did you ban evade? 2 times?
  12. VIKING

    [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    just another lie, but i will discuss this case with other admins. (you still have low chance)
  13. VIKING

    [Denied] Unban appeal - McQueen

    i would like to give you chance but you did create 2 other Profiles after ban to play on server which is considered as ban evade, also using modification to change your IP. i doubt that you have a chance of Unban
  14. VIKING

    [Denied]Unban appeal - [BB]R1ch

    personally i would not trust guy like you, you lied and i gave you chance 2 times... but instead of accepting it you did try to hide it and lie. how can i be sure that you will not use it again?

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