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  1. ok this is the screen shoot RP robbing etc etc in the first he exchange bills with the drug dealer after they i rp pull out my gun etc i pat him down but he quit in the dealer IDK how send photos
  2. 5april will come after 4 days and i become stressed and stressed 24/24 the day i say <i will unban or not> i do chalenge fake chalenge i do many numbers and say ban unban ban unban i cant live wihout mudoo realy without any thanking mudoo is good im old player at samp i play at manny severs but muddo have mannny things special if any one try to do hack at muddo i ask why they do that 1 muddo are good server 2 the protection of muddo are so good and thanks to all admin who stay to a late hour to protect muddo if im not unbaned at 5 april i say to all players that the justice and i do a wrong thing i need to be puniished but this are big duration i stay without muddo i learn many things Ahmed_Waheb love you muddo and love all guy who answer and help if i will unban at 5 april thaks god and thanks to all if im not thanks too but that will be big duration many guys ask me when unban i say i didnt greeting to TBB,GSF and all my friends special greeting to Jack_Harry Maro_Mahfoudhi Aziz_Mahfoudhi and all good bye
  3. What is your in-game name? Ahmed_Waheb Which player(s) do you want to report? Victor_Flinston When did the rulebreak happen? 03/28/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? he /q to avoid robbing and he do it 2 times What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Hi all sir i remebr report this player and idk the exactly day and the month but he do it after a day from my ban he /q to avoid robing i think and he do it 2 times and i have a sreensshoot Evidence i advise all admins to ban him or temp ban cause he do this fucking thing 2 times
  4. sir thats not a drama im realy thats what happen
  5. sir proofs like what and is what REVIEW = UNBAN or what explain sir
  6. Hello, ladies and gentlemen I admit that I have done this from things and I really regret it and I learn every day something new from my mistakes and i try to not fall on it i got banned that right i spk with admin and all ok he sayed i got unbaned at 5 april the first time i got chocked <wtf 11 days without muddo i still cry and cry but my brother come and say it just 11 days he sayed i know guys get baneed for 50 days but im not like him im so addicted to the best server muddo RP but after that i spk with my self and i say np it just 11 days like my brother sayed i still play CS and with PS4 i still wait and wait and last night i enter the forum to check what new< updates etc> i look to my ban appeal i get REVIEW AT 5.4.2020 i get a chock can any one say to me what is review and i will get unbaned at 5 april or not i didnt understand what is review i will get unbaned at 5 april or not thats the first subject and i have a house wih garden and 3 cars and 1 bike how much is 40/100 from him it 2 cars or what i have other thing i know 2 bros and they my friends they play with the same pc the first have 10 score and the second have 7 score they can play with the same computer or not pls to all admins answer me to this 2 questiions and Thanks to every admin answer me
  7. sir can u tell me what happen in my ban last days he tell me UNBAN 5/4/2020 bye james_barksdale and now he tell me  REVIEW 5.4.2020 

    by Lilth_Blackfyre 

    sir tell me what happen in my account and when i get unbaned sir tell me what happen

  8. bro answer me pls is what review my ban i will get unban at 5 april or not explain review ban at 5/4/2020 i will get unbaned at 5april or what 

    i have 2 friends and he is a brothers the two have a acc of samp but they play from the same pc is that allowed or not answer me pls and tnx 

  9. thats all the story u never understand me listen thats the story  listen medrick taustin has robbed my house maro sayed to in WT me and i look him roob he do AD search a group or mafia i say him wru he say in island of fish i go to him and i shoot him and his friend and other guy is aziz lamoulaga shooted us me and members of gsf ali_james and ither guys in gaz station i killed him all the prob cause kill a newbie cause he shooted me with boxing admin to unban pls pls pls pls i cry realy now i cant sit all this duration without muddo if u want punish take 100/100 from my wealth but not sit without  mudoo all this duration pls isr pls i cant realy i cant


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jаmes


      don't come on my profile saying shit like this again 😡

    3. Ahmed_Waheb


      sir i have a question i have 2 friends in real life the two have score the first 12 i think and the second have 7 and he play with the same PC is that allowed 


      and i have pther thing sir when i enter samp to check how much and i get unbaned he say permenetely sir  i will unban at 5 april or no set that to look how much and i get unbaned sir 40/100 is what from my wealth i have 4 cars and 1 house with grden sir answer me pls and thnx


    4. Ahmed_Waheb


      bro answer cause last 3 days i see unbaned at 5 april and now what happen i find review at 5 april pls sir tell me i will get unbaned at 5 april or no and answer me about question up there 

      and tnx


  10. sir james sir pls answer my ban appeal  pls unban my group GSF need me to turf and my friend and my girl friend Ana_Queen bro sir just give me last chance if i do anything ban me forever and i never call u or say unban pls give me last chance pls pls pls im ready to give him any thing they want  pls unban me plssss



  11. heloo !! pls unban i cry from the morning pls unban me GSF need me to turf bro unban give me last chance plsssssssss
  12. sir answer me plss pls unban i want play muddo pls i love this server are the best pls unban i stay 9 hours without muddo sir pls unban pls i have group need me to turf the telled me in discord if u waant screensshoot come discord and my girlfriend say to me come muddo pls unban just last chance and if i do any wrong thing just a small wrong thing ban me pls pls plsssssssss
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