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  1. swag

    check this out lmao

    yu sur do have a life bro
  2. swag

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    Contact me ingame for rewards! 12th round:
  3. swag

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    Rewards given! 11th round:
  4. swag

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    Contact me ingame for rewards! @oussama 10th round will expand to the whole san andreas map, so here we go!
  5. swag

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    Rewards given! 9th round:
  6. I'll be uploading. stay calm, dont ban evade and wait for my response.
  7. swag

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    Rewards given. Im sorry for the late! 8th round:
  8. swag

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    Its a zone. If noone finds the hint within -48hours, I will skip this round and advance to the next one.
  9. Will you do it again? You have been warned several times for this.
  10. swag

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    contact me ingame for rewards! 7th round
  11. Positive I believe people like you who adapts from RP could deal easier with player because of you english skill and rare character. I would like to see you in our staff team, good luck!
  12. swag

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    Rewards given! 6th round:
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