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  1. Your in-game name Jen_Triad You real life age 19 Your country and timezone (UTC+01:00)Afrique Centrale - Ouest How do you describe yourself as a person patient powerful... i play in muddo TDM with friends i called alot of friends to join it i love it and iwant keep it up and safe it from hackers who come anoyne us with Aimbot etc. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? i want play with the players and my friends in a safe place cause sometimes a hacker come use fly hacks aimbot and many others hack, so i want protect my self and my friends and the community sure. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? i will help him sure i will answer him with the max if he didnt undersand i will translate for him the maxiumum to understand. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? i will speack with him to stop doing that and show him the rules and i will be patient if he do it again and again i will temp ban or kick then he do same thing again so i will ban him. Any additional information you feel is relevant For me the server is empty cause he is not full of special things like MRP i hope u make it better like the stadium of sniper and alot of things . Screenshot of your in-game stats
  2. @Dizzy Happy Birth day bro.i hope u have great time with ur familly see u when u are 100years old,Greting.

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    2. Ahmed_Waheb


      @Dizzy -_- so what imarcell posted for u i saw he/she rited happy birth day

    3. Dizzy




    4. Ahmed_Waheb


      NP i was just do like he/she 


  3. Ahmed_Waheb


    +1 if u can by a simple card or with Google card or any.
  4. Ahmed_Waheb


    @Mikro i want just donate i can send u dollars from a normal bank acc or in a letter but just dont say by pay pal cause its not able in my country and i havent acc. i want just donate 20 or30£ cause MRP is realy hard working server.
  5. ahmed are u drunked ? wtf he was drag u from the car he never need to do drag again! btw why u hscare from jail its just a jail ! u make the problems more hard bro.Be quiet like me i wait june to get new punish history LOL be quiet.
  6. Ahmed_Waheb


    Heloo,Guys who are with me i want donate but i havent paypall account and in TN i think not able make anyway to donate or send u money in any way and u donate me cause i cant make pay pall acc. help me pls!.
  7. btw u need have skills to be devlopper may mapper cause IDK.
  8. What is your in-game name? Jen_Triad Which staff member banned you? Quantivius_Carpetner When did you get banned? 05/04/2020 What is the ban reason? hack+banevade omar_lol Personal comment heloo mrs im not banned but my friend Omar_Triad get banned for a fucking reason ok listen, my friend was banned i think for Hack but its a wrong ID cause i speacked to James when he was an admin and he tell me sorry and he was cant unban em so the prob auto get to Lilth blackfyre so lilth unbaned him and she say me we are sorry its a mistake so he was have 2bans the first of Hack and the second i forget why but he was unbaned for the two and admin tell me sorry and they didnt delet that from his punishment history i think so so quantivius think he was ban evade Omar_lol by the way he didnt have this acc i think u have check device and about the 2first bans i speacked to the admins who banned em and he unban and say sorry it was a mistake and unban eù so quantivius think Omar was a hacker by the way he didnt use hack he just ban for the punish history but wtf that he was unbaned for that and go check my profile and the ban appeal i maked for em and all solved so here omar havent the acc of Omar_lol and he didnt use hack cause all the day he was with us with much members u can ask em he didnt use hacks so here its a mistake and dont close the ban appeal let spk and omar cant use forum he get it hard so i make for em and much guys named omar in MRP
  9. @ahmed jemai dont try be gentelmen cause if u want i can give u my dick,if u want sure?.
  10. Ahmed_Waheb

    Fuck life

    @GoToSleep u want be funny ?In TN english 3 language
  11. Ahmed_Waheb

    Fuck life

    @Salvatore if u th ink u are funny sadly u are not
  12. @Dylan @Dizzy when next punishment history
  13. Ahmed_Waheb

    Fuck life

    @ahmed jemai i need to set u good rank to lead but my pc revocked make rp scenes with the gang
  14. Ahmed_Waheb

    Fuck life

    Hey guys , so i cant play muddo rp i i go to a doctor and i get medics my eyes so too red i cant play muddo for some time @Dizzy @Weston i need more time to show u my group im so sry answer me if u accept that im realy ill i can show u my eyes
  15. @Mikro u know when a people walk in a way full of oil he need walk very very very carfuly or he will be down im like that now just 1 punishment and i get ban by the way im victim in last punish from deandre pls give me anyway to spk with u and give u proofs when next punishment history im realy think to /q muddo for 3 months cause my punishment history some full and i make new gang it kepped up but i need moe work.
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