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  1. Im trying to make a new topic for my car dealership. I need some advice or help to do this, like what is the best software to do it with or i can pay someone with money ig to help me. Ingame name is Christine Cole. Discord - Zelene#4961
  2. No its still on. The plan is City Hall this Sunday 19th July. I only need a Reverand to Conduct it now. if anyone is interested in helping, please reply or call me on 55090. Ill pay for yur services.
  3. Ok Pedro i was looking at that church, its beautiful Ill try contact yu ICLY
  4. Hi i would would to try planning an official wedding ingame. My Character name is Christine Rossi. It may involve some custom mapping if this can be done. Im looking for any help if possible
  5. Firstname: Christine Lastname: Rossi Date of birth: 19/05/89 Place of residence: Santa Maria Beach Previous or current occupation: SAFMD EMT Phonenumber: 55090 Which position are you applying for?: Astronaut Solve the equation: 9-4x2=1 Do you fit in the criteria required for the position?: [+]YES [-]NO
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