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  1. In Character issue, must be dealt in character. Do you U N D E R S T A N D?
  2. Will be warned, Thanks for reporting .
  3. Staff member in the vehicle, staff member is recording. The one who DMed isn't a staff member. He was punished ofc but it's the mentality of Mudoo players(mostly) what is reflected in this video. I would say I am lucky? I rarely get DMed
  4. Good work! Make more of these.
  5. AmmY

    community discussion

    any random topic: PD BAD SWAT BAD
  6. AmmY

    community discussion

    Danny isn't even a cop anymore, stop making conspiracies about staff members, consider filing a forum report if you wish to,
  7. How can we be sure that you won't use hack again after being unbanned?
  8. I will be taking this report.
  9. Player has been warned, thanks for reporting.
  10. Was it not handled ingame? Anyways player will be warned, thanks for reporting.
  11. The player will be punished, thanks for reporting.
  12. The person has been warned and your items will be refunded, thanks for reporting.
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